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2950 University Students Honored in Ceremony, Under Auspices of Sayyed Nasrallah

2950 University Students Honored in Ceremony, Under Auspices of Sayyed Nasrallah
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2950 University Students Honored in Ceremony, Under Auspices of Sayyed Nasrallah

Nour Rida

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech on Sunday during a ceremony organized by Hizbullah's educational mobilization at the Sayyed Shuhadaa compound in Beirut's southern suburb.

The 22nd annual ceremony marked the graduation of 2950 university students under the auspices of the leader of the Resistance.
Following a few words by one of the graduates as well as an official of the Hizbullah Educational Mobilization on the accomplishments of the young men and women, Hizbullah Secretary General started his speech.

The Occasion

Sayyed Nasrallah hailed the graduates, and congratulated them on their efforts, noting that the scene of almost 3 thousand graduates and the ongoing graduation of our children is also part of the path of the resistance who put all their effort in building life.

Sayyed Nasrallah further thanked the parents of these children, as well as to the different institutions and universities that encompassed these graduates. His Eminence extended his thanks to the graduates themselves, who exert a lot of effort to finish their education despite the hard circumstances, whether the economic, the political, security or else, and congratulated them again for what they have become.

Leader of the resistance, before tackling the different political issues including the telecommunications file, the STL question, and the occupied Ghajar issue, reiterated the important of knowledge, which is a major pillar of faith as well as one of the greatest means of please Allah the almighty. His Eminence highlighted this importance by referring back to the different prophets - giving examples on Prophet Ibrahim and Jesus- reaching the seal of the prophets and how they all called for seeking knowledge.

Sayyed also referred to a saying of Imam Ali peace be upon him "that to begin with religion is to know it." He stressed that "One of the main characteristics of the resistance is that it is a movement that gives great heed to science, knowledge, and development of its material and human capabilities.

The resistance is not just a resistance of weapon and arms, but also of hearts and brains, noted Sayyed Nasrallah, emphasizing that this resistance relies in its path on knowledge, education, persistence, perseverance, which means it relies o its heart, mind, soul and will always be victorious.

This, according to Sayyed Nasrallah, is why the "Israeli" enemy acknowledges that it's been engaged in a war of brainpowers with the resistance.
"This specialized Resistance is a Resistance that will triumph in the face of any coming confrontation on Lebanon," he said.

The important issue -as a people and a nation- is to have confidence in ourselves, in our men, women, sons and daughters, Sayyed Nasrallah said, pointing out that this generation is the one to witness a great rise and will realize the defeat of the powers that have been controlling our choices, capabilities and riches.

The Telecommunications File

One of the results of this effort and knowledge is the telecoms latest revelations Sayyed Nasrallah described as a national, patriotic and technological achievement.
What has been lately revealed during the telecoms conference -that was held by Minister Nahhas and MP Fadlallah a few days ago- was a technological and scientific success to the specialized people who revealed the blatant breach to our life.

Sayyed Further reiterated that this important and sensitive sector is not only breached by the "Israel", but also controlled and dominated by this enemy. By that, the result of this breach - "Israel's" wiretapping - means no one is protected in Lebanon, neither the officials nor the regular citizens.

Sayyed Nasrallah praised the technicians in the Resistance, the army and the telecoms' governing body for the discovery of "Israel's" invasion of the telecoms sector. He addressed those who doubt any of the information that the specialists welcome any of those who would like to discuss the matter.

Sayyed said that "Israel" has access to all the data of the subscribers, including his SMSes, phone calls, and location of the subscribers. The most crucial issue is the enemy's ability to clone a phone line -the SIM card- which allows the enemy to use the same number in different places and times without the knowledge of the target users.

In addition, he noted that the enemy can manipulate the lines and forge the facts, as well as plant another number on the subscriber's original number via technological methods. By that, the phone not only is being detected, but also its surrounding.

This is what we discovered when three of our brothers in the resistance were accused to be "Israeli" agents, were proved to be innocent after investigation.

Responsibility In Facing Violation

Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the responsibility in face of such violation, saying "We -the Lebanese- have a nation that widely uses mobile phones. This issue of "Israeli" breach and serious violation of Lebanon's security and sovereignty doesn't it require a national denunciation from all the officials of the Lebanese government?"
Sayyed further noted that despite the fact that the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) condemned "Israel" (of the violation), yet some politicians in the country remained silent, which reveals their reality. He stressed that this violation should come to an end.

