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Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Will Not Stand Still on Any Aggression Against Lebanon

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Will Not Stand Still on Any Aggression Against Lebanon
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Local Editor

I seek Allah's refuge from the cursed Devil,

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate,
Praises be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds,

Peace and prayers be upon our master, the Seal of Prophets Muhammad Bin Abdullah; on his chaste, benevolent Household; on his chosen, upright companions, and on all prophets and heralds,

Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon all of you,

The Holy Book of Allah- the Exalted in Might and Majesty- says: {Allah shall not waste the work of His martyred devotees; He shall guide them, comfort their minds, and enter them to the Heaven He specialized for them; O You, who have believed in Allah, if you abide by Allah's teachings, He shall provide you with His providence and firmness.} True are the words of Allah the Almighty and the Great.
As we mark this dear, precious memory of the martyred leaders, I welcome and greet all of you, particularly the families of martyrs and the martyred leaders (Sayyed Abbass el-Moussawi, Sheikh Ragheb Harb, and Haj Imad Moghnieh- May Allah the Almighty sanctify their souls).

The martyred leaders' memory inspires us to learn from them, to be more determined and steadfast, and to renew our pledge to maintain the resistance. These martyred leaders have made great contributions to the resistance.
Sheikh Ragheb made great contribution to launching the resistance, attracting fighters, making decisive resolutions, and determining the way to achieve the goal.

And Sayyed Abbass made great contribution to deepening the very foundations the resistance and developing its methods and course.

As for Haj Imad, he made great contribution to the Resistance's quantitative and qualitative development represented by human, physical, and technical resources. He greatly contributed to the stage of accomplishments and victories, which the martyred leaders, as well as all martyrs, had introduced earlier.
The martyred leaders taught us the resistance scheme and absolutely prioritized it. The very truth- brothers and sisters- is that "Israel" and the Zionist scheme represent the greatest jeopardy against Lebanon, Palestine, and the other peoples of the Middle East region.

Once we depend upon patriotic, national, or Islamic points of view and feel concerned with the causes of our region and nation, we come to this conclusion: "Israel" and the Zionist scheme represent the greatest jeopardy. Whereas if we depend upon prejudice and local conflicts, we won't see the real jeopardy; instead, we'll think that other parties, sects, or organizations represent the greatest jeopardy.

Hereupon, the only rational choice ever made in history, which peoples must make, is the choice represented by all forms of popular resistance, including the armed resistance. That's why our martyred leaders believed in what the founder of Lebanese resistance His Eminence Imam Moussa Sadr (May Allah return him and his companions safely) believed in.

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Will Not Stand Still on Any Aggression Against Lebanon

Our martyred leaders believed in the resistance and were loyal to this prioritized organization, offering their youth, efforts, and lives. They lived for that, and they worked hard day and night. And so they were martyred, teaching us loyalty to the resistance organization. Their will was to work hard and loyally for the sake of this priority. And we have abided by their will and shall keep doing so.

In thirty years, the resistance organization has not represented mere dreams, slogans, speeches, or emotional tittle-tattle but has rather made great accomplishments and victories and changed facts more than ever before.
In thirty years, the Lebanese resistance has been one of the firmest, strongest powers of change, altering strategic situations that had existed for decades or centuries. All have realized the resistance's accomplishments: sacrificing lives to liberate Lebanon and maintaining deterrence balance to protect it. And so we go on; our long course of action will eventually lead us to decisive victorious-God willing. And so we are unhesitant at all.

Brothers and sisters, this year's slogan, "Martyred Leaders on the Way to Palestine", might seem strange for a while, now that we live in this era. Some might ask why Hizbullah has chosen to make use of their martyred leaders' significance to address Palestine instead of some Lebanese internal issue. Actually, I read- just like we'll read tomorrow- articles asking, "Which world do you live in?! You're still addressing Palestine and thinking about it!"

Of course, if we consider the prevailing regional situations, we'll realize this question sounds normal. Now, certain speeches, conducts, interests, priorities, internal conflicts, divisions, media campaigns, exchanged accusations and fatwas, derogatory speech, sectarian provocation, fights, and bloodshed prevail in every country of the Middle East region.

