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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of May in 1995..

Islamic Resistance Performs Operations Sixty-Four Operations in May, 1995

This month, the resistance squadrons performed 84 operations in West Beqaa and the South, 64 among which were performed by the Islamic-Resistance; whereas the remaining 20 operations were performed by the other Lebanese and Palestinian resistance squadrons.

In fact, the Zionist enemy has acknowledged that 2 soldiers were killed and 16 others were wounded, adding that 4 settlers were wounded when Katyusha rockets hit the settlements in the north of occupied Palestine.
Concerning the unique operations, on May 15, 1995, the Islamic Resistance blasted an "Israeli" patrol on Bint Jbeil-at-Tiri Route. The commander of the Zionist "Battalion 80", called "Malek", was on the patrol.

According to the agents' media and to "Reuters", the operation wounded seven "Israeli" soldiers. In contrast, the resistance announced killing six "Israeli" soldiers and injuring four others.
Furthermore, on May 17, 1995, the Islamic-Resistance attacked the sites of ad-Dabsheh and Ali at-Taher and perfectly ambushed an "Israeli" force lurking near ad-Dabsheh Site.
The operation killed an "Israeli" soldier and wounded three others, the enemy acknowledged.

Long Jihad Day, May 2, 1995

The fighters have conducted a daring operation series, combating the Zionist-Lahd forces, bombarding their sites, and causing them many casualties. To explain the operation details, the Islamic Resistance has issued this statement:
"The "Israeli" occupiers are still doing their aftermath and trying to bring their soldiers back to their spirits, for the Resistance's operations have terrified them. Making use of the fact that the occupiers are busy concealing the repercussions of their defeat, the Islamic Resistance has delivered a new, painful coup to the enemy.

Faithful in Allah the Exalted in Might, the Islamic-Resistance Brigade of Martyr Abu Hassan Bjeiji carried out four massive, concurrent attacks against four Zionist-Lahd sites in West Beqaa: Toumet Niha, Kfarhouna, al-Ahmadieh, and Zemrayyah. That was on Tuesday, May 2, 1995, at 5:50 a.m."
The statement has added:
"The details are that at 5:50, the group of martyrs Ridwan el-Ankouni and Ahmad Taleb was attacking Kfarhouna Site with while the group of martyrs Hussein Karim and Khalil Yassine was attacking al-Ahmadieh Site.
Still, the group of martyr Ali Ismail and martyr Ali al-Aota was attacking Zemrayyah Site; the group of martyr Ali Melhem and martyr Sami Meldan was attacking Toumet Niha Site.

Using firearms and artillery, the fighters caused many casualties among the garrison soldiers; the fighters destroyed several fortifications and constructions, too.
In the meantime, the Fire Backup Unit combated the reinforcements brought by the enemy, preventing them from reaching the sites."
Shortly after the first operations, the fighters attacked an enemy patrol, concerning which the Islamic-Resistance has issued the following statement:
"At 7:55 a.m., the fighters ambushed a Zionist patrol of thirty infantrymen heading towards Mount ar-Rafie'. Once the patrol reached the required spot, the fighters struck it with a barrage of firearms and artillery and clashed with it for more than thirty minutes, killing or injuring several infantrymen.
As a result, the enemy cannonaded the place and dropped smoke grenades in order to evacuate the casualties from the operation zone and cover the withdrawal of the remaining infantrymen.

At the same time, the Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit was accurately and intensively bombarding the Zionist soldiers' withdrawal frontiers. The Unit was shelling az-Zaffata Site and ar-Rihan Site and ceasing their fire sources, too.
At 2:30 p.m., another Zionist force tried to progress to Mount ar-Rafie'; thus, the Islamic-Resistance artillerists combated it, causing its soldiers several casualties. As a result, the force had no choice but to retreat from the place.
Furthermore, at 1:00 p.m. on the same day, the Islamic Resistance monitored Zionist troops marshaled at as-Suweidaa Site; thus, the Sniping Unit gunned a soldier down. On the other hand, the Islamic-Resistance fighter Ali Ahmad Salman (from Tyre) was martyred during the heroic confrontations.

