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Sayyed Nasrallah: The Hand That Will Attack Any of Our Mujahidden Will Be Cut Off

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Nour Rida

Hizbullah, as in every ceremony related to the lofty and sacred celebrations, hosted its beloved people whether politicians, men of religion or popular crowds in the Sayyed Al Shuhadaa complex.

Sayyed Nasrallah, via video link on the giant screen again.... started his speech with verses of the Holy Quran, in which he emphasized the importance of martyrdom, and the role of martyrs in realizing a life of dignity and pride to all of us.

"Today is the 11th of November; is the day of the most important and greatest operation in the history of the resistance. The young man Ahmad Kassir who is 18 years old, I call the "Prince", broke into the Zionist military governors building killing and injuring 140 "Israeli" soldiers."
Sayyed Nasrallah said that Kassir, with his operation paved the way to the resistance of the arrogant "Israeli" entity. "Since then, we in Hizbullah chose this day to be a day for all the martyrs, whether the men, women, children, or elderly who lost their lives, the last of which is martyr Mahdi Mohammad Hiriz, who was killed while removing the mines from the precious land of south Lebanon a few weeks ago," Sayyed added.

"Today, it is our duty to talk about their sacrifices, and giving, and we insist hold on to all the freedom, glory, and dignity they have left us, as this resistance was their first will."

Sayyed then moved on to tackle the political issues, where he discussed the five phases through which the US and the other world hegemony powers have been trying to target the resistance.

"Today, we have entered a very crucial stage regarding the fate of the country and the Resistance, and we all need a pause for contemplation and revision so that we be able to face the coming events in a proper way. We should recall all the previous phases to see where we have mistaken, how we faced the situation, and what were our elements of weakness so that we can face what is coming next. We all feel that Lebanon and the resistance are before a new phase of confrontation. So far, we have gone through five phases and we live the fifth phase now of targeting the resistance," he said.

Futhermore, Sayyed referred to the number of books that were published during the past few weeks, that are of great significance and value and most important of all reveal truths about the situation in the region.

"The books that were published, whether the French book or that of Bush or Pellegrini, all help us. But the books of Toni Blair and George Bush are much more important and are of a greater judicial and legal value, as they admit in these books what they have done. Their books reveal their savageness and cruelty and hatred. Blair for instance does not speak of collapse of the Syrian regime, but instead he talks about the destruction of the Syrian country. What happened in Iraq is not a change in the regime, it is destruction to Iraq. The spirit Tony Blair and George Bush had when they came to the region had the aim of destroying countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan ... for the sake of "Israel"," Sayyed continued.

"Following the great victory of the year 2000, the "Israelis" along with the Americans said they will not stand still before the resistance and this was when the phase of targeting the resistance started. The first phase in targeting the Resistance was the confrontation with the international community, which had started with Resolution 1559."

"At the time, Silvan Shalom has stated he went on a tour around the world to issue this indictment, and said they wanted to put the resistance in a confrontation with the International community. As time passed and events developed, there came a meeting between George Bush and Jacques Chirak, who agreed on the resolution 1559 and announced it. This means the resolution which was engineered by the US and France with the help of other regional and local sides.

Shalom at the end said that the indictment will lead to the implementation of Resolution 1559, but he is delusional," Sayyed further added.
Sayyed clarified that the US and its allies thought that if they put the international community in confrontation with the resistance, all will collapse, but did not happen.

"The second phase was the assassination of Rafik Hariri, where there was a US-French agreement and international pressures to get Syria out of Lebanon and it did. The second phase started in 2005, and it had targeted the Resistance in a "soft" manner under the headline "Temptation with Power," when the French wanted to engage Hizbullah in politics, thinking that the party would renounce its arms," Sayyed emphasized.

"We in Hizbullah had been offered a share of power more than any other party, and here I say that the issue of tripartite power-sharing was a French idea and we have never considered it," Hizbullah S.G. noted, continuing "We declare that our resistance is not aimed at obtaining positions in power and we do not sell ourselves and our martyrs' blood for the sake of a third of power nor for the sake of the entire power."

"The third phase was the plan to create a "New Middle East", and the U.S. objective is not solving Lebanon's problem, but rather "Israel's" problem, because the U.S. constant is to guarantee "Israel's" security," Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out.

Hizbullah Secretary General said that Bush thought Hizbullah could be destroyed in a week during the July War, and when the opposite was proved, Bush was disappointed and he demanded to elongate the war, thinking it was a golden chance for "Israel" to destroy Hizbullah. He then referred to quotes of "Israeli" Olmert, who said in the first week of war that engagement should come to an end, but the American administration insisted to continue the war on the resistance.
Sayyed Nasrallah on the same note said "It's our right to ask on behalf of 1140 martyrs whether some Lebanese leaderships have called for an Israeli war on the Resistance. Were there any Lebanese political forces that had asked for a war on the Resistance? Was there anyone who had asked for elongating war so that "Israel" be able to destroy the Resistance? The answer is yes."

As for the fourth phase, Sayyed Nasrallah said it was May 5 decisions, which was thwarted on May7 in only 3 hours.

"The Fifth and final phase is targeting the resistance through the STL. According to Sayyed Nasrallah it is obvious that the Americans and the Israelis have become deeply involved with the tribunal.

"Bush's book mentions the equation of the Lebanese government vs. the Resistance, where their objective was to strike the Resistance to force it to surrender, and here they also made wrong calculations," Sayyed said reiterating "We do not accept any accusation of this kind, and the Opposition in Lebanon is consolidated and united in the face of this new accusation. Amid this atmosphere of media and political tension, the right initiative is the tripartite summit."

On the Saudi-Syrian efforts concerning the STL and the tensions in Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah said these are very important and there are big hopes pinned on it. Any results the Lebanese State agrees to will also be endorsed by the Islamic republic of Iran."

Moreover, Sayyed stressed that whoever thinks that the Resistance might accept any charge against any of its Mujahideen is mistaken regardless of pressures and threats.
"The hand that will attack any of our Mujahidden will be cut off, Hizbullah is ready for any "Israeli" war on Lebanon" Sayyed said.