So, how can Palestine still be remembered?! Minds and hearts are now busy considering something else. Who's concerned with Palestine?! Whose speech addresses Palestine?! And whose priority is Palestine?!
Let's consider the incidents which occurred a few days ago near al-Buraq Wall al-Quds (Jerusalem)! Let's consider the sufferance of thousands of Palestinian captives imprisoned in "Israeli" prisons, including tens or hundreds of Palestinian hunger strikers who haven't eaten for months! Let's consider the condition of captive Essawi and his comrades! Where exactly do they belong in the Arab World and the Islamic World?!

Are today's governments, peoples, or media concerned with the ongoing settlement projects in al-Quds or in the West Bank?! Do they care for anything going on in Palestine?! Whose minds, hearts, or words are addressing Palestine?!
This is why our slogan, "Martyred Leaders on the Way to Palestine" is meaningful; all Lebanese resistance factions, including Hizbullah, have strongly supported the Palestinian resistance and enabled them to be steadfast.
Had the US-Zionist scheme succeeded in 1982, Palestine would have been completely lost. But the Lebanese resistance, foiling the scheme of "Greater Israel"" in 2000 and 2006, enlivened the hopes of all the oppressed and assured them they could reclaim land and sanctities.

The Lebanese and Palestinian resistances share one soul, mind, heart, destiny, concern, and battle. The Lebanese resistance supported the Palestinian Intifada and the Palestinian factions, offering all available financial, moral, or other forms of support to strengthen the Palestinian resistance.

We've constantly believed that supporting the Palestinian people is the real strategy that will help Palestine as the Arab regimes act perfidiously. Enabling the Palestinians to resist the enemy and remain steadfast will make the Palestinians reclaim their land, sanctities, and rights.

This kind of experience worked in Lebanon when the Lebanese received support. But the Lebanese themselves resisted the enemy, and many of them were martyred. It was their will and determination that led to the 2000 liberation. This kind of experience also liberated the Gaza Strip in Palestine; thus, it can work elsewhere in Palestine. It is essential that the Palestinian people go on and that all of us keep supporting them as much as we can.

Speaking of this, I recall that the martyred leader Haj Imad (Moghnieh) performed many roles (which have so far been away from spotlight but may be uncovered as time goes by), communicating the Lebanese experience to the Palestinians and supporting them. Haj Imad was in charge of maintaining common mind and effort between the Lebanese and Palestinian resistances.

Thereupon, anyone supporting Palestine must keep doing so. We always thank the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria, as they supported the Lebanese resistance, and we will be always grateful to them.

At this point, we must hold the martyred brother- engineer Hussam Khoshnevis- in the highest regard for his outstanding efforts and awesome contribution as he headed "the Iranian Committee for Reconstructing Lebanon".

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Will Not Stand Still on Any Aggression Against Lebanon

In reality, this is not the first sacrifice the Islamic Republic offers to support the Lebanese resistance and to liberate and reconstruct Lebanon. We express our condolences to the Iranian officials and leaders and to his decent, generous family.
Hence, we consider that all martyrs of the Lebanese resistance, on top of who are the martyred leaders, are martyrs on the way to Palestine. We all know that Sayyed Abbass, Sheikh Ragheb, and Haj Imad were greatly concerned with the Palestinian people and sanctities. They loved Palestine and were loyal to it.
Before I move to another point, I say we also hope that our Arab World recovers and that our countries survive their harsh crises and conflicts; this will be the way out of this stage while "Israel" anticipates the Arab World's collapse.

You know, all "Israeli" study centers reevaluating the strategic environment, especially this year, changed some of the studies recorded two years ago. Then, the changes occurring in the Arab world made them very worried- even terrified.
Unfortunately, however, the "Israeli" studies made in the past few months state that "Israel" now faces less threats and has more opportunities. They clearly discussed the struggles occurring in Syria, Egypt, and the other regional struggles. They also discussed strife and the interior struggles busying the regional peoples. They said that increased "Israel's" chances. Anyway, we hope we can all overcome this ordeal, and we must work hard to do so.

