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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Al-Quds Int’l Day
Local Editor

In His Name

Full speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, during the ceremony commemorating al-Quds International Day held in Sayyed Shuhada Complex on June 23, 2017.

Sayyed Nasrallah's Full Speech on Al-Quds Int'l Day

I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be on the Seal of prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad and on his chaste and pure Household and on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets.

Peace be upon you. I welcome you and thank you for your blessed attendance on this occasion and this great day.

I will begin with this necessary preliminary prelude about the background of this day - al-Quds International Day. Following the victory of the blessed Islamic Revolution in Iran under the leadership of Imam Khomeini and with the blessing of the great sacrifices of the dear Iranian people and the establishment of the Islamic Republic in Iran, Imam Khomeini chose the last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramadan and announced it an international day for al-Quds - and not an Arab Day for al-Quds. He rather announced it an International Day for al-Quds.

Indeed the choice was based on a clear wise view. It is in the Month of Allah - the month the days of which are the best days and the nights of which are the best nights, and the hours of which are the best hours. Friday is the best day in this month too, and eventually the last ten days and nights are the best days and nights. Thus the last Friday in the Holy Month of Ramadan is the best day, and the Imam chose it to be al-Quds International Day for the greatest and most sacred cause the responsibility of which is to be bore by the humanity as a whole and the entire nation and not only the Palestinian people.

Since that announcement, this day is marked by celebrations, festivals, rallies, demonstrations, conferences, seminars, and various other media, popular, and political activities to deliver this clear message every year, and this is what we will reach by the end of the speech Inshallah.

After the decease of late Imam Khomeini, His Eminence Leader Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenai likewise asserted this track and this day. He asserted marking this day and assuming this responsibility. Thus since 1979 - the year of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran - and the years that followed, this day - al-Quds Day - is being observed, and praise be to Allah Al Mighty the commemoration is developing, spreading, and moving from country to country and from continent to continent, and marking this day is not limited to a definite country or a definite sect, and this is exactly what we look forward to. The day will come when people will come to see that al-Quds Day will be the date when all people - our people in the Arab and Islamic world - will express their faith and commitment when obstacles will be removed and impediments will be lifted Inshallah.

Brothers and sisters! This year, al-Quds Day coincides with the 50th anniversary of the sad unfortunate incident of the Zionists' occupation of al-Quds. Yesterday, they were celebrating their control and hegemony over al-Quds.

Well, I want to talk about the occasion and its essence; thus I will refer to many topics with quick remarks, because we are all living and following the situations and events, so it is enough that we gather these facts and events to draw after all the appropriate conclusion and analyses so as to take the subsequent appropriate stance.

At least for six or seven years, our region has ushered into a totally different stage. This is a totally different historical turning point which is tough, hard, bloody, sad, painful, and including many dangers, challenges, and threats. On the other hand, this stage is characterized with strong wills, endless sacrifices, undefeated steadfastness, and numerous achievements. I will not go back to the beginning of the events to avoid taking much of your time. So I will only refresh your memory.

We believe that no doubt, what took place - the popular movements that took place in more than one Arab country - were original, faithful, genuine, and national popular movements. They were not a result of a conspiracy or schemes plotted here and there. However, unfortunately, due to the absence of strong solid frameworks, wise leaderships, the required cooperation, and national harmony in every country for several reasons on one side and the power of the USA and its regional tools, this popular movement was contained and the region was dragged to another direction to serve a host of objectives. Among these goals is reproducing the hegemony and control of the tyrannical power over our countries, wealth, capacities, oil, petroleum, money, dinars, and dirhams.

However, one of the main goals - which I want to talk about now - is putting an end to the Palestinian cause and pushing things towards a definite settlement in the region between the Zionist entity and the Arab and Islamic world at the expense of the Palestinian people and the rights of the Palestinian people, and the interests of the Palestinian people. So let's record that one of the main goals of the major events and wars which are taking place in the region from Syria to Iraq, Yemen, Libya, to the other countries is preparing all the political, official, popular, emotional, psychological, factual, and practical atmospheres to reach a settlement that supports the interest of the "Israeli" enemy and complies with the conditions of the "Israeli" enemy at the expense of the Palestinian people. This is one of the main, central goals which the resistance axis that includes states, movements, and peoples indeed sought over all the past years and is still seeking to frustrate. Indeed this is an old goal but at every stage and under every situation, it has its plots, tools, means, battles, and techniques; so this is what we used to face in the past years and are still facing now.

Well, let's move along while tackling one example after the other and one point following the other.

