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H.E. Sayyed Nasrallah:Send all your powers..our geography and resistance will devour you!

H.E. Sayyed Nasrallah:Send all your powers..our geography and resistance will devour you!
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Sayyed Nasrallah delivered a televised speech through a giant screen in "Sayyed Al Shuhada" complex in Dahyeh, on Wednesday 11-11-2009 in commemoration of Martyr Day:



Brothers and sisters, in particular; families of the Martyrs. I welcome you all on this special, glorious and blessed day. It is the day we chose and wanted as Hizbullah Martyr's Day- even though we feel and believe that we belong to all the martyrs who sacrificed their precious lives and pure blood to defend Lebanon and the Ummah, and in defense of the sanctities and dignities.

However, and since we are a part of this Ummah and its Resistance and Jihad, we have our martyrs. When we talk about Hizbullah's martyr, we do not ignore other martyrs of resistance in the region- since Resistance Martyrs are interrelated to all the other resistance movements in Lebanon and the region since the early beginnings of preceding movements. It is as well interrelated to all the coming generations that refuse to submit to the occupation and colonialism and arrogance.

We chose this day, November 11 to be Hizbullah Martyr's Day because it's the day of the first self-sacrifice Martyr Ahmad Qassir, "Prince of self-sacrifice martyrs". Ahmad Qassir who moved on with soul, body, thought, heart, conscience, mind, affection to meet Allah the almighty. 

Qassir chose Jihad to reach out to Allah; indeed it is the shortest and easiest path to the Lord. And there was the hero of the first martyrdom operation in Tyr, the operation that destroyed the enemy's arrogance before destroying one of its well-fortified strongholds.

And if any of us would want to understand the meaning of the Koranic description "disfigure your faces" Holy Koran 17:7, the explanation lies in the face of the "Israeli" war minister at the time, Arial Sharon, standing on the ruins of the "Israeli" military governor's building, demonstrated in photos topped with astonishment, illness, weakness, and a sense of defeat. 

To us, this day was a great day for the Resistance. It was a day of wide hopes of a coming victory, a victory that fell upon us owing to the blessings of all the bloodshed and sacrifices that were put and dedicated, before martyr Ahmad Qassir, and after him. 

This is a day for all our martyrs, for those leaders of the Resistance, master of Resistance Martyrs, our teacher and leader Sayyed Abbass Al Moussawi, our erudite, knowledgeable and modest Sheikh, sheikh of the Islamic Resistance Raghib Harb. It is a day for our Jihadi and heroic leader Haj Imad Moghniyeh, a day of all leader martyrs who filled different posts in this Resistance and held multiple responsibilities in the different regions, sectors, combat units who are an honor to us.

It is a day for all the self-sacrifice martyrs who took the path of martyrdom, left everything behind except Allah the Almighty. It is a day for all the martyrs, the mujahidin who died carrying out their duties, in defense of dignity. 

It is a day for all the martyrs of our movement and fleet since the very beginning of this journey since the year 1982.

Today, and like every year, we gather here in commemoration of the martyrs, express our gratitude and pride of them and their Jihad. We pay tribute to our martyrs, we remember their achievements and victories, respect their devotion and sacrifices, and we renew commitment to continue their path without hesitation and to remain loyal to their commandments. 

We gather here with families of the martyrs among us, and recall the martyrs before our eyes, in our memories, and our hearts as well as before our children and grandchildren, the names of those martyrs. We recall their faces, features and imprint them in our and their memories.
The martyrs and needless of this commemoration, we are the ones in need for this revival, for martyrs "they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord".

Since the very beginning of their departure of this world to meet Allah the Almighty, they enjoy divine benevolence, and a high rank. They are happy and satisfied as they were stable and firmly attached to their cause; they never broke their promises or oaths. They lived martyrdom for the sake of Allah the Almighty; they not only loved martyrdom, but also adored and cherished it, wished to attain it, strived therefore attained and won. 