We recall the second anniversary of the launching of the Bahrainis' peaceful uprising in days like these. We commend the Bahraini people's tolerance, steadfastness, and determination to maintain a peaceful movement and patriotic requests. We hope the national-dialogue table formed in the past few days can help the dear Bahrainis reach the result they're looking forward to, especially when they've always supported Palestine and all resistance movements and when they intend to keep doing so. We hope they can reach the result they and their martyrs have been looking forward to.

I'll make one point on the current affairs related to "Israel" before I address the local situation.

Recently, some accusations have been made (as to Hizbullah's involvement in the Bulgaria blast). Regional developments have also taken place. Unfortunately, Arab and Lebanese political forces and media began propagating "fears" that "Israel" was preparing for war on Lebanon. They "expected" that "Israel" would strike Lebanon harshly very soon, probably in a few weeks or even days!
Very unfortunately, it was some Arabs and Lebanese propagating those "expectations" rather than the "Israelis"! I've been keeping up with the "Israeli" media, and I did not notice "Israeli" declarations on a close war or aggression against Lebanon. Well, some media addressed plans of war on Lebanon in case war took place. That's it!

So I really feel sorry that Lebanese forces and Lebanese and Arab media have heralded a large-scale "Israeli" aggression or war on Lebanon.

I do not wish to make an approach to the Bulgarian accusation now. We're dealing with this issue very carefully, and later we'll see what things will turn out to be.
So it is very sorrowful many have exploited the Bulgarian claim, supporting it and charging us with it! Those Lebanese and some Arabs took the European Union's part in "accusing" us, "putting us on trial", and "convicting" us!

They "blacklisted" Hizbullah on and claimed Lebanon was going "to suffer economic, security, and political implications"! They could only dream Europe would blacklist Lebanon, and they assumed they would replace the government falling soon!

What's the rush for?! This issue can be treated later, and we can talk about what we can do later.

But the worst thing said was that "Israel" was preparing for war on the grounds of this presumed accusation. Well, I'm sorry they think this way and make such anticipations! But I'll make two comments only:
Whenever "Israel" decides to assail Lebanon, it is not going to look for an excuse. "Israel" is always willing to make any accusation it wants and begin war immediately without waiting for any investigations.

You remember that in 1982, "Israel" accused certain Palestinian parties of attempting to assassinate the "Israeli" ambassador to London. Though the ambassador did not die, "Israel" did not wait for Britain's investigation or accusation but rather exploited this excuse to attack Lebanon.
And this is the way it is: When "Israel" wishes to assail or begin war on Lebanon, it'll find an excuse anytime.

Concerning the Bulgaria incident, the situation was different. In the first minutes or hours after the blast, Benjamin Netanyahu accused Hizbullah of the blast. Bulgaria hadn't even made an accusation yet. But what happened a few months ago? Did Netanyahu begin an aggression or war?

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Will Not Stand Still on Any Aggression Against Lebanon

In the earlier couple of years, too, operations were performed against "Israeli" targets in India, Georgia, and Thailand. Then, "Israel" accused Hizbullah of that, so what happened? Did war begin? No!

We- the Lebanese and the peoples of the region - must be aware of the truth of the "Israeli" nightmare we've been living for decades; any teams claiming that "Israel" will begin war after a certain incident takes place are telling nonsense.
"Israel" is a "state" with a certain scheme, interests, and ambitions, and it looks forward to achieving a decisive victory in any war. Thus, "Israel" does not initiate war just to react to an incident- whether simple or not.

Logically, any "Israeli" war or large-scale aggression is based on a scheme. Though "Israel" might decide to strike a certain target or perform a limited operation, it will not begin war at random. We must not believe the nonsense said, and we must keep in mind "Israel" is the enemy threatening Lebanon and the entire region.

Besides, we need to remind all Lebanese of the truth existing after year 2000, particularly after 2006: It is not easy at all for "Israel" to begin war on Lebanon. I guess everybody can realize that since then, "Israel" hasn't rushed to begin war after some incident.

