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Resistance and Liberation May 2023


Sayyed Nasrallah,’s Speech “Day for the Wounded” on June 14, 2013

Sayyed Nasrallah,’s Speech  “Day for the Wounded” on June 14, 2013
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Speech by Hizbullah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Commemorating the "Day for the Wounded" on June 14, 2013

I seek Allah's refuge from the cursed Devil,

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate,
Praises be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds,

Peace and prayers be upon our master and the Seal of Prophets, Muhammad Bin Abdullah; on his chaste, benevolent Household; on his chosen, upright companions; and on all prophets and heralds.

Honored scholars, brothers and sisters- Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you all.

As we mark one of these precious, holy days [the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of the Hijri month of Shaaban], and the "Day for the Wounded," I'd like to thank all of the honorable audiences for attending the ceremonies we're holding in different places: Beirut Southern Suburb, Baalbeck, Nabatiyeh, and Deir Qanoun an-Nahr.
I also congratulate you for these cherished occasions of Shaaban: the birthday of the grandson of Allah's Messenger, who is also the "Master of Heaven's Youth," Imam al-Hussein Bin Ali; the birthday of Imam Zein ul-Aabideen, Ali Bin al-Hussein; and the birthday of Abu al-Fadl al-Abbass Bin Ali Bin Abi Taleb. Peace be upon Muhammad and his Household.

Later this month [on the 15th of Shaaban], too, we shall celebrate the birth of the Awaited Savior, Imam al-Mahdi, to whom we dedicate our souls.
Since today is the birthday of Abu al-Fadl al-Abbass (Peace be upon him), in which we rightfully hold the "Day for the Wounded" in honor of our sacrificing, wounded fighters, I shall dedicate a part of my speech to him.

Whether they are here, at the hospitals or in their houses, this is the day for our wounded brothers and sisters.

As usual, I present you the topics I'm going to address. First, I'll address this particular occasion, then the current developments in Lebanon and Syria and the reactions to al-Qseir's combats.

But, first, I need to salute with utmost appreciation all the wounded brothers and sisters who cannot be here with us now, whether they are here, at hospitals, or in their houses. I pay great tribute to them as they've fulfilled jihad and endured wounds for the sake of our Ummah and sanctities. As well, I highly commend their honorable, sacrificing families: their mothers, fathers, and particularly their wives, who are enduring very much.

We also need to greet all the medical staff that began treating our wounded since the very first moment they needed treatment and are still taking care of them. Others whom we have to greet, too, are the staff working at "The Institution for the Wounded" and others. By serving the wounded and their families, those brothers and sisters have been honored by Allah the Almighty.

As we mark the "Day for the Wounded," which is the day for the living martyrs, all of us must greet all the families of the martyrs. Those families have sacrificed their cherished fighters for the sake of achieving sacred aims. I particularly have to mention the families of the latest confrontations [taking place in Syria's al-Qseir], who- like I've said again and again- demonstrated great insight, faith, firmness, and power to act.

Brothers and sisters,

Al-Abbas Bin Ali Bin Abu Taleb (Pbuh) is that handsome young man known as "The Handsomest of the Hashemite Clan." At the age of 34, he had led Imam al-Hussein's fighters (Peace be upon them all) in the land of Karbalaa.
His faith, manners, and jihad made him such a great icon of loyalty and insight. This is what we read in Imam as-Sadeq's Ziyarat as he addresses Abu al-Fadl al-Abbass (Peace be upon them). As well, Abu al-Fadl was an icon of deep confidence, valor, altruism, patience, credence, absolute obedience to Allah the Almighty, and resoluteness on a stance until reaching martyrdom. He, thus, was the role model for an unstoppable fighter that would keep going until accomplishing his or her mission.

We all know the story: Al-Abbass (Pbuh) headed to the shore of the Furat River to get water for the women, orphaned children, the rest of the fighters, and Imam al-Hussein (Pbuh). And, on his way back, his right arm was amputated, but he still went on. His left arm was amputated, too, but he went on, disregarding these harsh amputations. Al-Abbass (Pbuh) held the water urn with the remaining parts of his arms, chest and chin. After that, an arrow hit him in the eye, but he still carried on until he was martyred and his soul ascended to the Heaven of Allah the Almighty.

Therefore, we have so much to learn from al-Abbass (Pbuh). He's an icon for all fighters who wish to carry on despite all harsh wounds, and to keep doing all they can to accomplish the mission required.

That's why his birthday is a day for our wounded fighters and every wounded fighter in the world, as well. It is a day for all wounded Lebanese who've been the role models- since the Resistance was launched in 1982- for all faithful fighters who maintain loyalty, insight, conviction, valor, altruism, patience, obedience, and resoluteness no matter what happens. Here they are today, among you at the celebration halls and everywhere else, confirming that they'll keep going on, just like they've promised.

They wanted to offer their lives for the sake of Allah; yet, the Lord granted them life to test their patience and firmness as they continue to go on with their painful wounds.