First: The Palestinian people inside Palestine and abroad are subject to enormous pressure and difficulties especially inside Palestine: siege, hunger, power cuts, disqualifying hospitals, arrests, prisons, killing at first doubt... That means just when eyeing a young Palestinian man or woman putting his hand in his pocket or at his waist, or bag, they accuse him of trying to execute an operation and eventually kill him. Other atrocities include delinking the West Bank, new and wide settlements, Judaizing Palestine and especially al-Quds, hard living conditions, demolishing houses, sweeping lands, blocking every political horizon before the Palestinians...

Moreover, when the Palestinians see what is taking place around them in the region and in the world, they would be subject to enormous psychological pressure which is exploited by the "Israelis" inside Palestine on every occasion because the central point is to achieve a definite goal which I will tackle at the end of my speech but I will name now so that we would refer to it as we move along. The central objective in all what is happening in the region is to make the Palestinian people despair and to frustrate the Palestinian leaderships so as to accept any crust that would be thrown to them: There is no solution, there is no choice, there is no horizon, and there is no hope... See what is taking place in the region and in the world. Weeks ago, a scene drew my attention. There was a demonstration in al-Khalil City, I believe. There was an "Israeli" man standing at the other side, holding a microphone and addressing the gathering Palestinians: Where are the Arabs? They abandoned you. They sold you. They forsook you. This is part of the ongoing psychological war.

Second, we move to Iran as a main supporter of Palestine. So we started with Palestine, and now we move to the resistance axis which backs Palestine. Iran which is a main supporter of Palestine and the resistance movements in the region is subject to economic sanctions and political pressure. Conspiracies to isolate Iran flopped in the past, and now anew there are attempts following Riyadh Summit which came under the title given by the speeches of both Trump and Salman to isolate Iran and turning Iran to an enemy instead of "Israel", exhausting Iran in the wars in the region and moving the war to the Iranian internal via Takfiri groups. When the new Saudi crown prince was deputy crown prince, he threatened to move war to Iran. In that he meant to exploit the Wahhabi terrorist Takfiri groups to target Iran; otherwise, here I am telling you in commenting on analyses heard these days about the possibility of Saudi Arabia waging a war on Iran that the Saudi regime is by far too weak, to feeble, and too coward to start or launch a war on the Islamic Republic in Iran.

Thus as far as Iran is concerned, they tried and are still trying to practice pressure on it, isolate it, fighting it, exhausting it, and moving the war to it at a time it is a strong, essential, and main supporter and side in the Resistance axis.

Third comes Syria. Syria is a central state in the resistance axis. One of its characteristics is that it is on the frontal line. It is a front that shares borders with the enemy and has occupied territories. It is a main supporter of the resistance movements in Lebanon and in Palestine. It was, and it is still despite all the wounds a colossal impediment in face of a comprehensive Arab settlement. As it was in the past it is still today. Without Syria, they can't achieve a comprehensive Arab conciliation with "Israel". It is a big impediment in face of any Arab settlement at the expense of Arab interests and especially Palestinian interests. In the past they sought and they are still seeking to topple its political regime, destroy it army and capacities, and replace that with a weak situation and feeble leaderships we see in occasions and conferences trying to become closer to "Israel" and America and subsequent and submissive to America and to regional states; some are with Saudi Arabia, others are with Turkey, others with Qatar, and others with the Arab Emirates. They are exploiting the Takfiri troops to achieve that. They did not bring Daesh and Nusra along so that Daesh and Nusra would rule Syria. There was an intersection point between the Americans and the regional states with Nusra and Daesh. Daesh and Nusra came to Syria to rule Syria, and America and Saudi Arabia among others brought Daesh and Nusra along to topple the regime and to destroy the Syrian Army and to ruin Syria so as to crush Daesh and Nusra afterwards and to hand Syria to leaderships similar to the feeble, weak, submissive, and subservient "Arab moderation".

That was third. Fourth, the resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine are continuously being threatened with war over the years. They are threatened by assassination of leaderships, defamation, and accusation of terrorism. Is not it humiliating that before 50 head of Arab and Islamic countries, Trump stands to accuse two resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine of terrorism while all of the attendees remain silent? True they did not agree on his statement, but this silence is humiliating. The environment that incubates the resistance movement is being targeted. Supporting funds are being drained. They seek to drain the sources that support the resistance movements. They hunt the resistance movements all around the world while wishing that these movements would dwindle, collapse, or internally wane.

