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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of October in 1995..

Islamic Resistance Performs Series of Heroic Operations, Confrontations, October 30, 1995

The Islamic Resistance has performed a series of heroic operations and confrontations, whereby on Monday, October 30, 1995, exactly at 6:40 a.m., an Islamic-Resistance group clashed with a Lahd-Zionist force in al-Oyoun Valley lying near Beit Lif-Rchaf-Yater Crossing Point. Using firearms and artillery, the fighters caused the counter force three casualties.

Moreover, at 1:00, the Islamic Resistance monitored a Zionist tank moving in the operation zone. At once, the Fire Backup Unit targeted it, directly hitting it and definitely causing two casualties among its crewmen, who were then transported to Beit Lif Town on a military Jeep.
At 11:30, the Islamic Resistance blasted a Zionist troop carrier on Debel-Rchaf Route, damaging it and killing or wounding at least three soldiers.
Still, on the same day, exactly at 2:00 p.m., the Islamic Resistance blasted a Zionist motorcade patrol headed by a number of infantrymen en route to Kassaret el-Oroush in Mount ar-Rihan.

Having demolished a Merkava tank, the fighters clashed with the rest of the patrollers. The enemy actually suffered five casualties.
Exactly at 2:15, an Islamic-Resistance group of fighters violently clashed with a counter force in al-Oyoun Valley, causing casualties to some of its soldiers.
An Islamic-Resistance source has offered the following details concerning the development of the heroic confrontations:

"Three Islamic-Resistance fighters led ferocious battles since dawn until the afternoon. The fighters had nine-hour-long battles with the Zionist-Lahd ground and air forces. The confrontation field turned into a war operation zone of two disciplinary armies...
While an Islamic-Resistance group of three fighters was on its way to execute a jihad mission against a common Lahd-Zionist force in al-Oyoun Region near Beit Lif-Rchaf-Yater Crossing Point, the fighters monitored a counter force and directly confronted it, causing it severe casualties and destroying one of its vehicles.

In spite of the wide deployment and alarm of the occupation forces and their agents, the enemy failed at preventing the fighters from executing their jihad mission. The fighters actually implanted an explosive bomb on Debel-Rchaf Route and lay in ambush.
At 11:30, the counter force reached the ambush spot, so the fighters blasted a troop-carrier, damaging it and killing or wounding each of the soldiers on it.
Again the fighters combated the Zionist-Lahd forces and their agents, confronting them with all kinds of firearms and artillery. The fighters were firm as they fought with a fully armed military in the battle field.

They were of a resolute determination and a longing for the martyrdom that they'd always hoped for and sought, and so was what two of them had wanted; their pure souls arose to the Heavenly Firmaments of the Supreme Being after having heroically acted.
The Islamic Resistance has announced the martyrdom of fighter Ali Ibrahim Hassan (Military name: Belal) and fighter Ahmad Ismail Osseili.
The Lahd Militia' sources have admitted that the Islamic-Resistance fighters led ferocious confrontations. The sources claimed only six Lahd militiamen were wounded and transported to Marjeeyoun-Bint Jbeil Hospital and that three of them were then transported to a hospital in occupied Palestine.

Islamic Resistance Ambushes Lahd Vehicle En Route to Alman, October 21, 1995

On Tuesday, October 21, 1995, at 3:00 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Muhammad Mortada set an ambuscade for a Lahd vehicle, on which was the chief of Alman Site.
Once the car reached the ambuscade spot on the way to Alman, the fighters opened the fire of their firearms and artillery, directly shooting it and injuring or killing each of its passengers.

In the meantime, the group of martyr Muhammad Hussein and martyr Tahseen Sharifa, corresponding to the Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit, razed Alman Site, causing it severe casualties.
At 8:45 in the evening of the same day, the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Ali Ahmad Dagher bombed blasted a Zionist infantry patrol en route to ad-Dabsheh Site. The fighters killed or injured each of the infantrymen.

Islamic-Resistance Sniping Unit Guns Soldier Down at as-Suweidaa Site, October 8, 1995

On Wednesday, October 8, 1995, at 9:25 a.m., the Islamic-Resistance Sniping Unit gunned a garrison soldier down at as-Suweidaa Site.

Fire Backup Unit Strikes Zionist Troops beyond Bir Kallab Site, October 6, 1995

On Monday, October 6, 1995, at 1:30 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit targeted a group of occupation soldiers monitored beneath Bir Kallab Site. The group was directly shot.
Performing the operation series of martyr Fatahi Shiqaki, the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Muhammad Shehab and martyr Ibrahim Shehab blasted a Lahd infantry patrol on Beit Yahoun-Kownine Route on the same day, at 3:11 p.m. Each of the infantrymen was either killed or injured.