My wounded brothers and sisters,

Today, your endurance represents a great witness- just like Allah the Exalted in Might and Perfection wants- to the present and coming generations. As in all the previous stages, your endurance provides testimony to past, near, and current realities, beginning at least since 1982. We're not talking about incidents that happened 50 or 100 or even 500 years ago; we're talking about incidents that many of today's people have witnessed and suffered the consequences of. Many youth, however, might know nothing about these realities.

And, as certain groups and governments work day and night to hide the truth about these stages, your endurance- brothers and sisters- is a testimony. Every one of you has a story: how someone lost a hand, a leg, or an eye; how someone became hemiplegic or plegic; where someone suffered another kind of injury. Every wound of your wounds tells a story: breaking into a certain site here or defending a certain village against an aggression there; an explosive bomb here or an ambush there; an attempt to perform a self-sacrificing operation or to save a fighter wounded in a battlefield.

The events of these stories must be recorded and promoted on to different generations. Your endurance reminds us of the fighters' heroism in the confrontations with the "Israeli" enemy in what they called, "Operation Accountability," in July 1993 ("The Seven-Day War"); also, in what they called "Operation Grapes of Wrath" ("The 1996 April Aggression").
Your endurance as well speaks of the heroism of our fighters and people in the liberation in May 2000, in the historic 2006 triumph, and today, as well. It is the Resistance's martyrs, wounded, and other heroes that have so far made outstanding accomplishments.

Your endurance tells the story of Lebanon's resistance and their crowds, supporters, and lovers.

I remark that it was this resistance that maintained enough awareness and a clear prospect since the beginning. The Resistance understood how dangerous it was to stand still while US-"Israeli" occupation forces and multi-national troops invaded Lebanon in 1982. Back then, the Resistance realized it was very dangerous to live with the hegemonic scheme that the US was seeking in Lebanon. By maintaining awareness, vision, and insight, the Resistance had the will to fight for Lebanon's freedom.

The Resistance made their choice, even though supporters were very few then, the Arab and Muslim worlds stood silent (except for Iran and Syria), many enemies were there, and local groups conspired against them. You are part of the sacrificing fighters of the Resistance that has fought for years and gotten martyred or wounded. You are part of the dear thousands of Resistance men and women who were imprisoned in prisons and concentration camps. Your Resistance has endured house demolitions, field burnings, and dislodgement. This ultimately sacrificing Resistance freed Lebanon from the occupation.

Today, Lebanon is a free, sovereign, valued, and dignified state where we can benefit from the riches and waters, and also drill for oil and gas in the Lebanese waters. And, it is the resistance that protects gas, waters, and the other riches. Our country owes all it has now to all resistance fighters, whether they were martyred or wounded, or offered any other form of sacrifice.

It is first owed to Allah the Exalted in Might and Perfection, and then to the resistance only, that Lebanon did not turn into a place for "Israel's" settlements to steal our waters and dislodge our native people. You can compare this to what is going on in the West Bank; had it not been for the resistance, our newly discovered oil and gas would have been seized by the "Israeli Tamar Field," and our government wouldn't have been more than a constituency under the "Israeli" occupation's rule; and had that happened, we would have been governed by an "Israeli" military governor like the ones in Sur (Tyr), Saida, Beirut, Mount Lebanon, West Beqaa, and Rashaya.

Who do you think forced those military governors to stop governing our country and to leave it?!

All in all, it is this resistance that foiled all schemes of hegemony and occupation, and protected Lebanon. We must not forget this near past. We must not, brothers and sisters; Arabs and Muslims.

Today, certain governments and groups are trying to bury this history, but it must not be forgotten. The past battle continues in the form of the present battle, as the latter is against all sacrifices and achievements of the near past.

Our generations must get to know everything about that historic stage, which was decisive for Lebanon and the region. The generations must know what the stage was like; who conspired against whom, who "chickened out," who collaborated with the enemy and who resisted them, who endured the harsh conditions and who sought gains, who fought and who stayed still, who was patriotic and who was a traitor, and who shook hands with enemy militants and who got martyred to prevent that. We must keep the very truth revealed, and differentiate patriots from agents and bandits. Agents cannot "teach us patriotism!" It is the responsibility of the elites, the educated, scholars, writers, artists, and others everywhere. Even the wounded can tell those stories to their children, and neighbors can tell their neighbors. Yes; we are facing a massive media campaign that is trying to fake the history I'm talking about.

Let me move to the Lebanese developments, and then to the Syrian developments.

Brothers and sisters, let us begin here at our homeland, which we're a main part of. We're also part of the dear, generous Lebanese people who have offered really great sacrifices.

Kindly note that I haven't made this introduction only to mention history, but also to give background to what I'm going to say.
We and our beloved people and dear children offered sacrifices. We endured much pain and worked very hard. We have been patient, and we're not telling others they're obliged to us. We did that for the sake of the hereafter; for the sake of maintaining dignity and esteem in our worldly life; and for the sake of our homeland, Ummah, and sanctities.