We must also consider the declarations, debates, studies, analyses, and lectures made at institutions and study centers by "Israeli" militants (especially veterans), who clearly express their opinions without any legal constraints once they are not in charge anymore. All of this, in addition to the drills and maneuvers of the "Israeli" air, ground, navy, and interior-front forces, confirms "Israel" is preparing for a real war- not just a "picnic".

So far, the "Israeli" officials have been debating whether they should begin war on Lebanon or not. Can they guarantee the results? Will they win the war? Can they endure loss as in year 2006- probably a greater one this time? This is the kind of debates "Israel" is making.

Our beloved people, as we today mark our leaders' martyrdom, I confirm to you and to the enemy that the enemy does need to think a million times before initiating war on Lebanon. No longer is Lebanon a place for "Israeli" "picnics", and no longer can an "Israeli"-military "music team" occupy Lebanon! And this is the very truth!

Let's examine the incidents happening in 1982 through year 2000, then year 2006: Lebanon's situation is now completely different. I don't have to remind you of what I said in all previous occasions, but I'd like to point something out, for neither the enemy nor the political teams anticipating an "Israeli" attack must misapprehend the reality.

I'll be frank: Probably some teams consider that since Syria is now suffering a bloody struggle, it won't be able to take part in any potential battle against the "Israeli" enemy. They think Syria which supported the resistance in the July War is now busy dealing with internal struggle. And they think Syria can no longer support the Lebanese resistance and back it up, so now they can strike the "weak and confused" resistance. They think this is the right time to begin an aggression or war... Never! I tell them they are absolutely wrong! And I tell them frankly that today Hizbullah has all it needs, so there's no need to transport anything from Syria or Iran. They understand what this exactly means: we have all we need in Lebanon, and we're keeping in case any battle occurs.

Today, the resistance is fully ready and has all required troops and arsenals. "Israel" does recognize what I spoke about earlier. I won't go into details now; I'm quietly going to say: I warn "Israel" and its supporters: The Lebanese resistance will not stay still in case of any aggression against the Lebanese territories.
The "Israelis" know this, but I'll remind them that their airports, harbors, and electric power plants are within our fire range. [Sayyed Nasrallah makes a joke]: In case "Israel" strikes our electric power plants, it won't be much trouble since we need to renew them anyway. Perhaps I've mentioned this before: "Israel" owns "a few" electric power plants; this means "a few" rockets will be enough to ruin the entire "Israeli" electricity network.

For instance, an electric power plant- almost at the heart of the north of occupied Palestine- will need six months to be put back to work if it gets stricken. Can "Israel" endure living for six months without electricity?! [Sayyed Nasrallah makes another joke]: Well, the Lebanese are familiar with the shortage of the electric current! But can the "Israeli" people endure this?!

Anyway, they do realize the meaning of what we've mentioned earlier and what we might mention later as to striking the settlements from Keryat Shemona through Eilat. Day and night, we're alert for the surveillance drones violating the Lebanese airspace and the attempts of infiltration through the Lebanese community. We know "Israel" is collecting information, and we're aware of the real threat.

Before I address the local issue, I make more than a formal pledge: For the sake of ethics and jihad, I swear to Sayyed Abbass's chaste blood, Sheikh Ragheb's pure blood, and Haj Imad's dear blood that their students and companions are today more determined and willing to confront any aggression and to maintain Sayyed Abbass's will. Our struggle against "Israel" is not over.

I'll address an interior issue related to the resistance's arms. A day ago, a dear memory was marked: the martyrdom of Premier Rafik Hariri and his companions. Though I do not want to comment on the derogatory statement made, I need to reply to a single piece of it. Actually, I felt it was my ethical duty to reply to it because I believe that insulted the martyred Premier Rafik Hariri and other chiefs, allies, and partners.

Though we might endure the insult made, I need to comment on this piece of the statement, especially when I can address some of the issues disputed interiorly in Lebanon. Of course I don't want to initiate another dispute, but I need to comment.

