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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of December in 1997...

Islamic Resistance Performs Sixty-Three Operations in December 1997

This December, the Islamic Resistance performed 63 among 74 operations performed by the Lebanese resistance squadrons against the "Israeli" occupation forces and the Lahd agents in West Beqaa and the South. The enemy acknowledged the death of 10 "Israeli" militants and a Lahd militiaman, in addition to the wounding of 5 Lahd militiamen. This time, the number of casualties acknowledged matched the one declared by the Islamic Resistance.
On another hand, five Islamic-Resistance fighters were martyred this month.

Resistance Strikes, Martyr's Body Reclaimed, December 1, 2, 3, 1997

Having monitored Zionist troops marshaled beyond the main mound containing a radar emplacement at Ra's el-Bayyada Site, the Islamic-Resistance fighters attacked the site on December 1, 1997, demolishing the mound and shooting the emplacement at once. The enemy acknowledged 3 "Israeli" soldiers were wounded.
Earlier on December 1, 1997, the Resistance bombarded a Lahd vehicle carrying out an exchange process at no more than a fifty-meter distance from Houla Site. As a result, the vehicle was demolished, and each of the Lahd militiamen on it was wounded or killed. It was known that two of the wounded were the twenty-three-year-old Muhammad Aashour (from Mays el-Jabal) and the twenty-five-year-old Salim el-Haj (from Houla). The enemy's channel acknowledged the wounding of 3 Lahd militiamen.

Also on December 4, 1997, the Islamic-Resistance fighters snuck into the side of the occupied region by West Beqaa and reclaimed the body of fighter Ahmad Muhammad al-Moussawi, who had been martyred while confronting the enemy on May 15, 1997.

Operation Sojod-ar-Rihan, December 23, 1997

The Islamic Resistance blasted a Zionist patrol on Sojod-ar-Rihan Route. And as enemy reinforcements arrived in the operation zone, the fighters struck them, causing them serious casualties. Soon, enemy helicopters landed down in the operation zone to evacuate the casualties.
The enemy acknowledged the injury of four "Israeli" soldiers in the operation, in addition to the serious injury of an "Israeli" officer.
Idiotically, the wounded militants could be heard screaming and sobbing.

Resistance Infiltrates Mossad, Frees Fighter Moussa az-Zein, December 29, 1997

On the 29th of December, Hizbullah declared in a press conference held at "the Central Media Head Office" the Resistance had made a new security achievement. Head of the Unit, engineer Nayef Karim, presented the freed fighter az-Zein, saying, "In an unmatched style ever of intelligence and security, the Islamic Resistance freed one of the captivated Resistance fighters from the prisons of the Zionist Mossad inside occupied Palestine.

The captive had been tried before doing his time in the governmental prison more than once. He also convinced the enemy he could be an important agent whereby he successfully conducted substantial deluding operations for a period of time. The Resistance today declares fighter Moussa az-Zein has been freed from captivation; he has returned to his homeland with the help of the Lebanese official and security systems."
The captivation of fighter az-Zein had actually aroused suspicions and scandalous gossip as to the conduct of the Islamic Resistance.