Unlike us, we are needy to such a concept. When we see their delighted faces, hear of their dear names, and recall their struggle and strive, their sacrifices and giving, we become more responsible. We rise to the level of such sacrifices and become more determined than ever, feelings of devotion and loyalty grow and the oath that we once took ripens in such a way that we no longer look past us. In a moment of weakness, tiresome, pain, or hard work and when looking past us, the names, features, faces, words, guidance and advices of these martyrs will spring before our sight and remind us of that oath we took. And when remembering our oath, we will look forth and become eager to reach the goal and reunite.

We need them and their memory, because we always need insight, and they are the people of insight, honesty, clarity, purity and we resort to them.

When our souls get stained and polluted with events and thoughts, with gluttony and greed, we resort to them and their memory, as they remind us of the reality of this world so that we would be modest and work for the sake of the afterlife. 

We always resort to their teachings as they are the minaret that leads our way. With their strong presence in our lives, we will never go astray or weaken or fall for any intimidation or threats.

Today, we meet here in a part of Beirut's southern suburb, the dahyeh that was profaned by the enemy in 1982 alongside Beirut, the Mount, the South and the Bekaa. But all these regions, except the Shebaa Farms and Kafar Shouba hills, have returned thanks to the martyrs' sacrifices. Today, we thank them from all our heart to everything they did and we tell them that we are living powerfully and in dignity due to their bloodshed and sacrifices.

We recognize our martyrs' sacrifices since 1982, including in 2000 and in 2006, when they stood in the face of the enemy's projects as well as his American Zionist ally, of which the most recent is the unsuccessful project to create a new Middle East.

Today, like every year, we pay tribute to our martyrs, we remember their achievements and victories, and we renew commitment to continue their path without hesitation and to remain loyal to their commandments.

Brothers and sisters, after all these sacrifices and bloodshed of the martyrs we have arrived to the current state. Today, we follow up with the events and developments taking place on the local and internal level of our dear country, on the regional as well as the international level.
Obviously, the events of our country are incorporated to those taking place in the region or elsewhere in the world and so, we have to tackle and face realistic issues of life and existence as well as take inevitable decisions. I start with most specific moving on to the more general.

A few months ago, when Barack Obama was elected as US President and a new American administration saw light, many had high hopes and believed that major changes will happen in favor of the Arab and Islamic world as well as the third world countries, and that there would be a reform policy and more human approach than that of former US President George W. Bush.

However, the truth was quickly revealed and all these illusions and analysis quickly failed, especially during the few last weeks. The result of the Obama administration was completely uncovered, obviously a full US commitment to "Israel"... a full commitment to "Israel's" interest and security and according to "Israeli" conditions. A full commitment that disregards the dignity and feelings of the Arabs and the Muslim people and governments- unlike the image he tried to deliver through his speech in Egypt. 

If you listened to the speech Obama delivered in that square where Isaac Rabin was assassinated- it is very important to re-listen to the speech. Let us listen together to the determined and complete "Obama commitment" to "Israel" and its security.


So the U.S comes for the first time since years, and decades, and perhaps since the creation of the Zionist entity, the U.S forces arrive as true partners in any confrontation that "Israel" might impose on Gaza, Lebanon, or on Iran. This is the Obama administration, this is something we didn't see with the Bush administration, and than we hear that part of the US forces will stay with the Occupying entity permanently to help "Israel" with any confrontation of that kind.

And going on with the Military level as well, since the 2006 July war against Lebanon, the U.S administration never stopped supporting "Israel" with any kinds of weapons and technology or military and logistic support.

As for the Political part of the story, the Obama administration came, and sought to play the Hero, claiming to force the "Israeli" government to suspend the settlements for now, as a condition to get back to negotiations, but I told you since the beginning that this was just a trick to spare some time, and get pity from Arabs. And we did see after a couple of weeks how the U.S administration backed off, which I think was planned all along, on the condition of suspending the settlements, I asked the Palestinian Diplomat to return to the negotiations table, with no pre-conditions and work on suspending the settlements which caused a sort of deep frustration within the Palestinians.