We reached now number five in the list of what they did or want to do during these years what asserts that the main target is Palestine without denying the other targets such as controlling oil, gas, decision making, and sovereignty. I am not excluding all of these targets, I am just taking one of the central goals of what is taking place in our region so that we come to know what is the battle we are fighting in. For example, when Hizbullah men are martyred, wounded, or even taken as captives in Syria or in Iraq, we as Hizbullah view these things as something that normally take place in any war and in any battle. In any confrontation or war, we offer sacrifices.

Sixth: After showing clear political will through the various elections and the consecutive governments, Iraq showed strong political determination that it will not be part of the US-Arab political operation to liquidate Palestine. It was manifested that in Iraq there are strong jihadi and popular movements, there is the culture of resistance and the spirit of resistance, and the breath of resistance. There is a full readiness to support the resistance movements in confrontation of "Israel". For other reasons too they dispatched Daesh to Iraq. Brothers and sisters! Do not forget and it is not allowed to forget that Daesh is a US fabrication with Saudi and Gulf funding and Turkish facilitations.

Later they disagreed with each other; this is something else. We are talking about where it was fabricated. We are talking about the country of origin. It is not I who is saying so. It is the current US President Trump. For a whole year of his electoral campaign he used to say that Obama and Clinton and the administration of Obama fabricated Daesh and founded Daesh and Saudi Arabia among other countries funded Daesh pursuant to a US decision, and Turkey offered facilities to Daesh pursuant to a US decision too.

They released Daesh on Iraq and the people of Iraq wishing that it would be able to overthrow the Iraqi government, the new Iraqi regime, the Iraqi people, and the Iraqi will. Later Iraq would move towards division or the Americans would restore Iraq from Daesh so that they would appoint rulers on Iraq away from elections or any real role to be played by the Iraqi people.

So here too, Iraq was targeted because it did not accept to be part of the political operation which is meant to achieve a central goal.

Sixth: There are many reasons for the war on Yemen and consequently having hegemony on Yemen. We have talked that much about this.

However, brothers and sisters, there is a true reason behind the war on Yemen. In fact, they were able to absorb the political position and all what the current sides on top of which comes Ansarullah said to the effect that "we do not want to control Yemen or the authority in Yemen or to rule Yemen. We want a national unity government in which all sides partake. However, Saudi Arabia and behind Saudi Arabia, America did not accept the existence of popular, Islamic, national Yemeni currents in Yemen which have decisive and final stance as per the Arab-"Israeli" struggle. So we are not talking about South Africa. We are talking about Yemen which is on the Red Sea and near Bab Mandab and which has a major, strategic, and very critical position as per the US interests and the "Israeli" interests in the region.
For this reason a war is being launched on Yemen and on the Yemeni people. That's because this people backs Palestine. Here our Palestinian brethrens must differentiate and be punctual so as not to be dragged left and right. This is the truth about the war on Yemen. So Yemen is targeted by the war that aims at uprooting the forces, currents, and leaderships that believe in this struggle, as it can't be part of an operation to sell Palestine and to forsake al-Quds to "Israel". So this war is not on the throne and power or for the sake of Trump or anyone in the world. It was targeted by this war and it is still fighting.

Seventh: Exhausting all the Arab and Islamic states in the region. Following the popular movement, instead of responding to this popular movement and negotiations with it and achieving its demands, they dragged the entire region towards crises and struggle. Libya is suffering from a civil war. In Bahrain there is tough suppression and a siege on the wise leader of this oppressed people who are being arrested and imprisoned. In Saudi Arabia, see what is taking place in the eastern region and in the Town of Awamieh in particular. Somalia is in no better situation. The state is unstable in more than one Arab and Islamic country.

So we are witnessing more crises, more confrontations, more catastrophes, and more difficulties. Until when? This is where all of this is linked to Palestine. That's until we reach a state in which all peoples become tired, all governments become hectic, and all people become preoccupied with themselves and their priorities, foodstuff, prisoners, captives, travels, visas, job opportunities, water, and power, and consequently, Palestine becomes out of the scope of interests. Finally, people would say that they are tired and bored; there is no hope; there is no horizon. O Arab and Islamic countries! If you want to sell Palestine, sell it so that you would gain some money or so that America would stop harassing us.

Seventh: So after all, the central target of all what is taking place in the region is the Palestinian people and making this people lose all hopes. That's because if the Palestinian people become desperate, they will surrender, sign, and give up their lands, their rights, and their sanctities. The whole action of this nation is supposed to be supportive to this people; thus the main and central pressure is on the Palestinian people in particular.

