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H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah on Tenth Day of Muharram: Part of Christians should no longer agree to let someone push them towa

H. E. Sayyed Nasrallah on Tenth Day of Muharram: Part of Christians should no longer agree to let someone push them towa
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Local Editor, 27-12-2009

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's Speech at the end of the Tenth of Muharram Ceremony in the Southern Suburbs:

Peace and prayers be to seal of the prophets, Prophet Mohammad, his infallible household, his chosen companions, and all the prophets and messengers. Peace be upon you, O Imam Hussein, the son of the Messenger of God, my salute and greetings of peace go to you, so long as I exist and as long as there is night and day, Peace be upon Hussein and upon Ali the son of Hussein, the children of Hussein and Hussein's companions.

First of all on your behalf, I stand with consolation and severe condolences ahead of the Great Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), for the anniversary of what happened to his beloved grandson, the son of the Messenger of God, Imam Hussein (pbuh), and ahead of the Prince of Believers Imam Ali (pbuh), and ahead of leader of the women of the worlds Fatima Al Zahra (pbuh), and Imam Al Hassan Al Mujtaba (pbuh) and ahead of our Purified Imams and to his eminence our master Imam Mahdi (May God hasten his appearance) the true chosen prospective leader of the entire world for the day of his father and grandfather, the master of all martyrs son of the Messenger of God Imam Al Hussein (pbuh), on your behalf as well I console all our great scholars, ahead of them is his eminence Ayatollah Imam Khamenei (God's pleasure be upon him), and to the Muslims of the world, especially the followers of Ahlul-Beit (Prophet Mohammad's infallible household).

Dear brothers and sisters,

May God highly reward you, and bless you. I also thank you men and women and pray that God the Glorious accepts your presence at the mosques and different Ashoura centers from the beginning of Muharram, until today since the early morning.

Today, you my sisters and brothers are expressing your condolences and grief. By this, you are reciprocating the highest obedience, the Prophet of God holds the reward of the message, as our Quran says: " No reward do I ask of you for this except the love of those near of kin" - Ash-Shoura- Verse 23

We are gathered here today since the early morning, pouring tears, beating our chests, and expressing our love, passion, and lavish love to Prophet Mohammad's family (pbuh), and our appreciation to Prophet Mohammad and his family for giving us the letter of redemption, faith and a decent life.

Dear brothers and sisters,

You are also expressing your loyalty, commitment, and belonging to Imam Al Hussein (pbuh). Today, at noon of the tenth of Muharram, we turn our speech to the Master of All Martyrs, and we tell him. How we wish we were with you so that we save you. Pardon us for not being with you. Pardon us for not being there to answer your calls, but our master we hold your aims in reviving the truth, maintaining the Islam, preserving the dignities, defending the divine beliefs, and assisting the tyrannized, and we give in our blood for the sake of your path.

O Imam no place, nor time can hinder your calls. Your call today in the year of 1431 is echoing in our ears. Your cries are fill our minds and hearts. Here, we are seeing you standing ahead of your tent, and your voice is filling the world and history, "Is there anyone to save me?"

We are here to give you our word on the tenth of Muharram as we do every year. We give our vows, O master of all martyrs, we never forget your lesson that we've memorized and lived through the resistance, for we've seen nothing but dignity, victory, and honor.

Your words on the tenth of Muharram are a lesson to the whole world, and to all those who want to live with dignity, and die with dignity. When you stood in the heart of the siege surrounded by 30, 000 people, while being with 70 men you said a word that will always be a school for all humans and generations: "The illegitimate, son of the illegitimate, has settled between two, between the death and humiliation, and how impossible is humiliation from us! Allah refuses that for us, and his messenger, and the believers, and lofty spirits, and proud souls, that we prefer obedience to the ignoble ones, rather than killing in honorable way".

Today, from the Southern Suburbs, from the land of devotion, patience, perseverance, and resistance, we stand on the tenth of Muharram along with our families from all parts of Lebanon to choose and announce our choices with clarity, determination and certainty, and to say the truth in the day of reviving the truth, and to assist the oppressed, on the day of the victory of the oppressed over the oppressor.

First: We clearly announce that the one threatening our nation, values, and the presence of our Arab and Islamic people and their future, is the U.S hegemonic plan that is being lead by the consecutive U.S governments. We condemn their plan; we condemn their wars over our countries and people. We condemn their crimes especially those in Iraq and Afghanistan. We condemn their participation in the "Israeli" crimes in Palestine and Lebanon. We call the entire Islamic nation for awareness of the reality of this enemy and the reality of this plan, so that we don't be deceived by the sweet words and the hypocritical banners that talk about freedom, democracy, and human rights.

