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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of July in 1995..

Islamic Resistance Performs Forty-Two Operations in July, 1995

In July, the number of the military operations of the different resistance squadrons reached 59 operations, 42 among which were performed by the Islamic Resistance; whereas the other 17 operations were performed by Lebanese and Palestinian squadrons.

Besides, the Islamic Resistance performed counter operations after the enemy had perpetrated a massacre in Nabatiyeh al-Fawka, whereby several people were wounded, and three members of the Bdeir family were martyred.
The Resistance actually bombarded the Zionist settlements in the north of Palestine and had three confrontations with "Israeli" commando forces lurking in Braachit, Kabrikha, and Akmata Meadows.

Speaking of the casualties, the enemy has acknowledged the death of 3 enemy soldiers and 4 Lahd militiamen, in addition to the wounding of 19 enemy soldiers and 9 Lahd militiamen.
As for the Islamic-Resistance sources, they have pointed out that the 3 Zionist soldiers were dead and 21 others wounded; the Resistance sources have added that the agents suffered 6 deaths and 9 wounded agents.
In fact, the Islamic-Resistance operations resulted in all casualties.

Resistance Massively Blasts Big Zionist Convoy, July 6, 1995

On July 6, 1995, exactly at 1:05 p.m., the Islamic Resistance performed a daring, unique operation, breaking through the enemy's procedures and intensive military and security precautions. This time, the Resistance chose the target approximately at a 1,500 meter-distance from the borders with Palestine.

In fact, the Resistance did this to iterate its ability to break through all frontlines of the enemy, also to show the Resistance fighters' ability to spoil all procedures of the enemy takes. The enemy is now unable to terminate the Resistance's advanced performance and intense operations.

Actually, this unique operation has practically countered the Zionist atrocities, and it has proved the Zionist occupation has fallen into deep trouble, whereby the occupation has become unable to exploit the current incidents for its own sake or for its agents'.