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Sheikh Qassem: Washington seeks through "Scud" issue concealing its crisis with "Israel"

Sheikh Qassem: Washington seeks through
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Local Editor

Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem refused to deny or confirm US reports about Hizbullah acquiring Russian-made advanced missile systems from Syria, which could break the balance of power with "Israel".

Sheikh Qassem responded in an interview with "Gulf News" to the American defense minister Robert Gates' statement saying, "When Hizbullah gets arms, it is for defense purposes which is a natural right, while "Israel" is the invader."

Sheikh Qassem added, "Hizbullah does not talk about its weapons, the number of its members or its plans, it implements its necessary and appropriate arrangements in complete secrecy. As we are used to for a long time, we do not comment on the issue of armament, which "Israeli" intelligence always talks about."
"Nobody has to do with our armament, I say it out loud; we have the full right to get armed to empower our resistance against any aggression, invasion, and danger. This is a legitimate defense right." He added.

His Eminence referred to American declarations at this time specifically as "an attempt to conceal the American-"Israeli" crisis, and to mystify the fact that Obama could not attain any political achievement in the Middle East, despite all optimistic statements and promises he released."

"Therefore we regard the American campaign around Scud missiles, amount of weaponry and capability of Hizbullah as an attempt to divert attention away from the real and only problem in the region "Israel", and anything else is a natural outcome to this problem." H.E. added.

Sheikh Qassem also clarified that "U.S. role and role of its allies is retreating, while the Syrian role in Lebanon and the region grows in return, and this is a natural regional and international equation."

He assured that "Syria will not return to Lebanon, because neither it desires, nor circumstances allow."

Sheikh Qassem sought to assure the Lebanese that "there will be no "Israeli" war anytime soon." He added, "When we say there is no "Israeli" war soon, it is because of "Israeli" inability, and not for its lack of desire, especially when they know that the resistance capabilities are very effective". He explained.

His Eminence finalized "Every moment we are ready for a confrontation even if our political analysis says there is no war soon."