This means that we're among the people who care most about Lebanon's security, stability, civil peace, unity, state, and sovereignty. A popular saying says, "What you pay much money for, work very hard for, or sacrifice your life for is completely different from what you very easily earn."
So, we're talking about a great difference.

Certain Lebanese figures are very good at running away from problems to enjoy the worldly pleasures somewhere else in the world; but, we act very differently.
Like I said in different celebrations, including "The Martyr's Day," the resistance- Hizbullah in particular- is of a single "nationality," and not of two different "nationalities." Our only "nationality" is "Lebanese." Not only have we been Lebanese for more than 10 years, but also for hundreds of years; some have even been Lebanese for thousands of years.

We have no homes, projects, or money to invest in outside of Lebanon. Well, there are Lebanese community figures that have been forced to leave the country because of the difficult prevailing conditions, and they're working hard and earning good sums of money. But, we, Hizbullah, have nothing. We belong here, and like I've constantly been saying- we were born here, lived here, and grew up here; here we shall stay, and here we shall die; here we'll be martyred and buried. This is our land and our country, and no one is ever going to change that. So, let those speaking about moving us out of our country realize that they never will.

The "Israeli" military- the "strongest" military in the Middle East - was smashed by our fighters in Bint Jbeil, Aita Shaab, and Maroun ar-Ras. So, who on earth are those silly groups that are speaking about moving us out of our country?!
We've made many sacrifices for the survival of this country, and here we shall survive; for the pride of this country, here we shall be proud; and for the freedom of this country, here we shall be free. We'll constantly be ready to sacrifice very much for these reasons.

Hereupon, let me address the Lebanese developments quickly before I address the Syrian developments. Since there isn't enough time to address all the Lebanese developments, I'll skip some points and only address the critical ones so no one can say that I forgot to speak about a certain point or ignored it.
In regard to the political situation, I will briefly say that everybody is waiting to see how the motion filed to the "Council for Constitution" will end up, whether the same parliamentarians will maintain their positions or whether elections will be held. We are as well waiting to see how and when the next government will be formed. We, the Lebanese, are waiting patiently- like we've always done, [Sayyed Nasrallah jokes:] and Allah the Almighty loves patient people.

However, we must slam the US Embassy's intervention with any Lebanese issue concerning sovereignty, constitution, or election. We must also slam any threats made- even when the slightest hints to that are made to the Lebanese- to reach certain outcomes. At the end of the day, this is only a very little part of the blatant intervention of the US with Lebanon, the regional countries, and the entire world.

With respect to security, we call on all to maintain as much discipline as possible; after all, all of us feel the tension- no one is safe away at a villa or a faraway island. Eventually, the regional and Syrian developments affect Lebanon, which has already suffered its own troubles since 2005. Recently, the media have said much, and so many political pressures and accusations have been made...
This leads to unrest. Sometimes, some people just go outrageous and might do inappropriate or illegal acts. And, this will only lead to more danger in critical conditions like these.

So, we call on people to maintain as much discipline as they can and to avoid any kind of tension or conflict. We call on all Lebanese, as well as the Syrians, Palestinians, and any others present in Lebanon to maintain self-discipline. More particularly, I'd like to address the Resistance supporters, whom we usually share responsibility with in whatever they say or do.

Self-discipline must be maintained- whether in the state of sadness, anger, or joy. At the end of the day, in such critical conditions, any emotional act might result in completely undesired outcomes and harm our country's security and stability and us all.

Even when it comes to the conflicts between individuals, I call on people to show more patience. I know the judiciary doesn't always consider all cases filed, and sometimes it takes a long time to resolve things. Whether conflicts are personal or related to finance or trade, they've long existed in Lebanon. So, this is not new! Somebody gets abducted, another gets assaulted, one more gets shot...

Of course, all of these acts are absolutely evil at all times; yet, at this very stage, they can be more dangerous than ever. This is why I'm calling for more patience. Since conspiracies are driven by politicians and media, any conflict between individuals anywhere will immediately be interpreted as sectarian, partial, or political. What we need is to avoid the development of any conflict to the worse.

Secondly, let's do some "self-criticism." The Resistance enthusiasts, as well as many Lebanese, shoot bullets up in the air at every instance. And, lately, this has only become worse: They shoot fire on any eid, political event, and martyr's funeral procession; likewise, they shoot fire to celebrate the success of ninth and twelfth graders. Can you just imagine how much fire will be shot?! Even when a politician shows up on stage, they begin shooting! When I- very humbly- show up, they do so!

Though we've addressed this issue over and over again, and though the call we made was clear enough, many didn't respond. Therefore, the honorable clerics and I discussed this issue and found that the only choice we had was to write inquiries to some major marjaas in Iran and Iraq; this way, we'll provide them with the fatwas, each according to his or her marjaa.

So, all marjaas say shooting fire this way is haram. We chose to address the majaas, in fact, since some people didn't wish to reason things, and breaking the law didn't sound undesirable or unethical to them! Some people even believe that it is really ethical to open fire this way!