Today one of the medias published a statement of one of the Palestinian diplomats saying that "Palestinians have conducted 18 years of failed diplomacy" after hearing that by coincidence, or it was Gods will, for everything is set by Gods will, 18 years of negotiations resulted in failure and frustration, alongside the persistence in occupation, while 18 years of resistance in Lebanon since 1982 till 2000, liberated Beirut, the Suburbs, the Mount, and the South from the occupying Zionists, with pride and dignity.

Today when we revise all the factions that supported the compromise, and I don't want to go through names, all these Arab factions that consider themselves involved in the compromise and that used to give hopes and dreams to there people through out this upcoming compromise, we no longer hear any of them, their voices disappeared, all we hear now are talks about frustration and failures and blocked roads.

The US which is supplying "Israel" with technology and weapons is urging Lebanon to fully implement the international resolutions, while it defends and protects "Israel" as it violates the resolutions, for its also working to prevent voting on the Goldstone report within the Security Council, a report that unfortunately equalizes the victim and the hangman, but in Lebanon, Palestine and the whole Arab world, we have reached a stage where we accept that the violator and the violated are treated equivalently, because they have always respected and honored the violator and oppressed the victim, even the Law that equalizes both, is rejected by the U.S to protect "Israel". This is a part from a huge scene in our area today.

We tell those who asked us to give the Americans some time that we don't need a lot of time to realize that presenting Obama as a black president from the third world was a trick that ended faster than we or they expected.

Meanwhile the "Israeli" on the other hand maintains its drills, trainings, armaments, espionage cells, and its spying devices on Lebanon through all means, of where we ask the Lebanese Security Council, now that the elections are over and the Government is formed, to open this file once again, starting from the reconnaissance planes, and through the spying devices that are planted in the fields and valleys, for we did find them earlier between Houla and Mais Al Jabal in southern Lebanon.

This enemy continues to exploit any incident in Lebanon and the region whether its real or fabricated, as part of its war on Lebanon, Palestine and the Resistance movements and those who support it in Syria and Iran, all the way to the Psychological war that is being played by "Israel" on Lebanon and on Gaza in Particular, using the threats of launching a new war on Lebanon and Gaza. When the Lebanese government was formed, the first reaction by "Israel" was threatening the Lebanese government because Hizbullah took part in its government, knowing that Hizbullah was part of the previous governments as well.

In addition to the phone calls given to the Lebanese politicians and media, claiming that security information says that a war on Lebanon will be launched very soon, that's a Psychological war game.

From a third hand, Tensions and conflicts are rising in more than one place in both of the Arab and Islamic worlds, and there are attempts to portray them as sectarian and religious ones, and this serves more of the trials of breaking this nation apart, and of course protecting "Israel" in the end, through creating priorities other than the liberation of lands occupied by "Israel".

We are invited to come up with national efforts to resolve our crisis, what I'm saying now represents all of the targeted Lebanese, Arabs, Muslims, and Christians around the Arab and Muslim world.
We can't rely on U.S to resolve our conflicts when it creates and funds them, the Arab leaders should deploy more national and local efforts to resolve their crisis.

In this regard, we call for more regional communication, we look positively at the major role played by Turkey, while some will try to turn the Turkish role into a Sectarian one, because everything in our country is taken as sectarian, and we are with "Sunni" Turkey if it defends Palestine, Gaza and Al Aqsa Mosque, more than "Shiite" Iran, even more, we are with the "Communist" Venezuela if it stood by Palestine and Lebanon.

We take positively the Turkish role, that started building perfect and strategic relations between Syria, Iran and Iraq, and is opened to the rest of the Arab and Muslim world, we also take positively the Syrian- Saudi summit, that was held in Damascus a while ago, many thought that the opposition in Lebanon won't be satisfied, but on the contrary we were happy, I do not know about the others, but we were the first to reap its fruits, we encourage any rapprochement in the region, such as the Iranian-Qatari one, this should make us all happy.