Second: "Israel", the entity usurping Palestine and Al-Quds (Jerusalem), has no limits for its greed or its terrorism, or limits for its brutality. On the day of reviving the truth and victory to the oppressed, we remind the whole world of "Israel's" crimes in Palestine, and especially in Gaza and Lebanon.

We remind the world today of its threats towards Al-Quds and the people and children of Al-Quds, and towards the Islamic and Christian sacred sites of Al-Quds. We remind the world of "Israel's" extreme injustice towards the Palestinian people. Since tens of years, Millions of refugees inside and outside of Palestine live away from their homes.

More than 11 thousand prisoners and captivates lie in its prisons under very tough human circumstances. Destruction of houses, crops, factories, and sources of living occur to continue as well as the displacement of Palestinians, the tragedy of aggression on Gaza, and last not least, the endless threat on the region, with more wars, whether in Gaza or Lebanon or Syria of Iran.

Here, we ask the nation not to think of the enemy as a friend, and not to listen to the frustrating hypocrites, the traitor agents of America and "Israel", who want to exchange this enemy with an enemy who is a friend, brother, and a supporter.

However, the Arab world only watches, and compliments, afraid of telling the truth. A year ago, we addressed Egypt with the truth, and we were cursed, and we will find there curses within our good deeds on doomsday.

Today, in addition to the siege, there are news of a steel wall, and a flow of water in the tunnels, to get rid of the rest of what's left that give Gaza a room for life and hope.

Today, we call upon the regime in Egypt, and the government in Egypt, and the leadership in Egypt, to stop the wall, dumping the tunnels, and to end the siege, or else it should be in a state of conviction from all Arabs and Muslims, and all independent and honest people of this world. At the same time, the oppressive silence on the siege of a whole nation is no londer accepted, no matter what the reasons and excuses are.

Fourth: On the day of reviving the truth and victory of the oppressed, we express our conviction to the massacres that are done by groups of criminals and murderers especially in Iraq, where it wants to destruct all the aspects of life and living for the Iraqi people. Those criminals and murderers are presenting the American invaders with great favors, and they are serving the aims of the American invasion that are focused on keeping Iraq weak and incompetent, shredded to parts and divided, thus needy and under the force of the invaders.

Those are secret agents for America and "Israel". He who wants to resist, let him fight the invaders, not fight and kill and slaughter the men of Iraq, women of Iraq, and the children of Iraq, not whether Shiites or Sunnis or Kurds of Turks, not under any title or excuse of any sort. Unfortunately, these massacres and crimes have become regular news around the Arab-Islamic world, and do not even deserve to be convicted by the nation and its government, people, and living forces.

Fifth: In Lebanon, we have exceeded in a great deal, one of most dangerous stages on Lebanon's fate throughout the past five years, and what was planned for Lebanon was so amazing, so frightening with all the wars and separations and a suspicious role in a new Middle East, the new sectarian, doctrinal, racial Middle East, the one in struggle between its brothers and those surrenders to "Israel".

Today, we have exceeded a great deal of this stage, because of the blessing of the sacrifices, resistance, determination, cooperation and patience. Now, we enter a new stage, which one of its titles is, the rearrangements of the Lebanese-Syrian relations, on the basis of brotherhood and cooperation, a strong and firm basis, and that is a power to Lebanon and a power to Syria.

Today as well, we have a government of national unity, represented by most of the Lebanese political forces, which gives our country a chance to development, a chance to get out of the past stage. We want cooperation, we want hands to engage, and we want all efforts to get together to solve the problems of our country and our people, on the basis of the priorities of the people, which the government of national unity declared.

Today, I speak and tell you, we are the people of patience and sacrifice and firmness. We haven't been and will not be provoked by what some political forces are doing inside Lebanon. We understand their background and circumstances. Previously, they wanted to attack Syria and the opposition, and attack the resistance.

Today, they can not attack Syria; thank God we have entered a new stage of relations. And to attack the opposition generally is quite hard, because the opposition and loyalist ministers are together in a united government. All what remain for them is the resistance and the weapons of the resistance. We understand, and we say that we haven't been provoked, nor have we been dragged to any tension in the political climate in Lebanon.

Third: On the day of the victory of the oppressed, we call for a complete end for the siege on the tortured Gaza Strip.
Brothers and sisters,

What is this nation? The nation of a one billion and four hundred million Muslims, a nation of hundreds of millions of Arabs, those who watch a million and half a million Palestinians living years ago, especially after last year's aggression, under very tough circumstances, outside destructed houses, under very harsh living conditions, and the siege takes over.On the day of Al-Hussein (peace be upon him), the day of honesty and sincerity, I would like to say a couple of words, one to the Christians of Lebanon and one to the Muslims of Lebanon.

To the Christians, I renew the honor of being blessed by the birth of Jesus Christ peace be upon him, the Lord of us all...I call on Christians in Lebanon in general to resort to a calm quiet debate, away from fiery speeches, heated rhetoric and the like, to a calm and quiet debate among themselves and inside their hearts about current and future options, to benefit from all the experiences of the past, to review the experiences of past decades and the results of gambles made by the some back then.