Media sources of the occupied region have reported that one of the agents shot during the Islamic-Resistance operations was a Lahd-Militia officer. Being in a critical condition, he was transported on a helicopter to "Ram Bam Hospital" in Haifa, where "the Northern Command" Chief Amiram Levin and the ""Israeli" Liaison and Coherence Unit" Chief Gyor Amber visited him.

Islamic Resistance's Rockets Strike Keryat Shemona Settlement, May 5, 1995

The Islamic Resistance has declared its artillerists bombarded a Zionist settlement after the enemy had shelled the Lebanese civilians. Regarding this, the Islamic Resistance has issued the following statement:
"The Islamic-Resistance has countered the Zionist aggression against the towns and people of West Beqaa and the South. The Resistance has as well sought vengeance for the blood of the martyrs and the civilians wounded during the brutal shelling against the towns of Kafra and Yater.

The Resistance adheres to its vow as to threatening the security of the Zionist settlers as long as the innocent Lebanese civilians are threatened.
Hereupon, the Islamic Resistance declares that on Friday, May 5, 1995, at 1:05 a.m., it launched Katyusha rockets against "Keryat Shemona Settlement" (Literally "the Eight Villages Settlement") in the north of Palestine. The Islamic Resistance reiterates it always has the right to counter any assail against the innocent civilians."
Upon the statement of an "Israeli" military source, the enemy's channel has reported that five Katyusha rockets hit the north of Palestine and injured three settlers. However, the military censorship has concealed the exact locations the rockets hit.

For its part, the Lahd "Middle East Channel" has announced that a "Sagger" missile hit an armored Lahd vehicle on Alman-ash-Shumarieh Route while another "Sagger" missile hit an "Israeli" tank on the same route. However, no casualties have been reported.

Sixteen "Israeli" Soldiers "Commit Suicide" in 1995

Statistics published by "Tel Aviv University Center for Strategic Studies" have shown that since the beginning of 1995, sixteen soldiers "have committed suicide" - an average of three to four soldiers a month.
Commenting on this, an Islamic-Resistance officer has declared, "The Islamic Resistance has performed 268 concentrated, consecutive operations against the Zionist-occupation forces since 1995, the last of which has been the self-sacrifice "Operation Bint Jbeil" performed by fighter Salah Ghandour.

It seems that these operations have pushed the enemy to create this scenario in order to cover the real number of the enemy soldiers killed.
Besides, it is more likely that the enemy is going to back this make-believe story with another, announcing that car accidents, military errors, and electrical disasters lie beyond the death of some tens of soldiers.
Referring the soldiers' death to suicide, the percentage of which is the highest in the world this year, the enemy thinks it has found the right way to report the number of soldiers killed.

The enemy, however, has failed to find a way out of this trouble, falling into another, whereby suicide committal only reflects the enemy's devastation and panic.
This actually seems to have resulted from the enemy soldiers' failure in the confrontations with the Lebanese and Palestinian fighters.
Hereupon, we consider that through this unsuccessful make-believe story, the enemy has been forced to acknowledge the Islamic Resistance's great successes and the consecutive victories, which have physically and psychologically overwhelmed the enemy."

Resistance Blasts Zionist Patrol on Bint Jbeil-Tiri Route, May 15, 1995

Sustaining the resistant jihad path, the Islamic-Resistance has performed a unique operation, killing a major offic of the Zionist-occupation forces. Concerning this new victory, the Resistance has issued a statement as such:
"Anew, the Islamic-Resistance heroes have delivered a painful coup to the coercive Zionist-enemy forces, for they have endured feelings of anger and pain. Marking "the Nakba" (Literally: "The Catastrophe"; May 15, 1984), the Islamic-Resistance fighters offer the first present to the people of beloved Palestine.
Although the enemy has taken exclusive military and security procedures, the Resistance has chosen the most critical location at the heart of the occupied region, near the place where self-sacrifice martyr Salah Ghandour had performed his self-sacrifice operation.