When we see our Arab and Islamic countries gathered together to resolve their crisis and strengthen their bond, and head towards a better communication, for this is the strength that will protect our region and our world from being shattered, humiliated and lost.

Now that we've went this far, let there be an Iranian initiative toward Saudi Arabia, or a Saudi Arabian initiative toward Iran, or any initiative at all in any of the Arab and Muslim world to find a link between these two great countries in the Muslim world, there should be cooperation to put out this fire.

This issue is political by nature but they are seeking to turn it into sectarian, we are in need of the Arab and Muslim world, we are in need of someone honest that can be able to put out the fire in North of Yemen, everyone should work on putting an end to the fights in North of Yemen, which some are turning into a sectarian war and this is very dangerous, and with Gods will we can end the sectarian war in Iraq as well.

Today in north of Yemen, there is a fire, that some claim that it is of a sectarian nature, and its not, Is President Ali Abdallah Saleh from a sect different than the Houthis? And are most of the Soldiers of the Yemeni army from a sect different than the Houthis?We sincerely call for such efforts and I say for the nation of the Messenger of Allah, Mohammad (PBUH), my prophet and your prophet tells you that the process of reconciliation is better than public prayer and fasting. What does it mean to pray and fast while there are strives, fighting, bloodshed, killing of the innocent and the slaughter of women and children.

And on the other hand, we call upon the nation, governments and peoples, in front of the developments of the reconciliation process, to reconsider their options. And on Martyr's Day, the day of the sacrifice of pure Mujahideen, we call for the adoption of the option of resistance at the Islamic , national, and patriotic level ,without any courtesies, we call for supporting and defending it. We also call for supporting resistance movements especially in Lebanon and Palestine.

Here, I must also stop to highly appreciate President Bashar al-Assad's speech at the Economic Conference in Turkey, when he spoke about the resistance as the only and alternative option after the fall and failure of the reconciliation process. He also said that supporting and backing the resistance is a duty. "We are proud when supporting the resistance because what we are doing is our duty".

We in the resistance respond to this speech, first by calling for its generalization throughout the Arab and Islamic worlds, and second, by showing appreciation for Syria's stances which back the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine. In the Resistance, we are always proud of those who stand at our side. We're never ashamed of our friendship with Syria, Iran, Turkey, Venezuela and all those who back and support us.

In this context, we also held responsibilities in Lebanon. I will talk about the new government later, but first I will start with the "Israeli" intimidation and threats. Two days ago, the enemy's army Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, a former commander of the North area at the time when the Islamic and national Resistance in Lebanon defeated the "Israeli" army in 2000, as I recall, or if he was not the commander at that time he was before and he tasted defeat, which means that when (the Zionists) replaced (Dan Halutz ) by Gabi Ashkenazi , they didn't bring a General from the time of "Israel's" victories. However, they bring one from the time of "Israeli" defeats, thus, the time of the Lebanese resistance victories.

Ashkenazi has delivered a report and there is no need to confirm or deny. He talked about tens of thousands of missiles that has a range of 300 km and 325 km. However, we usually don't deny or confirm. Let them talk, for if what they say is true, it is good, and if it isn't true, it works as psychological war on their army and people without any word from our side.

But he wanted to take things off, "Israelis" in this stage are continuously trying to talk about the war and about issues such as the development of some missiles in Gaza, which also the brothers there didn't deny or confirm. This is true, as if they want to create an atmosphere and they also want to tell us, the Lebanese, Palestinians and the nation that the region may go to war...

This subject is two-sided, holding two possibilities. "The "Israelis" are trying to talk about a war, and when they talk about some rockets in Gaza and Lebanon, they want to create an atmosphere and advocate a possible war. But there is another possibility; that this means never engaging in a war.

When "Israeli" chief of staff talks about tens of thousands of rockets, he knows we will neither confirm nor deny. But he might be telling his people that if they want to engage in a new war it would not be like in 2006. He's telling them that there won't be one place in occupied Palestine that wouldn't be threatened by rockets and missiles. He is saying that not only Haifa, Netanya and Tel Aviv will be displaced in the next battle but all "Israeli" settlements.

