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The Kafrchouba Operation: Hezbollah Thwarts “Israeli” Deception

The Kafrchouba Operation: Hezbollah Thwarts “Israeli” Deception
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By Latifa Al-Hosseini

Thursday’s operation in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kfarchouba was precise and painful for “Israel”.

The Islamic Resistance bombed an “Israeli” motorized military convoy near the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site using guided weapons and anti-tank missiles.

The “Israelis” and their media outlets immediately began analyzing what had happened. The blow was devastating and harsh on more than one level.

When it comes to the timing of the operation, it has become clear that the resistance is capable of blowing up the enemy's positions and groupings with the same momentum at all hours. The “Israelis” had wrongly assumed that they could fortify themselves under the cover of darkness and move freely.

Just before midnight on April 25, 2024, the resistance surprised enemy units working to establish obstacles or create infrastructure for the occupation army, according to “Israeli” media. But the attempt to mislead the resistance fighters quickly failed. Rather, their guided missiles were faster. They attacked the target, killed an enemy soldier, and destroyed two vehicles.

In addition to the casualty, the thwarting of what was being planned to mislead the resistance was a direct hit. Hezbollah has asserted that “Israel” will not be able to enjoy comfort and tranquility or employ evasion. The strategy to use nighttime for cover has proven to be a disappointment, just like “Israel” was disappointed during daytime.

From a military standpoint, the operation is qualitative and unusual. Hezbollah had control over the battlefield for a long time during the implementation of the plan. The opposing force was confused for hours.

Evacuating the dead man and confronting the resistance’s complex ambush took a long time. This was confirmed by the enemy’s media, which acknowledged that Hezbollah owns the land and is capable of settling the equation there. It monitors the enemy and their activities, obstructs them, and breaks their alleged progress and superiority.