I do not mean the gambles of the Christians, but rather the gambles made by some on "Israel", to review where these gambles took Lebanon, the Christians of Lebanon in particular!
To also review the gambles some made on the U.S. Administration and where those too brought Lebanon ... especially the Christians in Lebanon!

Today, we have a model in Iraq, where 150,000 U.S. troops, military bases, a massive Army that is on the ground in Iraq could not provide protection for the Christians of Iraq. They cannot even meet in churches to revive the birth of Lord Christ (pbuh) for Christmas Eve!
Can America provide the desired protection? We are not talking about a hundred years ago but about what is happening now-these days!"

I urge them to carefully read international changes and correctly calculate their interests. How international and regional settlements are being arranged and at whose expense?
As a Lebanese person, I say to them the interests of Lebanon's Christians are reside in Lebanon itself, nowhere else. It is in their interests to open up, cooperate, and properly integrate with the remainder of the Lebanese people. It is in their interests not to allow anyone to push them into a position of enmity and war with the rest of the Lebanese.

The Christians should not accept that some of them always push them to suicide under the pretext of a fabricated fear and the creation of artificial "boogeyman" permanently on a daily basis.
Today the Lebanese, Christians and Muslims, face an opportunity for convergence, cooperation, consolidation and complementarity, to recognize and acknowledge one another in an opportunity we should not miss.

To the Muslims of Lebanon I say, over past years, many gambled, worked towards and spent efforts on creating a rift among Muslims in Lebanon. Many plotted for this and benefited from many situations and conditions.
Today, we have passed that stage, all our hands stretched out to cooperation and convergence in the context of a new national unity government in the atmosphere of new national, Arab and Islamic climates.

I want to say that we must be very careful as some will work on taking the situation back to former times. They do not want to see Muslims living in harmony with each other, the Christians harmony among themselves nor see harmony among the Lebanese community as a whole.

On the tenth day of Muharram (First month in the Islamic Hijri calendar), on the day of the victory for the oppressed and revival of righteousness, we must remember the Imam of national and Islamic unity, national and Islamic dialogue, Imam of the disadvantaged and resistance Imam Moussa al-Sadr, to renew our call and cry that he should be released from the detention camp and returned to his family, people, country and field of jihad and struggle.

What remains before us here in Lebanon, dear brothers and sisters, is one last matter, this constant and repeated daily threat by the Zionists, the threat to Lebanon, as well as to the Gaza Strip.

We hear Zionist threats to Lebanon and, unfortunately, read about them as warnings and forecasts by some Lebanese political and media elites. The idea gets marketed for one way or another. Of course, "Israel's" real function is making threats and aggressions, but the times have changed. These days are different to the old days of the past.

In the past, "Israel" acted more than talked, and today it talks more than it acts, because it is no longer able to act as it did in the past. 

Today, they threaten us with war, when there may not be a war this year or in the coming years, and all these threats may be empty psychological warfare to subjugate and intimidate Lebanon to weaken our consciousness, determination and readiness to confront.
Nonetheless, we are the owners of a broad and long experience in resisting "Israel" its occupation, threats and wars.

On the tenth day of Muharram, we recapture the Karbala and Husseini literature to tell the Zionists, you are now repeating mistakes of the past. We are a people not afraid or terrorized by death threats, because we are from the school of that Imam who when threatened by death he said to an imposter like yourselves: "Is it with death you threaten us? It is our habitude to be killed and the honor that God has granted us is martyrdom."

As all tyrants of the past, "Israel" places the people of Gaza before two last choices: 'surrender or war'. It puts Lebanon in the face of two choices: 'war or humiliation', which is also a repetition of past mistakes.
Hear me Zionists, when you place us between two options war or humiliation, we tell you we are followers of that Imam who throughout history taught us 'disgrace how far is that from us!'

We only want safety, dignity and honorable living for our homeland, country and people. However, if war is imposed on us we will be steadfast. We will confront and will not abandon the arena and I will tell them again. We will, God willing, fight like the Husseinis of Karbala, and our hands will witness nothing but unmistakable conquest and victory with the help of the Almighty.

Brothers and sisters,
I thank you again, and renew my condolences to you, and with you I renew our pledge to the Messenger of God, to the master of martyrs and to the path of jihad and resistance, that we will continue along our path and way regardless of the sacrifices, because this way we create the dignity and freedom of our country and nation, as well as its safety, well-being and honorable living.

Peace be upon you oh Imam and leader Hussein, peace be upon the lives that perished by your side, all God's blessings and peace be forever upon you, on Ali son of Hussein, Hussein's progeny and companions...

Peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you all.