Let me tell you more. We asked the following question: When fire is shot up in the air, what happens to others wherever they may be? They might simply get horrified, thinking that some kind of combat has begun in the neighborhood!
So, that's what opening fire means: horrifying people... Sometimes others are wounded or killed and properties are burned. So, could opening fire be legitimate?!

Unfortunately, some people claiming awareness start to tell you that it's their right to use their arms and bullets, and that it's nobody else's business!
But, it is somebody else's business when it comes to risking the lives of other citizens! That's why all marjaas say this very act is haram. Actually, I requested their signature, too, so that no one would show up to question the matter again. The sheikhs attending this ceremony do realize what I am saying, too.

This is haram! Any faithful person must be aware not to commit this haram. Yet, the matter becomes even worse when it comes to using Hizbullah's arms or ammunition! Hizbullah does not allow anyone to use their arms or ammunition to open fire on any kind of celebration in the first place. The marjaas even say it will be the shooter's responsibility in case anyone gets wounded or killed or in case properties get burned in such incidents, and that this person will have to compensate for the casualty caused. Otherwise, he or she will have to face a more serious judgment on Judgment Day.

Though some brothers [colleagues] expressed their belief that this isn't a very serious matter, I believe I need to address it carefully- it is dangerous. I call on everyone to reason this whole thing and refer to religion, ethics, and law when it comes to it. I ask everyone to think of the people they love and their stability and security. We do need to get rid o9f this! I ask whoever can't control his or her ammunition to donate it to the Resistance because we need it. I swear to God that would be better; the Resistance will use the arms and ammunition to defend people against the enemy in this worldly life, and the donors will be offered compensation in the hereafter.

Moving to the prevailing conditions in Baalbeck and Hermel, we realize the situation is very critical. You know, such regions are sometimes suffering unrest. For example, rockets have been recently launched against some cities and towns in the Beqaa District (particularly Baalbeck and Hermel).

Let's recall the case when the Syrian military bombarded Ersal, and analyze the reactions made and the government's actions. And, let's compare that to the reactions made in the case when armed groups bombarded Ersal.

I'm going to address a critical point: Very unfortunately, some media are propagating rumors in Beqaa, and they're telling the dear Beqaa citizens that the rockets are being launched from Ersal, particularly from Jroud Ersal.
Of course, our fellow citizens in the Beqaa know what the matter is, and so do the rest of the Lebanese; Ersal is a Sunni town surrounded by a majority of Shiite towns, so the rumors being propagated say that this Sunni town is launching Katyusha rockets or 107 mm rockets against Lebanese Shiite towns and cities.
Clearly, they're trying to incite strife among Sunnis and Shiites by exploiting the personal conflicts, smuggling, and other kinds of problems occurring in Beqaa.
If an Ersal citizen is killed or assaulted, someone in Ersal or a politician will claim it is Hizbullah's or the Shiites' fault...

Therefore, whenever there is some kind of personal conflict, an investigation must be carried out, rather than a hurried accusation.

The situation here is critical, and rumors and some media are really exploiting it and sometimes telling lies; once they say someone has been killed or abducted- then, they say that hasn't happened. Once, they even claimed certain individuals of a clan had been abducted 48 hours earlier! But, did anyone really do that?!
Why are they manipulating people in this way?! This is why I need to address the fellow citizens in Beqaa and Ersal: You all must check how credible any kind of news you hear is.

I reiterate to our fellow citizens: The rockets that hit Hermel, Baalbeck, Sareen, and Nabi Sheeth were not launched by anyone in Ersal- armed groups in Syria launched them. This must be solved, and we shall find a solution to it, God-willing.
So, let's watch out for rumors. They're working day and night to stir up daily conflicts, and media and intelligence are trying to incite strife among Sunnis and Shiites- particularly in Baalbeck-Hermel, as our political views differ from those of the citizens of Ersal.

So, they're trying to exploit the fact that we belong to a doctrine different from Ersal's citizens. We are the children of one religion, though. It's simply that we're Shiites and Sunnis with different political stances, and we need to pay serious attention to the current developments.

As well, Hizbullah calls on all the sane citizens in Baalbeck-Hermel, the many scholars, and the wise and senior figures to work extensively against any evil steps made to incite regional strife. And, I know some work has already been done.

Concerning the Lebanese developments, I'd last like to say that Lebanon- as well as the other Middle Eastern countries- is facing an imminent threat. What is going on in Syria, is an example.

The United States holds prime responsibility for this threatening plot. Europe, many Arab states, and a number of Gulf States, are also taking part in this plot. They're spending very much on media: radios, channels, websites, magazines, and newspapers... Some people are even ready to write derogatory articles or make offensive speeches on TVs! Even worse, the Lebanese as well as the people of the Arab World are being intimidated. Though many prominent figures, scholars, and leaders of political movements and parties are making use of any available chance to express their views, many others are not a saying a word!
At the end of the day, they're being intimidated! As soon as they speak out, Takfiris just come up with fatwas to kill them, or even slit their throats. Weirdly enough, it used to be about killing people, and now it's about slitting their throats! Now, there are ones who wish to "enjoy" slitting people's throats!