"Israel" in the end has no choice, if it showed patience regarding resistance movements. They are gaining strength whereas their bargaining on regional or international pressure is useless. They either have to be patient or if they want to rush war, Ashkenazi is telling them that resistance has what it has.

I do not deny what is said about the exaggeration of the war on Lebanon. This rhetoric could hold opposite aspects at the same time. Yet in all cases, we will face the "Israeli" psychological war and like what I said on 14 August, we do not want a war. This is the strategy of resistance and I talked about this subject in details on Al Quds Day. The fact that if we, Lebanese, want to keep the phantom of war away, we have to make the "Israeli" understand that its psychological war will fail and that a new war won't lead to division in Lebanon or an internal conflict rather it will lead to a comprehensive national Lebanese stance.

"Israel" has to understand that if it launches a war on Lebanon, all the Lebanese will together defend their nation, land, sovereignty, people and dignity. This is an important, essential and critical factor [next to the strength of the resistance] which prevents war. And as long as this is his [Ashkenazi's] rhetoric, I will repeat what I have said several times and conclude that we do not want war, and "Fighting is prescribed on you though you hate it". Human nature does not like war that what God who created us and created our merits say. Yet, if they want to try I will say that with God's will, resistance, unity, cooperation and the bless of the martyr's blood, we will turn this threat into an opportunity.

The "Israelis" are saying that their air force cannot win any future war. The "Israeli" Air Force will not achieve victory as a result of a 33 days experience. On the contrary, it had not been able to do anything other than the demolition of buildings and killing of women and children. Yet still rockets continued to eye Haifa and what's beyond Haifa.

Next time, the battle will start from beyond and beyond Haifa instead of Haifa and beyond Haifa. The geographical nature of the south, and Lebanon in general, was created by God to humiliate and destroy the occupiers. One of the main aspects of 2006 is that no one escaped from the battlefield. No one threw his weapon and fled. Yet, our problem was how to prevent thousands of young people from going to the south. This is a very important factor in the battle of Bint Jbeil.

I have read "Israeli" reviews by which they say that the blockade of Bint Jbeil was not total, for they kept an open path for fighters to flee from Bint Jbeil. Yet, they were shocked that the path which they left open became a path for more fighters to enter Bint Jbeil. 

We all will be there, in the valleys, hills, mountains, cities and villages. We will be there, destroying their tanks and vehicles, killing and capturing their soldiers. It is not a condition to kill or destroy the entire brigade. It is enough to destroy a part and that will lead to the dismantling of the whole brigade.

We have an opportunity; we are able to destroy their troops. We are also able to kill their officers and soldiers. Some say that "Israel" didn't use the option of a land incursion in 2006 war. How is that and they brought forty thousand officers and soldiers in July war , and what about two hundred destroyed tanks in July war. They brought forty thousand troops in July war and failed, and we were not as strong as today. We are more trained and prepared. We evaluated the war as well and addressed our weak points.

Therefore, I say that we are ready. I say to Barak , Ashkenazi, Netanyahu , Obama and the whole world, send as many ("Israeli") brigades as you want, send even your whole army, we will destroy it in our mountains and valleys . This is the remarkable change that I am talking about if such war happens in the region.We come to internal affairs. Thank God, after a long wait a government is born, I do not want to open the file on the government formation stage, otherwise we will be starting problems when we now face a new stage, but I do have only a small comment to make just for quips.

In the recent four or five months, and here I call on the Lebanese to re-check newspapers and review analysis, comments and statements made by some political leaders on the derailment of the government formation, and now that it is formed and it has become reality, it should become clearer that a great deal of the analysis that once filled the TV screens by political leaders, experts and political analysts, were all baseless and unfounded in reality.

In fact, what amuses me around the subject of forming a government is having it linked to the Iranian nuclear file. This is actually funny, especially so when we see some personalities flare up as they tell stories about Hizbullah blocking government formation because Iran wants something from America related to the Iranian nuclear file!