Special Tribunal For Lebanon and The Indictment

Moving on to the second part of the issue, the STL, Sayyed said that the timing of the conference is not suspicious as some sides said, but it would have been so if delayed. He added that every now and then the tribunal's authorities conduct some changes and amendments.

"We have asked international experts about recent STL amendments: Are there precedents for trials in absentia in international courts? Did the International Tribunal set a precedent regarding keeping silent about a witness. The answer is no." he further asked "Were there in international tribunals any sentences if the witness was not allowed to be addressed and questioned? The answer was also no." finally he questioned "Has it happened that witnesses present hand written testimonies to the international tribunal."

Sayyed noted that the STL is not related what so ever to Lebanon, it is rather a tool of the UN Security Council that divided Palestine, adding that If there is a tribunal in the world that is weak in achieving justice, it is this international tribunal.
His Eminence said that a press conference will be held to present a legal view regarding this issue, as it is settled that the international tribunal has no relation what so ever with constitutional and juristic institutions in Lebanon.

"We are facing a delicate issue and a delicate indictment. Everything that is happening is that the STL is making it easier on itself -- issuing a politicized indictment." SAyyed added.
"Did this investigation, which ignored the "Israel" hypothesis, ever investigated with "Israel"? Are we convinced that this indictment is a threat to Lebanon? Some see in this decision as a step to eliminate the Resistance. His Eminence further said, adding "The indictment should be aimed at getting rid of the opponent. High-ranked "Israeli" officials declared they have been cooperating with the investigation committee, yet they were not investigated rather called to provide help."

Hizbullah SG highlighted that "Everybody is keen on Lebanon's security and justice and keen that the Syrian-Saudi initiative achieves success, adding that this S-S mediation is ongoing hoping it would reach positive results."

"There are two visions for a solution - one that believes in Lebanese solution with Syrian, Saudi mediation, and another that favors a settlement but after an indictment has been issued," Sayyed stated.

"We all know that the indictment is being backed by the US and "Israel". We all know there is an "Israeli" bargain on the indictment, and here I tell those who wager on a solution following the issuance of the indictment, it will be too late as the indictment is only a piece of the scheme that started with the assassination of former PM Hariri," Sayyed stressed, noting sarcastically, "The indictment is found in Der Spiegel and in CBC. Take a look at the reports to see if there is sufficient evidence to issue an indictment?"

The Occupied Ghajar

On the issue of the occupied Ghajar and the latest declarations of the enemy government of a soon withdrawal, His Eminence Sayyed Nasrallah said it is nothing but a game of public relations in order to present a better image of "Israel' to the international community, which is also a player in this game. This, according to Sayyed Nasrallah, is only part of a scheme to mask the ongoing settlement construction.

Sayyed Nasrallah gave an example on this game, referring to the failing attempts of moratorium "To those who wager on the US in taking action, The Obama administration strongly interfered in order to stop Netanyahu's ongoing settlement construction for only 2 months, yet the only American reaction to "Israel's" refusal was expressing disappointment...with no condemnation even."

Hizbullah SG further said "The ghajar is to return to the Lebanese sovereignty, we cannot admit a masked occupation. "Israel" has nothing to do with who is allowed to enter to Ghajar, and the Lebanese government is free to send whomever it wants, it would then decide if the army will deploy because UNIFIL is not a substitute for the army. It is a supporting force.

Sayyed noted this issue concerns all the Occupied Ghajar territory, reiterating that the solution is an "Israeli" withdrawal from the entire occupied Ghajar, followed by a demarcation of the territory between Lebanon and Syria, by that the humanitarian problem the people of the occupied Ghajar are living will be solved.

Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that there should be immense care and will to protect Lebanon, and that the resistance feels great responsibility on this level, adding on this note that the resistance, unlike rumors, fears nothing.

He pointed out that those who believe the indictment will undermine the resistance morale are wrong; adding that gone is the time where anyone was able to threaten the resistance and undermine its presence and dignity.

"The resistance today, is on such a level of power, confidence, strength, local and regional presence, this while all the local, regional, and international changes serve one goal which is that of eliminating resistance movements, but they are wrong," Sayyed concluded.