Actually, the new operation has concurred with the occupation forces' great besiegement of Tiri Town in particular and the neighboring towns in general.
Here below are the operation details:
On Monday, May 15, exactly at 11:55 a.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of the Martyrs' Knight Salah Ghandour bombed a heavy explosive bomb on Bint Jbeil-Tiri Route as a Zionist patrol of two M-113 troop carriers, two common cars, and three white Mercedes cars belonging to the commander (called Malek) of the Zionist "Battalion 80".

The patrol had just left "Center 17", where the commander mentioned had been investigating the circumstances beyond the self-sacrifice operation performed by self-sacrifice martyr Salah Ghandour against "Center 17".
Once the patrol reached the required spot, the fighters blasted it, killing six Zionist soldiers and wounding four others, among who was the commander of "Battalion 80".

Consequently, the enemy's helicopters actively flew in the operation zone, transporting the casualties into occupied Palestine.
On the same day, at 7:30 p.m., the Islamic Resistance monitored a Lahd patrol of some infantrymen accompanied by a tank en route to Bir Kallab Site. Instantly, the Fire Backup Unit's barrage struck the patrol."

Fire Backup Unit Strikes Site 17, May 1, 1995

After the self-sacrifice operation performed by the Martyrs' Knight Salah Ghandour against "the West Brigade" and "the Civil Administration Center" in Bint Jbeil Region, the enemy has been doing its aftermath.
Hereupon, the Islamic Resistance has made use of this chance. On Monday, May 1, 1995, at 8:30 a.m., the Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit struck "Center 17" in Saf el-Hawa Region in Bint Jbeil, where the Zionist commanders were holding a military- security meeting with the Lahd-Militia officers.

It is actually significant that operation was performed amid strict military and security procedures including an intense deployment of the Zionist soldiers and their agents in the surroundings of "Center 17".
The Islamic Resistance statement concerning the operation has pointed out that the targets were directly hit; whereby two vehicles burned, several Zionist soldiers and Lahd militiamen were wounded or killed, and a state of confusion and terror masked the place.
On the same day, at 3:50 p.m., the Islamic Resistance monitored Zionist-enemy troops marshaled at Haddatha Site; instantly, the Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit's barrage struck the troops and caused them direct casualties.

Resistance Strikes Troops at Toumet Niha Site, Foils Counter Force's Progress, May 3, 1995

On Wednesday, May 3, 1995, at 11:00 a.m., the Islamic-Resistance monitored Zionist-enemy troops marshaled at Toumet Niha Site, which had been struck by the Islamic Resistance the day before. Instantly, the Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit struck the troops, causing them grave casualties.
On the same day, at 1:00 a.m., the Islamic-Resistance fighters foiled two Lahd forces' progress towards West Beqaa even though the forces were backed by an intense cannonade.

When the Resistance fighters opened fire, the first twenty-militiaman force was progressing towards Hill 107, whereas the second was heading towards Ain al-Khokh Hill. (Both hills lie in the outskirts of the towns of Machghara and Ain et-Tineh.)
Using firearms and artillery, the Islamic-Resistance groups clashed with both forces. The counter forces had no choice but to retreat from the place without achieving their aggressive mission.

Resistance Ambushes Zionist Motorcade on Alman-Deir Syriane Route, May 4, 1995

On Thursday, May 4, 1995, at 7:15 a.m., an Islamic-Resistance group ambushed a Zionist motorcade patrolling on Alman-Deir Syriane Route. As soon as the patrol reached the ambush spot, the fighters struck it with machine guns and artillery, destroying a tank and killing or wounding each of its crewmen.
In order to prevent Alman-ash-Shumarieh Site from backing the patrol targeted, the Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit struck the site.