In the past few days, the annual conference of Herzliya was held. Political, security, and military leaders meet in this conference from inside the "Israeli" entity and from abroad to discuss strategic issues.

Yesterday and on the few past days, I watched the conclusions reached by the "Israeli" political, military, and security leaders: As far as the Palestinian issue, we have nothing more to say. Palestine is Gaza, and we withdrew from Gaza and gave it to you - though they withdrew from it unwillingly. So let no one talk with us about anything else. Al-Quds is the eternal capital of "Israel". Whether the Wailing Wall is above the ground or under the ground, this is over. They are saying that not one refugee is allowed to return. Liebermann even says not a quarter of a refugee is allowed to return. "No return for refugees".

The border with Jordan is for us. The West Bank is ours. They are raising the ceiling and saying that what Ehud Olmert offered is the most that can be offered and still no one is ready to offer that. No "Israeli" government is willing to give the concessions made by Olmert.

That's because they believe the situation in the region changed. There is something new and very important and very critical, and here lies the responsibility of the scholars, elites, the learned, the political parties, and the Arab and Islamic parties.
What the "Israelis" talked about in Herzliya is now taking place and being prepared for in the region. What is that?

More than one "Israeli" official including "Israeli" War Minister, Liebermann, said that what we used to talk about in the past to the effect that we reach a settlement with the Palestinians first and then we move to make economic and political ties with the Arab countries and consequently reach normalization is over. This method and methodology is over.

Today "Israel" has other demands which it is practicing while saying that no other talk is acceptable. Its demands are that first full diplomatic and economic ties are secured with Arab states to reach normalization and then they and the Arab states with which they normalized would sit with the Palestinians to see how they would reach a settlement with them. What are the remaining crusts to be given to the Palestinians? This is a very important development for those following the ongoing struggle in the region. The last option for the Palestinian negotiator - and not the Palestinian resistance - is that ties with Arab states and normalization with Arab states be reached in exchange for the Arabs acknowledging "Israel" and having full ties and normalization with "Israel"; then "Israel" would give something to the Palestinians.

The "Israelis" now are saying that they want everything beforehand and then they will see if there is anything that they may give the Palestinians.

This is a very dangerous development, and thus the "Israelis" now are refusing any negotiations with the Palestinians. Now the "Israelis" link much hope on the Arab situation today. The Arab states which in the past used to evade having contact with "Israel" or talking with the "Israelis" or reaching an understanding with them are now ready for that. If as an "Israeli" I am able to take for free without offering the Palestinians anything from my own pocket and from my own account, why should I act otherwise? This is the formula pursuant to which the "Israelis" are working.
This is their project, and these are their schemes, their wars, their tools, and their means.

Let's move now to the second section. On the other hand, there are two axes, and the world must understand that there are two axes. There is the axis that includes America, "Israel", and a group of Arab and Islamic countries which seek to achieve this goal. There is another axis, the axis of resistance, which is confronting and defending the Palestinian cause and Palestinian rights, and the sovereignty and independence of the states and peoples of this region.

Now in between, there are people who are neutral. This is their business in this world and in the Hereafter. Everything has two aspects. Some people are standing on the hilltop to see if later they would go right or left. There is a large section of people who are neutral; but there are two axes which are in confrontation in this region.

Perhaps the Americans and these states used to think that it is normal that the second axis which is confronting would collapse quickly before this attack of such huge magnitude, and (collapse) in the face of this global war, and the ugliest forms, means, words, titles, and practices. That is what they expected.

The first achievement which was made by this axis from Palestine to Lebanon to Syria to Iraq to Iran to Yemen to Bahrain to the other areas, is steadfastness. No collapse, no surrender, no submission, no quitting of the field, and no fleeing from responsibility. Great sacrifices were offered to achieve this for one, two, three, four, five, and six years. We are now in the seventh year.

Now when we go into details on the steadfastness of Syria, Iraq, the fighters, the Yemeni people, Iran, this indeed took the decision-making centers which run the whole battle in the world by surprise. This is the most important thing that took place from the beginning.

After all, this axis today is facing, confronting, and challenging to topple these targets and defend and guard the central cause and the interests of these states and peoples from falling again into the sphere of hegemony.