So, if anyone tries to say something or take a political stance, whether he or she is a scholar, sheikh, sayyed, an MP, journalist, or anyone else, then he or she will be considered by the Takfiris as someone who "deserves" to be slain or get his or her throat slit! So, they might be assassinated or suffer physical assault!
Lately, certain Lebanese regions have been suffering merely because of their people's political views or stances. I will avoid addressing certain details as the issue is critical, but there's one specific detail I'd like to address; Fellow Sunni scholars, journalists, and families have been assailed just because of their political stance. Why? It's because intimidation is being carried out!

A few days ago, they tried to assassinate the dear brother, His Eminence Sheikh Maher Hammoud. So, do you think the matter is so simple?! Allah the Exalted in Might and Perfection has saved him, anyway.

His Eminence Sheikh Maher Hammoud is well-known. He has made stances on different issues. Sometimes, he even criticizes us and other times, he writes to me, secretly from time to time, to offer him advice. He also criticizes others. So, he has his own opinions and stances.

Why on earth would he be shot while heading to the mosque to pray at dawn?! Is it because he has taken a stance?! Fire has been opened against His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Baridi's car and house in Qab Elias, as well! There are still other scholars being attacked, but who are not mentioning a thing about it; and people who have remained silent, though they have been threatened. Likewise, centers for Muslim Sunni institutions have been attacked, but their staff hasn't mentioned a thing about it, either! But, this must be revealed to everybody!

The weird thing, however, is that they accuse you of disrespecting others' opinions. Well, so as not to refer to the incidents occurring before 2005, let's just recall the incidents since 2005. Okay, so since then and especially lately, we've been getting bombarded with derogatory references every single day, from morning till night! I wish they were even making rational political criticism! But, in fact, they've been cursing and swearing at our scholars, women, parties, conviction, and honor! Certainly, you can see what is being displayed by the media and declared in speeches. Have we even reacted? Can't we?!

[Sayyed Nasrallah makes a joke] Let no one say, "Sayyed Hassan is saying this to make us feel we owe him something!" Actually, our religion and sagacity prevent us from doing so. Well, we do tolerate our rivals' opinions; yet, even some Shiites come to claim that we're not tolerating others' opinions!

Who else in the past few weeks hasn't been interviewed by television channels or written derogatory columns against us, accusing us of treason?! How could they do that when they're part of our very community?! Has anyone of us ever made the slightest offense against them?! No, never!
Regarding the shooting in front of the Iranian Embassy [in Beirut], I say: We very much condemn the incident. After all, it was spontaneous, and a dear, innocent person was shot. Investigations are being made into the incident, and right must be attained.

However, after that incident, everybody accused us of not tolerating others' opinions! But, I say that we've been getting insulted and cursed by television channels for eight years, and we haven't done a thing about it!

I ask all brothers, sisters, supporters, lovers, and fellow citizens to remain self-disciplined, patient, and tolerant in times of sadness, anger, and excitation.
It is our accusers who can't put up with our opinions. Why don't they just let people express their opinions frankly?! So, what's the problem with being on the side of the Syrian regime or against it?! I have to say that intimidating people will be useless. So, if you think that fatwas to kill and dishonor people and the harsh political and media campaigns will force others to change their stances, then you're absolutely wrong!

Actually, the opposite is happening. As we express our stances and views on issues concerning Lebanon or Syria, while others face us with curses, swearing, and fatwas to slay and slaughter, this makes us hold on even more to our views, stances, beliefs, and actions on earth; it confirms that we've made the right choice.

So, that will not be really helpful to our opponents; it's only going to bring them harm. They shouldn't think that they will make us renounce our stances. No, it's not we who would do that at all!

For all those years of resistance, we've fought the "Israeli" enemy when almost all the world supported it. In "the 2006 July War," Russia, China, and most of the Arabs were on "Israel's" side. But, that didn't scare us, weaken us, or make us surrender. We held on tight to what we were doing even though we were exposed to a barrage of missiles! At that time as well, fatwas against us were made, and we were accused of being "disbelievers" or "people who don't deserve anybody's prayers," and so on! It was only Syria, Iran, and a few other countries that supported us, then.

Today, it's much better. At least half of the world supports us now. [Sayyed Nasrallah makes another joke]: Or, we support half of the world, don't you think so? It was only Syria, Iran and a few other countries that supported us.

In regard to Syria's case, I have to say that we only decided to take part in combat late. We made our political stance, however, in the first or second week after Syria's crisis began. And, before we did so, we had been observing the incidents that were going on. Then, we discussed the information at hand, making use of our clear vision to reach a political stance and declare it more than once.
As far as I can remember, it was over two years ago when we first declared our stance on Syria in the Nabi Shayth celebration that marked the martyrdom of Sayyed Abbass, Sheikh Ragheb, and Haj Imad. We explained why we had made that stance, then. We also made stances on the developments in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen. Certainly, our stances were based on the same criteria.