They linked the government formation in Lebanon with the Vienna talks, the International Atomic Energy Agency and Mohammad El-Baradei.
Of course, Lebanon is very important, and so is the government in Lebanon, but let's look now, does the Iranian nuclear dossier still depend on our government formation in Lebanon?!

This is truly ludicrous.
There are two tunes in this country, the Iranian Nuclear file and the Syrian Golan Heights.

Well, the government is now formed and the Iranian nuclear issue has not been resolved, nor has the Syrian Golan Heights been returned!
Moreover, not only has the government been formed, but the portfolios obtained by Hizbullah specifically, we received criticism for accepting portfolios not considered vital by some brothers, yet we did respond that our main concern since the first days for the government to be formed, the opposition as opposition and the government as a government, in isolation from us as "Hizbullah", because we believe this holds the interests of the country.

I was hoping for analysts and politicians to bring their analysis down to earth when tackling any problem or political crisis in the country.

Regarding the government, thank God it is formed.

What we call for today is for this government to be one of national cooperation, cohesion, and real national concordance, and I add my voice to support calls for government without barricades, political mines, or point scoring rhetoric, because our country is tired of having to score points. In fact I would like to tell you that the most important reasons for the delays in forming the government were the rhetoric of outbidding, point scoring and the like that used to occur in some circles.

In any case, let the government be a leader of collective, cooperative, coherent and concordant work.

I like to announce that this government's success, with its Premiere, ministers and current formation is in our interests, the interest of Lebanon and the Lebanese people, moreover, it is in the interest of Hizbullah and the resistance in Lebanon in particular. We must act with this logic as our background, that success; winning and good fortune is in the interest of us all.

We will spare no effort to make successful this government and this experience.

On the subject of the ministerial statement, it is assumed that there will be complications but that it will not be turned into a problem. I will leave the matter to the leaders and representatives in government, to focus especially on national responsibility and important priorities that should be addressed.

The most important of these priorities are the living situation, economic and financial issues, as the people are suffering from very difficult living conditions and we are of the people and feel the weight of the suffering and pain of the people.

This needs to be made a priority and requires effort, of these priorities is combating financial and administrative corruption in the State's apparatuses and institutions.

I will be a frank and say that for sure we do have major files to be dealt with in Lebanon, and it is the right of any political side in Lebanon to discuss any file they choose, whether big or small.
This is a natural and legitimate right.

But here I have a wish and I do not call for not-addressing these files, instead I call for everyone to take a breath, now that the government formation is formed after all the hurdles crossed, let us calm down and wait a bit, have a little patient, rather than go from one crisis and jump into another, because starting on major files now means we would heading straight towards the problem in this newborn government.

Let the country rest and relax a bit, we now have a dialogue table where we can discuss any issue we want, even though the only discussion topic there now is the defense strategy. If someone likes to add anything to its agenda, we have no problem with that, let us calmly discuss any of the files on the dialogue table, but let us give this government a chance to work, by not putting large difficult files on its load or immediately demand huge expectations.

I urge the Prime Minister and the ministers, especially in the ministerial statement and the objectives they declare not to include high targets that are difficult for us to achieve. Let us set realistic goals we are able to achieve in the near future, because such accomplishments will boost confidence in the government, strengthen confidence among its sides, thus we would not be creating any failures with their responsibilities thrown back and forth between parties, nor create political damages whose liability everyone attempts to avoid.

When we set realistic goals towards which we cooperatively work together, they can be presented as our collective achievement and this satisfies God, our consciences and our people, allowing trust to grow among us and as a result we can face greater achievements and bigger objectives.

On this subject, I invite everyone to cooperate and work in solidarity and integration. As for our part as Hizbullah, God willing we are serious, sincere and dedicated to make this experience a success.

There are many other files that can be listed in the ministerial statement but due to shortage of time I will not talk about them and I will leave them as I mentioned earlier to the brothers in charge.