At 6:15 p.m., the Islamic Resistance carried out two concurrent attacks against the sites of Sojod and Bir Kallab. Using firearms and artillery, the fighters made the site garrisons suffer several casualties.
For its part, the Fire Backup Unit, it struck Zionist troops marshaled at ar-Rihan Barracks, damaging a Merkava tank.

Fighters Blast Lahd Squad En Route to Beit Yahoun, May 5, 1995

On Friday, May 5, 1995, at 12:05 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Ali Salman blasted a Lahd squad patrol that was en route to Beit Yahoun. Thus, the patrollers suffered several casualties.

Islamic Resistance Attacks ad-Dabsheh Site, May 7, 1995

The Islamic Resistance has continued to stun the enemy soldiers and Lahd agents; whereby the Resistance fighters have performed a new, heroic operation series, concerning which the Resistance has issued the following statement:
"The Islamic Resistance has performed a new series of daring operations. The details show that on Sunday, May 7, 1995, exactly at 6:05 a.m., the Resistance attacked ad-Dabsheh Site with firearms and artillery, destroying its mounds, damaging a tank inside the site, and setting the site afire. The naked eye could see the fire flames arising from the site.

Also, at 8:45 a.m., martyr Hassan Rida's group attacked a Zionist squad patrol en route to Bir Kallab Site, whereby the fighters struck it with a barrage of firearms and artillery, wounding or killing several patrollers.
In the meantime, martyr Ali Nasrallah's group was attacking Sojod Site, and martyr Ali Salman's group was attacking Bir Kallab Site."
The Islamic-Resistance statement has added: "Along with these attacks, the group of martyr Abdullah Rammal and Yusuf Badran was bombarding ar-Rihan Barracks and al-Aychieh Barracks, preventing the enemy from backing the sites targeted.

This, in addition to the fighters' barrage, allowed the fighters to perfectly hold the operation zone under control and kill or wound many enemy soldiers. On the other hand, two Islamic-Resistance fighters, Jihad Mahmoud Shbeeb (Military name: "Hazeen") and Ali Muhammad Abdul Wahid (Hadi), were martyred.
The Lahd Militia's channel has acknowledged that two Lahd militiamen were wounded during the attack against Ali at-Taher Site; whereas an "Israeli" militant spokesman has announced that two "Israeli" soldiers were wounded during the attack against ad-Dabsheh Site.

Fire Backup Unit Targets Sites of Hamid, al-Kawzah, May 8, 1995

On Monday, May 8, 1995, exactly at 4:30 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance monitored around forty Zionist soldiers marshaled at Hamid Site and the newly established al-Kawzah Site. Hence, the Fire Backup Unit's barrage struck both sites and caused them immediate casualties.

Resistance Attacks al-Ahmadieh Site, Clashes with Garrison, May 9, 1995

On Tuesday, May 9, 1995, at 5:00 a.m., the Islamic Resistance attacked al-Ahmadieh Site in West Beqaa. Using firearms and artillery, the fighters clashed with the site garrison and made the enemy and agents suffer casualties.
In the meantime, the Fire Backup Unit struck the cannonade emplacements at the sites of Zemrayyah and Abu Qamha.
During this operation, two Islamic-Resistance fighters, Hamzah Fayyad and Essa Qteish, were martyred, joining the other martyrs in the Heaven of Allah the Almighty.
Furthermore, at 11:00 a.m., the Islamic-Resistance Sniping Unit gunned a Lahd militiaman down at as-Suweidaa Site.