Well, so we made a late decision to engage in combat, and I'm going to address this very frankly: We made a decision to intervene against the scheme devised for Syria; our decision wasn't something we came up with that very moment.
What does that mean? It means we'd been observing since the very beginning, and we knew what decision we would eventually reach. And, as time went by, we could tell more clearly what the nature of the scheme for Syria was and what its consequences would be, whether it succeeds or not. We knew that if the scheme continued, then it would definitely harm Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and the other peoples of the region, including Muslims, Christians, Sunnis, Shia, Druze, Alawite, Ismailis, Zaydis, etc... Thus, everybody would be harmed, but first, it would be the Sunnis, and that's what we'd been expecting to happen. You can see that our decision was rational, and not reactive.

Well, I'll have to admit that loyalty to Syria strongly pushed for our decision, too. After all, our decision was based on understanding the scheme devised, its aims, dangers, and consequences for the states and the peoples of the region.
That's why I say now: Yes, we have engaged in combat to defend Syria and Lebanon's people, territories, and economy.

I'd like to remark that our continuous follow-up made us realize who had actually been engaged in combat; it was no longer a matter of people rebelling against their regime- that had finished long ago. The public was divided; a big part supported the regime, and another big part was against it.

Therefore, no one should criticize us for being on the regime's side. A big part of the Syrian people supports the regime, and we stand by them. Well, we also support the right of the other part to demand reforms, and we're on the side of the regime making reforms- however, reforms must never mean ruining Syria.
Okay, let's move to the armed Syrian opposition that is fighting against the regime. Only Allah the Almighty knows how many tens of thousands of armed combatants are there! There might be over a 100,000 of them! Those have come to Syria or have been brought there from all over the world.

And now, some are trying to convince us that certain Arab and Muslim states with no elections, democracy, proper ruling bodies, or constitution in the first place are funding their men and really facilitating their way into Syria for the sake of democratic elections and reform!!

But, the truth is that the world is fighting against the Syrian regime and the people supporting it. The world is providing money, arms, and media to fight in Syria. At the end of the day, arming the opposition is just a lie; those armed combatants have been getting armed for a long time.

Well, once we considered this, we realized that after two years or more, certain groups insisted on making this battle go on even when they knew the intention was to ruin Syria and slaughter its people. It was important for them to overthrow the regime and change Syria's political and regional status. Not one political regime was meant to replace the current one; chaos was intended, and slaughter groups were meant to rule... Well, this fact means there's a universal war.
I tell all those who went outrageous when Hizbullah intervened in Syria that we were the last to do so.

"The Future Party," other Lebanese parties and forces that I won't name now, in addition to many states, organizations, and groups, got there before we did. So, we were the last ones to get there, but we were faced with condemnation and sanctions, including naming us as part of the "terror blacklist!" I shall address that in a while. Well, I have a question: Had we intervened but taken sides with the Syrian opposition, wouldn't we have been praised and admired?! Wouldn't we have become Allah's real party [like the word "Hizbullah" literally means] and celebrated in many of the Arab capitals?! Wouldn't the Arab satellite channels have left us in peace?!

Wouldn't that have been the case?! Well, that is for sure. It's not a matter of intervention, sovereignty violation, or the "Baabda Declaration"; instead, the truth is that the world wants to defeat the frontline that is standing against the US-"Israeli"-Takfiri scheme. It's not shocking at all to get bombarded with condemnations and sanctions once we've engaged in the battle against that scheme.

Also, on the same issue, I say that we realized that it our engagement in combat would be helpful in time of that universal attack; even when our participation was limited, it would make a difference. Yes, the Syrian military was fighting everywhere on the Syrian territories.
So, do they really mean it when they say that Hizbullah has been fighting in Daraa, al-Qnaytra, al-Hasakah, ar-Raqqah, Dayr az-Zawr, Edleb, Tartous, and Lathakiah?!

No, it's not what they say. We have good capabilities, and we said we would make well-planned participation. We intended to offer the slight help that we could and share part of the responsibility of confronting the dangerous universal scheme. In fact, the aims of that scheme were not limited to Syria, but they included the Lebanese people, and the peoples and the governments of the region. Not only was Syria meant to fall; the entire region- like I said before and I repeat now- was meant to fall. The US-"Israeli"-Takfiri scheme intended to make Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and the entire region fall.

So, why did we make our choice? We were convinced that our contribution would be helpful. It wasn't at all that we "were embarrassed not to take part in combat." And, it wasn't only a matter of loyalty to Syria. We knew our contribution would be helpful, and so far, it's actually been so. Anyway, I don't want to discuss this now. All in all, having analyzed the earlier incidents, the ongoing developments, the news, politics, and the local, regional, and international situations, we knew our contribution would be helpful.

What's better is that we didn't hide. Some groups even blamed us for declaring we were engaging in combat in Syria. But, actually, we'd never send our fighters to fight in Syria and claim that we're "offering milk and blankets!" We would never bury them in Syria and keep their parents' mouths shut! We would never do that!
Before we decide to engage in any combat, we consider it with utmost responsibility because we are going to be judged on Judgment Day. We didn't want to have that battle, anyway; our main battle was against "Israel," but whether we liked it or not, we had to take part in the other one.