Okay, so the piece says, "Hizbullah absolutely refuse to acknowledge they're exploiting their arms, and they seek "devoting all policies for the sake of arms". They are always ready to bribe premiers. They "bribed" Premier Najib Mikati, "offering him a ministerial seat instead of theirs", and that was in return for "silencing the government on" their arms. Hizbullah also chose to approve of their ally (Head of "the Reform and Change Bloc") General Michel Aoun's electoral law, which was based on
the draftOrthodox Law”, in order to "maintain their arms' dominance" over the parliament."

[Sayyed Nasrallah remarks]: I wish to remind you that I'm repeating (former Premier Saad Hariri's) words.

"And now Hizbullah "is keeping quiet about" the government's funding for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and exonerate (MP) Walid Jumblatt's previous campaigns and strict stance on the Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad's regime and Iran's role in "coercing" the Syrian people in return for "no condemnation" against their arms."
Okay, so this is the piece I wish to comment on, and the rest of the statement is "clear".

First, let me correct Saad Hariri's information; it was "the Amal Movement"- not Hizbullah- who gave up their ministry share. It was (House Speaker), brother Nabih Berri's initiative, and we approved of this blessed step because we had a purpose. Giving up the Shiite share for the sake the Sunni share was meant to hold the Karami family- a prominent, national family- in the highest regard and give them the chance to share the current government. In reality, (former Premier) Omar Karami and his family have demonstrated great straightforwardness, ethics, patriotism, responsibility, and loyalty. But certain teams seek putting an end to the giving of this family.

His Excellency (former) Premier Omar Karami has again demonstrated a praised conduct, seeking no retaliation for the attempts of assassination of his son, His Excellency Minister Feisal Karami. Hadn't it been for Premier Omar Karami's ethical, patriotic, and humanitarian stance, a serious strife would have begun in Tripoli.

Is it shameful or disgraceful for the Shi'a- [His Eminence makes a joke]: and pardon me for using the word "Shi'a"- to give up their ministry share to a Sunni family?! Is it a bribe?! Well, Premier Mikati gained nothing from this.
Though disagreeing with some of Premier Mikati's stances and critical decisions as funding the Special Tribunal, Hizbullah understands the difficult domestic, regional, and international circumstances Premier Mikati is enduring responsibly. So is it appalling and shameful?!

The truth is we are fully confident in Premier Mikati and his government. Never do we think they might conspire against the resistance or betray it. That's why we understand the present constraints and circumstances.
[His Eminence makes a joke]: Well, Premier Mikati must not feel absolutely confident we'll approve of everything he decides. Anyway, we're discussing things and getting along with each other.

I absolutely refute all news published by certain newspapers in the recent weeks on a conflict with Premier Mikati. All in all, (former Premier) Saad Hariri's statement accused us of "bribing" Mikati to "form the government", but I tell him he can change nothing about our arms. I'll return to this point in a while.
Regarding the piece stating: "approving of their ally (Head of "the Reform and Change Bloc") General Michel Aoun's electoral law, which was based on
the draftOrthodox Law”, in order to "maintain their arms' dominance" over the parliament", I ask: Is it shameful to listen to the fears of allies and care for their interests?! Is it shameful?! Shouldn't this be praised instead?!
When it comes to allies, Hizbullah differs from the command of the Future Party- and I stress the word "command". The way Hizbullah deals with their allies is quite different from that of the Future-Party command. This is no longer a secret shared in closed chambers; in the recent weeks, newspapers, magazines, and speech makers have addressed this issue. Once we deal with our allies, we show great care for national interests and we do the best we can. But never do we prefer our own interests to the national ones.

Anyway, our allies realize our ethics. Personally, I'm absolutely ready to offer anything I can. So is this shameful?!

As to the law proposed by "the Orthodox law", we're convinced with it. Of course it's our priority- like I said last time- to realize Lebanon as a single electoral district or expanded electoral districts, where proportionality exists anyway.
But let me make something clear: We chose to approve of the law proposed by "the Orthodox law" because we were convinced with it. To us, the law seemed of interest. Last time, I said the Lebanese Christians consider this law would give them a real chance for equality, so let's give them this chance.