Attempting - like ever - to hide the real casualties caused by the Islamic-Resistance operations, an "Israeli" militant spokesman has declared that a bullet "accidently" killed an "Israeli" soldier while he and other "Israeli" soldiers were performing an operation in the south of Lebanon.
The spokesman has as well claimed that a patrol was performing a routine operation in "the Middle Sector" of the occupied region in the south of Lebanon when it encountered a group of "Hebrew-"State" antagonist combaters"; therefore, the "Israeli" soldiers "opened" fire, "accidentally" killing a patroller, Sergeant Yefghini Gillerman (21 years old).

Double Operation Targets Zionist ad-Dabsheh Site, May 17, 1995

"On Wednesday, May 17, 1995, at 6:05 a.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Hassan Rayya performed a double operation against the Zionist ad-Dabsheh Site and against a Zionist force lurking near the site.
Using firearms and artillery, the fighters directly destroyed some of the site mounds and caused several casualties among the lurking force."

The statement has added, "Meanwhile, martyr Ali Koutharani's group was attacking Ali at-Taher Site. Using firearms and artillery, the fighters directly shot the site mounds and fortifications.
At 8:50, the Islamic-Resistance Sniping Unit targeted a Zionist soldier at ad-Dabsheh Site, shooting him immediately.'

Resistance Artillerists Strike Sojod Site, May 18, 1995

On Thursday, May 18, 1995, at 7:35 p.m., an Islamic-Resistance group attacked Sojod Site, using firearms and rocket shells.
In the meantime, the Fire Backup Unit razed the mounds and fortifications of Bir Kallab Site, and the Sniping Unit shot a soldier at Sojod Site. He was seen falling onto a rampart.

Islamic Resistance Blasts Zionist Patrol on Majdaline-Jezzine Route, May 22, 1995

Commemorating al-Ghadir Id*, also sustaining the path of the Believers' Prince Imam Ali (Pbuh), the Islamic-Resistance group of Maydoun Martyrs blasted a Zionist patrol on Majdaline-Jezzine Route on May 22, 1995.
Each of the patrollers was either killed or wounded.
Also at 12:05, the Islamic Resistance attacked Braachit Site as a Zionist force of two half-tracks and a yellow Mercedes car arrived at the site's entrance. Shot with firearms and rocket shells, the vehicles were directly damaged, and several soldiers were wounded or killed.

On the same day, at 8:15 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Hassan Ali Hashem bombed an explosive as a security car of the agents reached the entrance to Ain Majdaline; thus, each of the passengers died or got injured.
The Lahd Militia's channel, it has acknowledged both operations, pointing out that a Lahd militiaman, who was on a military Jeep on Jezzine-Sfarine Main Road, was wounded in a blast. The channel has added that Braachit Site was later bombarded.
As for the agents' "Middle East Television", it has reported that an "Israeli" soldier got injured as Braachit Site was attacked.

Resistance Blasts Lahd Infantry at Beit Yahoun Crossing Point, May 25, 1995

On Thursday, May 25, 1995, at 7:20 a.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Salah Ghandour blasted a Lahd infantry patrol that had just reached Beit Yahoun Crossing Point.
Therefore, each of the infantrymen got killed or injured, and the check-chambers of Beit Yahoun Crossing Point were demolished.

Islamic Resistance Attacks Zionist Infantry by al-Herdoun Site, May 27, 1995

Marking the Hijri month of Muharram** and the beginning of the Hijri year, the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Nezar Sleem attacked a Zionist patrol of infantrymen, a mine-sweeper, and a Merkava tank passing by al-Herdoun Site on Saturday, May 27, 1995, at 7:45 p.m.
In fact, the attack destroyed the mine-sweeper and the tank and made their crewmen suffer casualties.
Meanwhile, martyr Abdul Aziz Kourani's group, corresponding to the Fire Backup Unit, razed al-Herdoun Site with rocket shells.