Another file for the government to face, is "Israel's" threats and intimidations, its daily violations and continued occupation of parts of our land in the Shibaa Farms and Kfar Shouba Hills, in addition to the issue of the young Lebanese who are still in captivity, in spite of all prisoner exchange operations, such as Yehia Skaff and Abdallah Khalil Elayyan whose family have again submitted important documents from the International Red Cross organisation, which prove he was still alive for many years after 1982.

This indicates that all information provided by the "Israelis" was misleading and could not be counted on.
In any case, this file is also an unexpected task.

There is a minimum level of national solidarity, rejection and confrontational will that must be provided by the government in isolation from the other major choices we may reach through the dialogue table.

Another important subject, and some may be surprised here that on Martyr's Day, while I talk about America, "Israel" and the major files that I would bring up this subject I am about to address, because it is a large file and affects the social, security and political situation at the same time.

Brothers and sisters,
What environment did these martyrs emerge from?
They emerged from this national Lebanese environment, an environment of ethics, faith, values, morals, traditions and customs. Today, there are those who want to destroy this environment.

I have to talk about this subject through the media because along with many political leaders we have met and together talked in more than one area, because this issue does not concern only Beirut and the Dahiyeh, it concerns Mount Lebanon, the north, the Bekaa and the south as well.

It is about a transnational cross-denominational threat that affects all, pro-government and opposition, political parties whatever the intellectual orientations, it is the subject of drugs, pills in particular.

The new thing about this subject is that in the past anyone wanting to smoke cannabis in their cigarettes used to find it difficult to procure, or to find substances to sniff; such habits were quickly discovered in the home or school environment, but unfortunately, the new invention in the country today is the pills. This has unfortunately entered secondary and high school levels and universities, and this is not an exaggeration.

A person takes one pill and once he takes a second that would be sufficient for him or her to become a drug addict.

There are people who sell these pills in universities and schools, some take them knowing they are taking drugs, while others take them not knowing what they are taking, a young man or woman are approached and given several pills under the title of cough drops.

Once taken the person's body and blood starts demanding this drug, this kind of pill and becomes a drug addict.
Respectable families came forward and complained of this, saying they are starting to lose their sons and daughters because of it.

The drugs subject is more dangerous than theft, illicit sexual relations, and more serious than many other lesions, because whoever becomes a drug addict not only does he break down but with him collapse all the values and sanctities, his mother and father no longer mean anything to him, he's open to becoming a traitor, a collaborator, a thief willing to commit any and all vices.

The Prophet (PBUH&HH) when he talks about the door that leads to all evil he says "lying", because he who lies would commit anything. I want like to borrow the same expression to say that taking drug is the doorway to the occurrence of all these lesions.

In drug trafficking there are people who sell these pills for financial reasons they claim, it is a lucrative business and that they want money.
To such claims I want to say this: the argument that people do not have work and they are hungry is a false and rejected argument, because when we look at drug dealers we find them of the richest, definitely not hungry seeking food to eat, these are criminals and murderers.

There are people who have gone into this field from economic, social and financial background to make more money, and there are people who got into it from a security background.

"Israel" works on promoting and trafficking drugs into our country and environment, within our society and families, at the same time it accuses us that we are the ones promoting drugs in "Israeli" society.
This is an opportunity to respond to this issue, and I would like everyone to hear this.

Over the past week and out of extra precaution I asked one of our dear religious scholars to contact the offices of Fatwa issuance and religious reference authorities to ask them about this subject in terms of religious legitimacy?

All our reference authorities and scholars spoke of the forbiddance of the trafficking and sale of drugs, and some of them at minimum described the seller and pusher of drugs is a corrupter in the earth.

I even inquired on the subject of promoting drugs in enemy society, although I know that it is "haraam" (forbidden by religious order) a principal according to which we have been working, that it is not permissible in battle, but still we asked for added reassurance, and I say to you that according to the Fatwas of all our religious reference authorities and scholars, the sale and trafficking of drugs even in enemy community is forbidden and this is of the large-heartedness of Islam.