When we fight, we don't hide. When our fighters are martyred, we don't get ashamed of declaring that. We hold their funerals in the daylight (certainly without shooting any bullets in the air). That's why we've declared news on our martyred fighters, as well as the wounded ones, some of which are attending this celebration and some others who are at hospitals, or at home. They did not have to hide, for they are not thieves or bandits. They are fighters struggling for a cause.

That's the stance we've made, and we hold on to it. So, we've been getting bombarded with sanctions and condemnations! In the past couple of weeks, especially after the 25th of May, so many television channels and websites went about making all kinds of derogatory references to us! Some wanted to get us placed on the "terror blacklist!" Strangely enough, I hadn't known that the "Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)" or the Arab League (AL) has made a terror blacklist, and that Europeans have even been discussing this for a long time. Anyway, we're proud we've been on the US "terror blacklist" for a long time.

All that we've heard in the past few weeks is actually something we've been expecting to happen. It did not surprise us at all. They threatened to get back at the Lebanese living in the Gulf States, so I say: No Hizbullah members live in the Gulf States. Do you even believe that a Hizbullah member would ever be given residency there?! There's no such thing. Whether in the Gulf States or elsewhere, we have no projects. I guess they're just trying to threaten the Lebanese families. Okay; let them do that.

On the 25th of May, I clearly said that we were decisive enough to endure all consequences of our engagement in Syria's combat. Let me make it a bit more clear, though- we are confronting a scheme that is threatening everybody in Lebanon. Go ask the Syrians: the Sunnis who are not supporting the Takfiris; Christians; Druze; Alawites; Ismailis; Abadhis; and Zaydis. Ask them all whether they have any future in Syria with all those Takfiri fatwas and with the ongoing slaughter. Ask the Syrians who are not supporting the Takfiris. Check what happened to His Eminence Sheikh al-Bouti and the prayers constantly going on at "al-Eman Mosque." Ask about the Syrian scholars killed because of their political stances, or even their silence! Imagine how they got killed just because they did not support the armed groups!

That's why we have to make sacrifices in order to confront this scheme and defeat it. We will need to make different sacrifices: Some will be martyred and others will be wounded; missiles might hit Beqaa or Beirut Southern Suburb; innocent people might be killed; or people in some Gulf or Arab state may be oppressed just because of our stance.

I tell you that foiling this extremely dangerous scheme is much more important than any sacrifices that may be made; saving out nations, sanctities, and peoples deserves enduring all sacrifices and consequences.

If any group thinks that naming us on terror blacklists, threatening us to harm the Lebanese residing in other countries of the region, or assailing us in any possible manner will make us change our stance, then they're wrong; similarly, when they curse us and swear at us, I said that that only makes us hold on to our right stance and views. Our status deserves sacrifice.

Yet, the worst thing happening in the past few weeks, which has been happening for years, anyway- is the resort to sectarian rhetoric. Actually, this indicates weakness. Everybody can notice how dialogue groups appearing on satellite television channels suddenly begin to curse each other! Whoever begins that has no logic or proof of what's being said; in contrast, those who do have logic and proof do not need to curse and swear- after all, that's just a helpless person's way of defense.

I still have more to say: All of us understand well why there was that much outrage, especially from some of the Arab and Gulf media. After all, they're sponsoring the scheme, and they've paid milliards of dollars, ruined their political relations, and ventured for the sake of that scheme.

In fact, they're venturing. Once those armed groups return to those states, no one can tell what's going to happen. These states now feel that the scheme is beginning to get foiled or is about to get foiled, or that the power balance is changing. I am not saying that decisive victory has been achieved in Syria, though. But, anyway, we have "to understand" their outrage. Let them curse and swear as long as they want; eventually, they'll get nowhere.

Let me get back to the point regarding sectarian conflict. Well, that's the worst and most dangerous of all! Syria's conflict has two frontlines with different schemes, so why are they trying to make it sound like it's a conflict between two sects, the Shiites and the Sunnis?! Is Sheikh al-Bouti a Shiite? Are the Syrian scholars who are supporting the regime Shiites?

Are the tens of thousands of the Syrian military's soldiers in the battlefield Shiites, or even Alawite? Why are they making Syria's conflict sound sectarian?! It is not sectarian, but they're making it sound like one because they're weak and helpless, and because they are failing.

I call on all the sane Muslim Shiites and Sunnis, and Christians to do their best to prevent this conflict from changing into a sectarian one; the easiest thing for them would be changing the conflict into a sectarian one.

Personally, I don't mind it when Shiites with different views than ours oppose us and criticize us. There's no problem in that, but do they actually need to swear at us?! Let them make different stances- it helps. After all, the conflict is not a Shia-Sunni conflict; both sects exist in Lebanon and in Syria- it's like the days when we used to speak about "March 8" and "March 14."