Resistance Ambushes Zionist Infantry En Route to Teir Harfa, May 28, 1995

On Sunday, May 28, 1995, at 7:20 a.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Ali Abdul Wahid blasted the car of the officer in charge of the Lahd Beit Yahoun Site. Thus, the car was directly damaged. The officer and his men suffered casualties.
On the same day, at 7:40 p.m., the Islamic-Resistance group of martyr Hamzah Fayyad ambushed a Zionist patrol of infantrymen, a Merkava tank, and a mine-sweeper en route to Teir Harfa. The tank was demolished, and each of its crewmen got wounded or killed.
At the same time, martyr Ali Salman's group, corresponding to the Fire Backup Unit, razed the fortifications of Teir Harfa Site. The site could be seen afire.

Resistance Foils Zionist Force's Progress to Zawtar Charkiyeh, May 29, 1995

The Islamic-Resistance fighters have been victorious again, foiling the progress of a Zionist force. The following statement has been issued:
"On Monday, May 29, 1995, the Islamic Resistance foiled the progress of a Zionist force, whereby a counter commando force attempted to infiltrate the liberated regions through Zawtar Charkiyeh (Literally: "East Zawtar").
Not afar, the Resistance fighters used their medium firearms to clash with the counter force. Consequently, the force's attempt failed, and its members suffered casualties; they had no choice but to retreat from the place.

During these heroic confrontations, four Islamic-Resistance heroes have sacrificed their precious lives for the sake of defending the land and dear people of the dear South. Noah Abdul Razzak Ayyash, Kamel Hassan Badreddine, Saeed Yusuf Ayoub, and Ahmad Jadallah Qaranbash, were martyred.
Moreover, at 10:00 p.m., the Resistance monitored Zionist troops marshaled at Braachit Site and its surroundings. So the Fire Backup Unit's barrage struck the troops, directly resulting in casualties among them."

Resistance Strikes Zionist Zemrayyah Site, May 30, 1995

On Tuesday, May 30, 1995, at 1:30 p.m., the Islamic Resistance monitored tanks and military trucks at the Zionist Zemrayyah Site. At once, martyr Noah Ayyash's group, corresponding to the Fire Backup Unit, bombarded the site, damaging the vehicles.

Islamic Resistance Targets Half-Track at Hamid Site, May 31, 1995

On Wednesday, May 31, 1995, at 2:35 p.m., the Islamic Resistance monitored a Zionist half-track at Hamid Site. At once, the group of Zawtar Martyrs launched rocket shells against it, immediately hitting it. Hence, the half-track was set afire, and each of its crewmen suffered injury or death.

Likewise, at 3:10 p.m., the Resistance confronted Zionist helicopters as they flew in the sky of Yater Town. Launching ground anti-aircraft missiles and "Sam-7" missiles, the Resistance prevented the helicopters from accomplishing their aggressive mission.

Nine Islamic-Resistance Fighters Martyred in May, 1995

Proudly, the Resistance has announced the martyrdom of the following fighters:
- Martyr Ali Ahmad Salman
- Martyr Jihad Mahmoud Shbeeb (Military name: Hazeen)
- Martyr Ali Muhammad Abdul Wahid (Military name: Hadi)
- Martyr Hamzah Fayyad
- Martyr Essa Qteish
- Martyr Noah Abdul Razzak Qaranbash
- Martyr Kamel Hassan Badreddine
- Martyr Saeed Yusuf Ayoub
- Martyr Ahmad Jadallah Qaranbash

*Al-Ghadir Id took place after Messenger Muhammad's last pilgrimage to the holy Mecca City, where the Messenger (Peace be upon him and his Household) announced to all Muslims that Imam Ali (Pbuh) would be his vicegerent.
God the Almighty had sent Angel Gabriel (Pbuh) to Prophet Muhammad (PbuhahH) with the revelation that Imam Ali (Pbuh) would be in charge of the Muslims' affairs after Prophet Muhammad.

**Muharram is the month when Imam al-Hussein (Pbuh) made his famous stand-off against tyranny and was martyred along with many of his family members and companions in the Land of Karbala'.