Islamic Resistance Targets Enemy Troops Marshaled in Sojod, October 1, 1995

On Sunday, October 1, 1995, at 8:30 a.m., an Islamic-Resistance group targeted Zionist- enemy troops after the Resistance had monitored them in Sojod Region. Using firearms and artillery, the group caused the forces direct casualties.

Resistance Blasts Zionist Infantry on ad-Dabsheh-at-Tohra Route, October 4, 1995

On Wednesday, October 4, 1995, at 5:00 a.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Belal ad-Darnouh blasted a Zionist infantry patrol on ad-Dabsheh-Tohra Route. Each of six soldiers among thirteen ones was killed or injured.

Fighters Blast Lahd Jeep En Route to as-Suweidaa, October 5, 1995

On Thursday, October 5, 1995, at 1:45 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Fouad Madani blasted a Lahd Jeep en route to as-Suweidaa.
The operation, which was performed during a scheduled exchange process the agents usually carried out every now and then, destroyed the Jeep and killed or wounded several Lahd agents.

Furthermore, at 2:45 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Ibrahim Dhaher bombed another explosive bomb while a Lahd half-track was en route to as-Suweidaa. As a result, the half-track was damaged, and each of its crewmen was killed or injured.
Concurring was a fire attack the Islamic-Resistance artillery carried out against as-Suweidaa Site, which had savagely been shelling the residential towns. The fire of the site was ceased then.

Islamic-Resistance Foils Lahd Force's Progress to Serbine, October 7, 1995

On Saturday, October 7, 1995, at 10:30 a.m., the Islamic-Resistance foiled a Lahd force's progress to Serbine Town, where the force was to accomplish an aggressive mission, the starting point of which would be the surroundings of occupied Beit Lif Town. The Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit's barrage struck the lurking force.

Resistance Blasts Lahd Infantry En Route to Markaba, October 8, 1995

On Sunday, October 8, 1995, at 1:03 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Qeis Khodr (Military name: Abu Ali) blasted a Lahd infantry patrol en route to Markaba Town.
As a result, the infantrymen suffered several casualties. The agents' sources have acknowledged the operation, claiming that only one infantryman was wounded and transported to Marjeeyoun hospital.

Resistance Shells Zionist Troops at Alman Site, October 9, 1995

On Monday, October 9, 1995, at 6:10 a.m., the Islamic Resistance monitored Zionist troops marshaled at Alman Site. Instantly, the Fire Backup Unit targeted the troops, destroying the site fortifications. Fire flames were seen blazing in the site's electricity- generation room.
On the same day, at 7:00 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Ali Yasseen blasted a Zionist motorcade patrol en route to at-Taybeh. One of the two vehicles of the patrol was directly shot, and the other was damaged. Three Zionists were killed, too.

The Islamic-Resistance sources have confirmed the death of the three soldiers, whose corpses could be seen in the operation zone.
The enemy sources didn't unveil the casualties. As for the agents' sources, they have acknowledged the operation, without mentioning any other details.

Resistance Foils Zionist Force's Progress to Kfartibnit Town, October 11, 1995

Constantly ready to defend its people's security and safety, the Islamic Resistance foiled a Zionist force's attempt to sneak towards Kfartibnit Town on Wednesday, October 11, 1995, at 5:00 a.m. The Zionist force, supported by helicopters, tried to progress to Kfartibnit Quarter through the crossing point.
The helicopters provided cover for the force, violently shelling the operation zone.

The Islamic-Resistance fighters violently clashed with the counter force. Using different kinds of arms, the fighters caused casualties to the force. Eventually the force had to retreat from the place.
Besides, the Islamic Resistance targeted a group of Zionist-enemy soldiers the Resistance monitored in the surroundings of al-Herdoun Site at 12:20 p.m. The Resistance artillerist caused direct casualties to the soldiers.
At 1:10 p.m., the Islamic Resistance monitored enemy troops marshaled at Toumet Niha Site in West Beqaa; thus, the Fire Backup Unit targeted them and caused them direct casualties.

As they usually do, the agents' sources haven't unveiled all of the casualties; they have only said a vehicle at the site was destroyed.
For the second time in less than 24 hours, the Islamic Resistance had foiled a force's progress towards Kfartibnit Town.

That was on the same day, at 9:20 p.m. Violent clashes between the Islamic-Resistance fighters and the soldiers of the Zionist force lasted for an hour, during which firearms and artillery were used. Eventually, the Zionist soldiers withdrew from the operation zone.
Still, at 9:30 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit razed Zionist troops it had monitored at Ali at-Taher Site, al-Borj Site, and Kfartibnit Crossing Point. The fighters caused the troops great losses.