Commenting on what MP Saad Hariri said concerning General Aoun, I recall that in 2006, General Aoun made his choice. As he stood by the resistance then, some "masterminds" of "the March 14 Political Alliance" said people would look for General Aoun at a psychiatric hospital in Paris! Though many dreamed the resistance would be defeated, General Aoun did not make his stance in return for any political rewards. Then, it was unknown who would survive and who wouldn't, and no law of "the Orthodox law" existed then!

The 2006 July War (which "Israel" calls "the Second Lebanon War") was a battle of existence or death. Then, the entire International Community, most of the Arab states, and certain local forces united to smash Hizbullah. Nevertheless, General Aoun made his stance. While all of those sought smashing Hizbullah, could he have been waiting for rewards or expecting that one day we would approve of his "Orthodox law?!

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Will Not Stand Still on Any Aggression Against Lebanon

That's why- like I said earlier- I say the stance which General Aoun and our other allies made in the July War was ethical, patriotic, and humanitarian rather than a political stance serving limited interests. Right then, we represented "on bunch" that the world wanted to smash. We could have been smashed together, but we stayed together, so we triumphed together.
Even when we disagree as to local issues or have a little misunderstanding, General Aoun stresses to all media "rushing to report the news on disagreement" that resistance comes first.

Now let's move to the Head of "the Future Party" Saad Hariri's statement on MP Walid Jumblatt. You- good people, political elites, and leading scholars- can realize this statement was meant to provoke us. Does MP Saad Hariri feel bad because we're not in discord with MP Walid Jumblatt? Does he want Hizbullah to get provoked by the critical stance of Jumblatt's "Progressive Socialist Party" on Syria and conflict with them? Well, we don't behave this way.

There are Lebanese political and religious forces that also are in discord with our stance on Syria. They're not our partners, and they do not discuss things with us. They constantly curse us, swear at us, accuse us, try to provoke us, and block roads. But did we react to that? No! We certainly ignored that for a reason.
Since 2008, MP Walid Jumblatt has constantly declared his stance on the resistance's arms. He made his stance one night before going to Saudi Arabia. That was before unrest broke on in Syria.

If Hariri claims he cares for the civil Lebanese State and he doesn't want to see the Lebanese in conflict, he must not provoke major forces against each other.
Having mentioned Syria, I remark the Lebanese government has made an impartial stance. Yet, it is more important that the Lebanese do not extend the Syria conflict to Lebanon. We admit our stance on Syria is different, but does this mean we should ruin our country?! Does this mean we should extend the Syria war to Lebanon and open fire on each other?! What nonsense this is!
We believe we must keep Lebanon away from the Syria struggle. So MP Saad Hariri can have his own stance, and I can have mine. But it is absolutely wrong to extend the struggle to Lebanon, and this is what we are avoiding. So is it shameful or disgraceful to avoid extending the struggle?!

MP Saad Hariri's statement as well implied that we "bribed" the martyred Premier Rafik Hariri! I have made a declaration on this earlier, so I'll remind you of it.
Some witnesses (to our debates with Premier Rafik Hariri) are still alive. Then, Hizbullah debated certain points with "the March 14 Alliance". We reached an understanding as to some points, and others required further debate. We debated the prospective on Lebanon, the Middle East region, authority, "the Taef Accord", electoral laws, government formation, finance, economics, administration, and resistance. And Premier Rafik Hariri asked us to inform him of our requests. So we informed His Excellency that we absolutely prioritized resistance and that everything else was not our priority but could be debated.

We told His Excellency that we prioritized resistance since "Israel's" greed endangered Lebanon. So who would bear responsibility hadn't the resistance done so? We offered no bribe, and Premier Rafik Hariri said that he supported us. He even said, "You should keep your arms even when "Israel" withdraws from the Shebaa Farms and Kfarchouba Hills, and even when the Lebanese captives are released. I frankly say I think the resistance should keep their arms until a thorough peace agreement is signed."