At one point people came to ask the Prophet (PBUH) and said: There is an enemy fort, and in this fort there are fighters, men, women and children, but this fort has defied us, and there is a brook of water entering the fort from which the people inside the fort drink, would you, O Messenger of God allow us to poison the brook so that the fort falls and with it its people?
The Messenger of God (PBUH) prevented them and forbade them to doing so.

Sayyed Imam Khamenei (may he live long) when he speaks of legitimacy considerations on the issue of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear disarmament, he does not talk politics but jurisprudence, religious codes of conduct and provisions from the time of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH&HH).

All the accusations made against Hizbullah that it promotes drugs in occupied Palestine are false accusations as well as deliberate and planned to smear Hizbullah's image, and to distort my own image personally.

The usurper enemy entity used my photo in an anti-drugs campaign and wrote alongside it "This man wants to spread poisons in your homes and among your families!" This is not true, just because the "Israelis" are unable to control their officers and soldiers on their northern border, who are accomplices with some drug dealers in Lebanon; they try to give the issue a political dimension.

In all honesty I say, no.

The legitimacy and religious position we stick to is the forbiddance of the sale and trafficking of drugs, even in enemy society and even when the enemy is blaming everything on me.

After they used my photo in their anti-drugs campaign, again today the enemy says "Nasrallah takes over the Sea", as quoted by the Lebanese As-Safir Newspaper.

"Israeli" Maariv Newspaper reports of a fish unlike others, considered poisonous and deadly, a special kind the "Israelis" decided to call "Nasrallah" in reference to the Secretary-General of Hizbullah. Researchers and scientists were quoted as saying "It looks beautiful and innocent in appearance, but one sting from it is sufficient to cripple a man for two weeks, even lead to his death."

They blame us for their every failure, but God willing, God willing, God willing, at the hands of this generation to which I and you belong, the holy places will be returned to its rightful people and the entire Palestine will be returned from sea to river.

To return to the drugs topic, this issue must be faced, drug addicts are victims, the offender is the seller, pusher and trafficker. This is the big criminal who must know he is opening the door to evil and corruption and bringing threat to Lebanon and the Lebanese society. Entire families have been destroyed by this vice.

I do not want to talk about its dangers but the responsibility, we are all concerned: the Government and State primarily, and according to the fatwa consultations I mentioned the reference authorities say that cooperation with the government is obligatory to prevent the sale of drugs and to deal with this issue.

Although I do not need to speak of a Fatwa with you, I say we must all cooperate together with the government, the State, the relevant security agencies and the Lebanese judiciary, whatever the remarks some of us might have here or there to confront this vice.

Of course, the Lebanese security services have to bear full responsibility, I mean, once a drug dealer is discovered, information is given on one, or when social and community cooperation is invested into the arrest of one, that security agencies would not waste such efforts by striking a deal with him or by recruiting him, because though a few, there are some who use this method of work.

I wanted to shed light on this point to say we are all concerned: government, security agencies, judiciary system and religious authorities... 

There is something more serious, these drugs which are infiltrating all universities, high schools, homes, communities and sects are much more dangerous than the files occupying our politicians day and night to no avail... 

This issue is most important to us all, as religious leaders, culture and media personalities, university professors, school administrators, parents, and community leaders, the elites in each family, clan and area.

I would like to address all the Lebanese in the interest of their sons and daughters, their security and future, I appeal to them by the blood of the martyrs which we cherish and celebrate on this day, for all of us to declare a war that is cultural, informational, social and security - judicial against the drug trade, drug dealers, pushers and traffickers without any sectarian, confessional, regional or family tribal considerations, because in doing so we are preserving Lebanon, our families, our environment and our future.

On Martyr's Day, we renew our covenant to all the martyrs who defended Lebanon, in order for it to remain a homeland that is dear, kind, unified, united, free, sovereign and independent...
A Lebanon that remains a cherished part of this proud nation, a country of love, peace and stability, a beacon of knowledge, civilization and prosperity... 

To work together in order to achieve this Lebanon for which our martyrs sacrificed their lives, and left in our trust and safekeeping, a trust you and I deserve.