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Al-Ahed Telegram


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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of March in 1997...

Resistance Performs 20 Operations in March, 1997

The resistance squadrons performed 27 operations, 20 among which were performed by the Islamic Resistance. Besides, a loaded car was bombed on Houla-Markaba Route, 500 meters away from the borders with occupied Palestine.
A Zionist patrol was about 200 meters away from the blast, so only one militant was wounded. No side declared responsibility for this operation, however.
Regarding the results of these operations, the enemy acknowledged the fatality of an "Israeli" and the injury of five others. Except the one killed in the blast, all others were killed or wounded in the Islamic-Resistance operations.
As for the Lahd-Militia sources, they have acknowledged the wounding of only two Lahd militiamen this month, ignoring the death of the Lahd-Militia chief security officer of al-Aychieh Town, Kameel Nimr, who was killed when an explosive was bombed near his house.

In contrast, the enemy's channel has acknowledged that and declared an investigation regarding this incident had been conducted.
In fact, this operation has aroused the fear and concern of the Lahd-Militia officers, whereby they have considered that "Israel" has been plotting against them. Thereon, a delegation of senior Lahd militiamen have met the command of "the "Israeli" Liaison Unit", requesting that the mysterious accidents which have been happening to the Lahd-Militia officers be explained.
On the other hand, one Islamic-Resistance fighter, Fadl Mahmoud Suweidan, has been martyred.

Operation Heidab-al-Borj, March 3, 1997

As some Lahd militiamen were on Heidab-al-Borj Route, the Islamic Resistance blasted their military vehicle. In the meantime, another Islamic-Resistance group used firearms and artillery in an attack against al-Borj Site.
The Lahd Militia has acknowledged the occurrence of both operations, the demolition of the vehicle, and the severe wounding of two Lahd militiamen.

Operation Arnoun, March 19, 1997

An Islamic-Resistance group ambushed a Zionist patrol on Arnoun-az-Zaffata Route, heading to the fields by Arnoun-Yohmor Shkief Main Road, where two tanks and a wench which had sunk into the mud. The fighters' explosive bomb directly hit a half-armored vehicle.
As to this operation, the enemy sources have acknowledged a soldier's fatality and three others' injury; the soldiers were transported to hospitals in occupied Palestine.

Besides, the enemy's channel has reported that "the Northern Command" has formed an investigation committee to investigate the operation the Resistance performed on the way to Arnoun.
Upon the statement of "the Northern Command" Chief Amiram Levin, the channel has reported that the Islamic Resistance launched anti-armor missiles against an "Israeli" convoy, on which were two or three militants heading to Arnoun Site.
The channel has added that the missiles were Russian made and were of a 2,500 m range; thus, they could accurately hit their targets and cause severe damage to vehicles.

Lahd-Militia Chief Security Officer Killed in al-Aychieh, March 22, 1997

Lahd-Militia chief security officer in al-Aychieh Kameel Nimr was killed on March 22, 1997 when an explosive was bombed near his house.
The Lahd Militia's channel hasn't mentioned any news regarding this incident; whereas the enemy's channel has acknowledged the operation, whereby the channel's military correspondent has reported that an explosive was bombed near the Lahd-Militia chief security officer's house in al-Aychieh, killing him at once.
The channel has added that a force of "Israelis" and Lahd militiamen massively combed the town afterwards.

It has been known that the Chief of the Liaison Unit Eely Emetai, as well as "Israeli" intelligence officers, toured the sector of al-Aychieh. Also, an investigation into the incident has been conducted, and several Lahd militiamen serving in al-Aychieh have been subjected to prolonged interrogations, whereby they've been charged with cooperating with the Resistance fighters.

Islamic-Resistance Fighter Martyred in March, 1997

On March 2, 1997, an "Israeli" airstrike against Mount Safi martyred fighter Fadel Mahmoud Suweidan.