So I explained to His Excellency that I refused to use the term "thorough peace agreement"; to Hizbullah and I, that meant reclaiming the entire Palestine, from sea to river. Instead, I chose the term "settlement", and he replied, "Okay, brother, name it "settlement". It's not a problem."

As we addressed many issues, Premier Rafik Hariri was quite flexible. He went on, "If thorough peace is fulfilled when I'm still the premier, I'll address you, Sayyed: The Arabs have signed the peace agreement. Now Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine acknowledged this peace agreement. So there's no need for keeping the resistance's arms anymore. Let's figure out what to do with the arms; you can hand them over to the state, sell them, or return them where you got them. Do what you want. And if you, Sayyed, tell me one day that you don't want to hand the arms over, I'll resign and leave Lebanon; I won't be willing to conflict with the resistance."
Don't you see, MP Saad Hariri, how your father acted?! How could you have said he was bribed?!

After MP Rafik Hariri was martyred, Hizbullah met with his son (MP Saad Hariri) and repeated his father's words. He himself said, "I am committed to whatever my dad was committed to." Forming "the Quartet Alliance" (with "the Future Party" and others), did Hizbullah "bribe" you, "too"?!

Actually, we do not regret having formed "the Quartet Alliance" though some allies did not really like that. Let me remind you why we did so; we wanted to maintain constancy among the Lebanese and prevent any potential strife among Shiites and Sunnis.

In 2005, we- the Shiites- [His Eminence makes a little joke again]: and excuse me for using the term "Shiites"- represented by Hizbullah and "the Amal Movement", behaved exactly the right way. During the elections then, it was strongly stressed North Lebanon that whoever voted for the other electoral list voted for the assassins of Premier Rafik Hariri. Hadn't we acted like we did, Lebanon would have been ruined; the Shiites and Sunnis would have fought against each other.

In 2005, we were the ones giving up a part of their rights. We agreed to form "the Quartet Alliance" and share the government even without "the guarantee of one-third of the ministerial shares". Then, we only relied on an oral promise. I remember the martyred Premier Rafik Hariri telling me, "I'm ready to write down what I'm saying now." Unfortunately, I couldn't foretell the future; otherwise, I would have asked him to write his words down. But then I said, "I beg your pardon, Your Excellency; your word is enough for me!"

Besides, on what basis have the earlier governments mentioned the principle of "Army, People, Resistance"?! I remember then MP Saad Hariri's allies were not pleased at all. Did we "bribe" him, "too"?!

All in all, after troubles occurred and the earlier government was toppled, it was quarreled who the new premier would be. So a Qatari-Turkish initiative was made to tackle this issue. (I've mentioned part of this earlier, by the way): Then, the Qatari and Turkish prime ministers met and made a draft, which Head of "the Future Party" (MP Saad Hariri) approved of.

Afterwards, they asked us to approve of the draft. Our approval meant that the different teams involved would sign the agreement the coming morning; then a "great" meeting would be held in Paris, where certain states would attend and sponsor the meeting.

"I don't know but I'm a little confused"; can I say it was you who tried to bribe us then; whereas we rejected that? Or is there another way to express it?
Anyway, I told you earlier that the statement mentioned something about "the Special Tribunal for Lebanon", withdrawing the Lebanese judges, ceasing funding, and ending the tribunal. Thus, I don't want to repeat that. Now I'll comment on the issue of arms:

While the Qatari Prime Minister was reading the draft to me, he mentioned, "...ending the spread of arms and security zones on all Lebanese territories (Hizbullah's arms are not meant with this.)" So I asked, "Your Excellency, do you realize what exactly has been written?!" And he made it clear it was required that the spread of arms in all Lebanese regions - except Hizbullah's- be ended. Again I asked, "Do you realize what exactly has been written?!" And he replied, "Yes, I wrote this myself." I said, "You could have been more specific, replacing the term "Hizbullah's arms" with "the resistance's arms". It is not a matter of political arms at a certain geographical zone but of resistance." So he answered, "No problem. We've agreed on this statement."

