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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of November in 1997...

Islamic Resistance Performs Seventy-Seven Operations in November 1997

This November, the Islamic Resistance performed 77 among 101 military operations performed by the Lebanese resistance squadrons against the occupation forces and Lahd agents. The operations resulted in the injury of eight "Israeli" soldiers and officers including the colonel in charge of the Western Sector. The Lahd-Militia sources acknowledged the death of three militiamen and the wounding of eight others.
On the other hand, four Islamic-Resistance fighters were martyred.

Operation at-Taybeh, November 20, 1997

The Islamic-Resistance fighters blasted a Lahd Mercedes car en route to at-Taybeh while the Lahd militiamen were carrying out an exchange at al-Qantara Site. The blast demolished the car, killing or wounding each of the Lahd militiamen on it. The Lahd-Militia sources acknowledged four militiamen were wounded, the condition of one of who was critical.

Operation Sojod, November 27, 1997

Lying in ambush near Sojod Site, an Islamic-Resistance group used their machine guns and grenades to strike a Zionist infantry patrolling nearby (approximately 10 meters away from the fighters). The patrollers suffered serious casualties, hence.
Another Islamic-Resistance group attacked Sojod Site, preventing it from backing the patrol targeted while other groups attacked the Zionist sites of Kassaret el-Oroush and Bir Kallab, preventing them, too, from reinforcing the patrol targeted.

The fighters as well hit one of two Merkava tanks heading to ar-Rihan Site to reinforce the patrol attacked. Also after a Zionist motorcade tried to enter the site half an hour later, the fighters attacked it. Confrontations lasted for two hours, during which the enemy warplanes carried out two airstrikes against the operation zone. An "Israeli" colonel was wounded in an attack Hizbullah carried out, news agencies reported upon the statement of an "Israeli" military source in occupied al-Quds (Jerusalem). The source added the colonel, Head of "the Liaison Unit of the Lahd Militia" Yaeer Colani, had been shot in his chest and thigh while on a checking visit.

As a matter of fact, this operation brought about an argument among the "Israeli" military command. Haaretz said, "Colonel Yaeer arrived at Sojod Site, escorted by other soldiers and officers. Having been done with the visit, the convoy left the site. Thence, fire was opened on the convoy at a close distance. Actually, a cell hid near the site, and while attacking, it was backed by mortars which allowed it afterwards to withdraw from the operation zone without getting harmed, the primary investigations the "Israeli" military carried out revealed."

Haaretz further reported, "The military is inspecting whether Hizbullah men had had previous information on Colonel Yaeer's coming to Sojod Site and whether Hizbullah intended to shoot him. It's known that through the recent two years, Hizbullah has been making great efforts to strike the senior "Israeli' officers in the south of Lebanon." Haaretz added, "Since Hizbullah has increased its operations against the senior "Israeli" officers, the military has decided to make a special protection unit of trained soldiers escort every senior officer. Colonel Yaeer was escorted by his bodyguards."

On another hand, two "Israeli" soldiers had been wounded in Jezzine as their military vehicle collided with a civil vehicle. The "Israeli" force got off the vehicle at once and randomly opened fire for quarter an hour, thinking that the accident was a part of a self-sacrifice operation. Another "Israeli" force got there, and a helicopter landed down to evacuate the wounded soldiers into occupied Palestine, the enemy's channel pointed out.

Four Islamic-Resistance Fighters Martyred in November 1997

Nabil Muhammad Akhdar: martyred on November 7, 1997 in an "Israeli" airstrike against Louaizeh Heights
Ghassan Ghanem: martyred on November 7, 1997
Yusuf Ahmad Baddah: martyred on November 23, 1997 in an attack against the southeast side of Shamaa
Hussein Jameel Hammoud: martyred on November 23, 1997 in an attack against the southeast side of Shamaa