Okay, brothers and sisters, recently they've been depending on wrong information- if I do not have to say fake. You can tell, anyhow, whether it's "wrong" or "fake" in times like now.

A group of ardent youth climbed up a mosque in al-Qseir City and hung a black banner with the expression, "O Hussein" [in reference to Karbala's Imam Hussein Bin Ali (Peace be upon him)]. I do not intend to discuss whether it was right or wrong now, but let me tell you what happened.

The incident was videotaped and shown on the internet. Then, "al-Arabiya" and "al-Jazeera" that consider themselves as important and respectful political channels displayed it, too. So did many Arab satellite channels and websites.
So, how did they present the news? They said that a Hizbullah group climbed up the dome of Caliph Omar Bin al-Khattab Mosque and hung a banner that reads, "O Hussein." For the entire past week- I don't know whether they displayed something else today- scholars, muftis, officials, and so many others commented on "turning al-Qseir into a Shiite city!" They started to act as if that was true! Our fellow Sunnis, is that sane?!

Assuming that the incident happened, does this reaction sound rational or responsible?! Shiite and Sunni Muslims live all over the world- not only in the Muslim world. Is it right to incite conflict among them by doing this?! If that thing did happen, then we say that it was wrong and we condemn it. Let them condemn us in that case, but why are they making it sound like a Shia-Sunni conflict?!
Actually, news on that incident isn't wrong; it has been faked. Our fellow Hizbullah members at the "Media Relations" department will provide the media with a CD.

I hope that the media will realize now that there are a number of mosques in al-Qseir. Excuse me for having to make this detail clear: For a whole week, the most important Arab satellite channels have been exploiting the news to incite conflict, but those idiots don't realize that there are original Syrian Shiites in al-Qseir who have been there for tens or hundreds of years- God knows. In their neighborhood, there is a mosque that was built ten years ago and named, "Imam al-Hassan al-Mujtaba (Pbuh) Mosque," and the prayers at the mosque are headed by a sheikh.

Whether it was right or wrong, those youth hung the banner on the dome of "Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (Pbuh) Mosque"; whereas, "Caliph Omar Bin al-Khattab Mosque" lies several kilometers away, and no one came near it or hung a banner on its dome! The CD that I'm talking about will show both mosques and the structural difference of their domes.

It's unfortunate that we have to mention details like these! But, we have to do this so that we prevent any possible sectarian war in the region. These are lies, and it's unfair to make them. Besides, is Imam Hussein (Pbuh) a role model for Shiites alone?! He's a role model for all Muslims.

It's the worst thing to mold incidents into sectarianism as the most important of the Arab channels are doing now! They present themselves as showing all opinions, being objective, and informative... But, what information do they actually present?! They're only making lies and casting false news!
Furthermore, no one must think that trying to make the battle sound like a sectarian one, telling lies, threatening us, or issuing Takfiri fatwas to kill us will make us change our stance.

To us, nothing after our intervention in al-Qseir has changed; the scheme and its aims haven't changed from what they've always been like. On the contrary, the other side is trying to drive the confrontation further. Anyway, we shall be where we should be, and we shall keep doing what we've begun to do- and I guess this is clear.

Speaking of these issues, I have to admit that Islamist forces and parties are currently in contact with us to offer us ideas and suggest initiatives. Well, we're ready to discuss our stance on Syria. In the past couple of days, certain ideas and initiatives have been made as well, but I can't comment on them now because I'll have to discuss that with Hizbullah's leadership first.

Generally, our stance and views are clear. As for the details, they depend on the developments in the battlefield. This is a difficult and critical stage for all of us; we must bear the responsibilities and endure its consequences. We ask Allah the Almighty to make the result of our work rewarding and give us healthiness in our religion, worldly life, and hereafter.

In the end, I again salute with awe all of our dear wounded brothers and sisters.
On behalf of you and myself, I congratulate His Eminence Imam Khaminei (Long live His Honor), and the dear Iranian people for their outstanding and democratic electoral achievement. Never before has this been the case in a Third World country, especially as great masses of voters arriving for ballot since the morning have surprised all observers, and that has actually been reported by foreign media agencies.

Like His Eminence the Supreme Leader (Long live His Honor) has said, every vote being cast today confirms further trust in the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Unfortunately, some are trying to show Iran as the enemy of Arabs and Muslims, forgetting all about "Israel," al-Quds (Jerusalem), the US scheme, etc....
Here is Iran, offering all- particularly the Muslim world- the model for public participation in elections.

I call on all those who do not realize what the authority of al-Wali al-Faqih by constitution is to see what is happening. Actually, the authority granted to some Arab kings, princes, and presidents by constitution is much more than the authority of al-Wali al-Faqih; His Eminence is voting just like any Iranian farmer or Muslim, Christian, Armenian, Sunni, Farsi, Arab, Kurd, Turkmen, or Baloch Iranian. He casts his vote, and the president is elected depending on the higher votes. The president would then enjoy great administrative authority in Iran.
We hope that similar democratic events would happen in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

I congratulate the wounded for their day.

May Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon all of you.

Source: Al-Ahed News