Therefore, you- MP Saad Hariri- proposed helping to keep our arms if we approved of your premiership again. But we refused; it was nothing personal, and it had nothing to do with political interests. It was simply about national interests.
That time, we had a debate (which I prefer not to display on air anyway). So his national-unity government got the highest votes ever in Lebanon. We acted as flexibly as we could, but what did his government do?!

I told them we wanted a premier living in Lebanon- a true Lebanese one who had enough time and patience to listen to ministers and ministerial committees and tackle issues. I'm being straightforward; it's easy for anyone to swear for a whole hour, but it's not easy to be the premier.
That's why we told them we refused their "help" to keep our arms in return for handing our country over to certain figures. We did not want to give up national interests for the interests of our own party. So who tried to bribe the others?! And did that work?!

I remark that our policy states giving up a part of our rights to allies, friends, and partners. But please note this carefully: Does our policy seek maintaining arms themselves or the resistance itself? Our arms would be worthless if we did not use them to fight against "Israel". Weren't the case so, we wouldn't sacrifice anything for them.

In fact, the resistance and the corresponding party are still giving up a part of their rights in authority, administration, electoral laws, and others. They're also enduring the continuous accusations and derogatory speech so as to enable the resistance to protect Lebanon and get on the way to Palestine. Is it a shame or a pride to have this resistance?! Doesn't the resistance make Lebanon and the entire Ummah proud?

So why do you say contradictory stuff, MP Saad Hariri?! Haven't you been continuously saying Hizbullah's arms are meant to seize authority? But there you are! You've just said that Hizbullah gave up a part of their right in authority to keep their arms!

So in your written statement, you say that we gave up our ministerial share for other Shiites and for the government, that we chose to approve of the electoral law, that we did not object funding "the Special Tribunal for Lebanon", and that we made many other sacrifices just to keep our arms.

Supposing we were using our arms to reach authority, how could we have given up a part of our share in authority to keep our arms?! [His Eminence makes a joke]: Brother, explain this to us because we might not be able to think as sophisticatedly as you do!
Brothers and sisters, it is not difficult to realize the truth because the truth is always clear. I'd like to say we believe in the presence of the Lebanese State, in "the Taef Accord", and in developing the regime.

Ironically, anyone trying to adjust "the Taef Accord" is considered a political antagonist even if this person is a Sunni (not belonging to "the Future Party")! Only "the Future Party" is allowed to address the adjustment of "the Taef Accord"!
We believe in "the Taef Accord" and in developing it. We believe in real partnership and equality. Because the law of "the Orthodox law" is a choice leading to real partnership, we approved of it, and we're going to vote for it if it's put to voting.

We also believe that none in Lebanon can claim "favor". So every party "should keep their good intentions to themselves." Lebanon's structure does not endure "the good intentions" of political parties, currents, or movements. So save yourselves and leave Lebanon in peace.

Thereupon, we say we never seek ruling Lebanon. We only support true, patriotic partnership as this serves the special political, human, and humanitarian structure of our country. Only partnership is the way to a stable, safe country that can deal with social crises, progress, and maintain unity. We could never seek dominance over others!

When Najib Mikati was named premier, he gave you a whole month to agree to share the national-unity government. But you yourselves rejected that. You even asked the entire world to repudiate the government. You provoked the world against it.

As ever, we will continue to believe in patriotic partnership and understanding and in giving up some rights for this sake. We're looking forward to achieving understanding throughout Lebanon and living together in dignity. We're looking forward to strengthening Lebanon and enabling it to defend itself rather than depend upon the International Community, the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), or others.

We depend upon Allah the Almighty and upon the hard work of the virtuous Lebanese patriots and fighters, who are many. We want Lebanon to benefit from the blessed riches Allah the Exalted in Might has granted it: its mountains, plains, fields, rivers, and sea. And we do not want the Lebanese to depend on outsiders or fear them.

This is what we're looking forward to. These were the hopes and dreams of our martyred leaders, and so they're ours. We shall maintain their jihad with absolute determination, will, and faith in the coming triumph.
Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.

Source: Hizbullah Media Relations, Translated by al-Ahed News