Resistance Strikes Counter Troops at al-Aychieh Barracks, October 13, 1995

The Islamic resistance has continued performing its operations, whereby on Friday, October 13, 1995, at 9:45 a.m., the Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit targeted Zionist troops marshaled at al-Aychieh Barracks and resulted in serious casualties.
On the same day, at 3:40 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit monitored Zionist soldiers marshaled at Blat Site. Instantly, the Resistance artillerists targeted them, causing them serious casualties.

Islamic Resistance Foils Zionist Force's Mission, October 14, 1995

On Saturday, October 14, 1995, the Islamic Resistance confronted a Zionist force trying to sneak towards the surroundings of Maydoun Town in West Beqaa. The fighters used firearms and artillery and clashed with the Zionist soldiers, causing them direct casualties and forcing the other soldiers to retreat from the operation zone.
On the same day, at 8:30 a.m., the group of martyr Samir Bsahara, corresponding to the Islamic-Resistance Sniping Unit, gunned a Lahd militiaman down at as-Suweidaa Site.

Islamic Resistance Attacks Sites of Sojod, Bir Kallab, October 16, 1995

The fighters have continued performing their operations, whereby on Monday, October 16, 1995, exactly at 12:30 p.m., the Islamic Resistance attacked the sites of Sojod and Bir Kallab. Shooting the sites with firearms and artillery, the Resistance definitely killed or wounded several garrison members.

Islamic Resistance Attacks at-Tohra Site, October 20, 1995

On Friday, October 20, 1995, precisely at 7:30 a.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Abbass Salman attacked at-Tohra Site, using firearms and artillery. The group destroyed some site mounds and fortifications and shot a number of the garrison soldiers.
On the other hand, the Islamic Resistance has announced the martyrdom of brother and fighter Ne'mah Muhammad Hseiki, who was martyred during the heroic confrontations of the Islamic Resistance with the Zionist-occupation forces in West Beqaa.

Resistance Blasts Lahd Infantry on Beit Yahoun-Kownine Route, October 21, 1995

On Saturday, October 21, 1995, precisely at 1:40 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Muhammad Yasseen and martyr Riyadh Demashque blasted a Lahd infantry patrol on Beit Yahoun-Kownine Route. The fighters killed or wounded a number of its members.
The enemy's channel has acknowledged that an "Israeli" soldier was injured during the operation the Islamic Resistance performed against a patrol en route to Tohra Site.
As for the agents' channel, it has admitted that a Lahd-militia officer was injured when the Resistance bombed an explosive bomb in Beit Yahoun Region.

Resistance Attacks Zionist Motorcade on az-Zaffatah-Arnoun Route, October 22, 1995

On Sunday, October 22, 1995, at 4:40 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance artillerists of the group of martyr Hussein Saad and martyr Hassan Hayek struck a Zionist motorcade patrol on az-Zaffatah-Arnoun Route.
As a result, an M-113 halftrack was shot, and several patrollers were killed or wounded.

In the meantime, martyr Abbass Salman's group attacked Ali at-Taher Site and destroyed its mounds, whereas martyr Moussa Habeeb Fahs's group, corresponding to the Fire Backup Unit, targeted Zionist troops marshaled at Shkief-Arnoun Fort, causing them grave casualties.
According to the newscast of the enemy's channel, a colonel died on Friday, October 20, 1995 after being injured during an operation the Islamic Resistance had performed in the South.
Hereupon, "Operation al-Aychieh" and "Operation al-Qatrani" have resulted in the death of ten enemy soldiers now that this colonel is dead, too.

Fighters Blast Lahd Vehicle En Route to Sojod Site, October 26, 1995

Further delivering coups to the occupation forces' agents in the occupied region, the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Ali Shaib (Military name: Jalal) blasted a Lahd vehicle en route to Sojod Site on Thursday, October 26, 1995, at 3:45 p.m. The vehicle was damaged, and its crewmen suffered casualties.
On the same day, precisely at 4:50 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Muhammad Atiyeh (Military name: ad-Dahnoun), blasted a Lahd vehicle on Beit Lif-al-Kawzah Route. The car was demolished, and its passengers suffered casualties.

The sources of the Lahd Militia have acknowledged the operation against a Lahd patrol on the way to Sojod Site.
Likewise, the sources have admitted that an explosive bomb targeted an olive-colored Mercedes car at the curb by Beit Lif School. The car was destroyed, but the security chief Ahmad Hammoud survived.
Then one of his assistants hurriedly drove his B.M.W car to the place, where another explosive was bombed. The car was destroyed, but the driver survived.

Nine Islamic-Resistance Fighters Martyred in October, 1995

In October, the resistance offered 9 martyrs, 4 of whom belong to the Islamic Resistance:

- Martyr Khodr Hussein Obeid
- Martyr Ne'mah Muhammad Hseiki
- Martyr Ali Ibrahim Hassan (Belal)
- Martyr Ahmad Ismail Osseili