I will cover all the points briefly:

I will start with Iran because I wish to end with Palestine. Iran was not isolated as we said at the beginning - that they sought to isolate it. Iran was not isolated, and it remained steadfast before the sanctions and it grew more powerful and independent. It developed its industries in more than one domain, including the military and nuclear fields. It is more forcefully present in the region and more influential in the regional formulas. Today, as for those who want to fight Iran via terrorism - and they did so with the onset of the revolution via Khaleq hypocrites and their like - Iran will not tolerate terrorism whether by Daesh or the Takfiri groups or Khaleq hypocrites, and it will respond forcefully. A terrorism battle with Iran is a losing, failing, and fruitless battle. On the contrary, it will have retrospective effects. What does that mean? On the internal Iranian level, if someone in Iran is still arguing over the futility of Iran's presence in Syria, this debate is over now. If anyone is discussing foreign policy and Iran's stance in defending the resistance movement and confronting the other axis, this argument is over now. On the contrary, Iran will become more forcefully present and more forceful really, and it manifested that through the qualitative missiles strikes on the Daesh targets in Deir Zour province days ago, and it hit its targets precisely. This is certain information and not media talk. It hit, killed, and destroyed.

Well, so things went in the opposite direction with Iran. It was supposed that this war would take it to isolation, introversion, withdrawal, and abandoning its responsibility, fleeing the squares, forsaking Palestine, and deserting the resistance movements. However, here I am telling you. Iran will remain a supporter of Palestine, the Palestinian cause, and the resistance movements in the region, no matter what conditions it is passing through and pressures it is confronting. The Americans and those with them in the region are wrong in understanding the true nature of the Iranian stance towards the Palestinian cause. It is not a stance based on interests. It is not a political stance. It is an ideological stance. Because the Americans have nothing called ideological stances, they can't understand what an ideological stance means. The stance of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Iranian leadership, the Iranian officials, and the Iranian people from the Palestinian cause is a religious stance and an ideological stance which has to do with the Holy Quran, the Prophet, the Holy Month of Ramadan, the al-Qadr Nights, supplication, praying, and fasting. The Iranian people do not abandon their religion, Quran, Prophet, prayers, and fasting; likewise, they can't abandon Palestine.

This is the first misunderstanding. The second misunderstanding is that in confronting the challenge with Iran they are wrong in understanding His Eminence Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei (May Allah prolong his life span). They misunderstand the Iranian people and the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Thus they did not receive but despair and frustration for almost 40 years. It's because they misunderstand the enemy they are confronting - this people, and these officials. All of Iran unites when its sovereignty, dignity, fate, and security are harmed, and when it senses that others are conspiring against it.

Well, this is Iran. So we, the members of this axis, must be assured and absolutely certain that in this axis there is a great regional power which is steadfast and persistent in this axis, path, and target. So we are through with anyone who tries to doubt or affect the morale of the region and the resistance movements in the region, by saying tomorrow Iran would sell you or besiege you. This is over. This has no place in any calculations or considerations which we may make.

Second: by virtue of steadfastness, resistance, solidarity, and blood which was shed in the battlefield, Syria has overcome the threat of toppling the regime. You have seen what alternative may have replaced the region. It would have been Daesh or Nusra or the people of hotels, embassies, and intelligence (agencies). That would have been a national catastrophe on the Syrian people. Should the military developments continue in the same manner, Syria will overcome the threat of partition and isolation God willing. The attempts to isolate it geographically started to fall after the Syrian soldiers and the allies reached the Iraqi-Syrian borders following the battles in the desert, and the great victories which were achieved, and the liberation of about 30 thousand kilometers (which is three times the area of Lebanon) within weeks. Syria is the heart of the battle, and it is stable in its central political stance within the resistance axis. So here too we have steadfastness and perseverance and victory.

Third: by virtue of the sacrifices, steadfastness, and perseverance of the Iraqi people, we are witnessing great victories this year - especially this year. The decisive victories are taking place this year. I can't say if it is a matter of days or weeks. The Iraqis are more aware of that. But the issue in Mosul is a matter of time. The remnants of Daesh in Iraq are coming to an end - if there is still any in Anbar or Saladin or Kirkuk. There is no future for Daesh and no existence for Daesh in Iraq. This is what befell Daesh, which they brought along to make Iraq and the Iraqis succumb and yield with humiliation, and withdraw their political line and religious commitment, so as to make them subservient to the American administration and to the regional American tools. Moreover, in Iraq a marvelous jihadi experience was gained; there we witness great awareness, deep-rooted faith, unlimited willingness, and a strong sense that they are part of the battle taking place in the region, and this is bad news for "Israel", and this is what I will return to at the end of my speech.

Fifth, I would like to hail the legendary steadfastness of the Yemeni people for almost three years. After all in Iraq and Syria, we talk about capacities and t an integrated army. There is no practical siege there. There are airplanes and maritime borders.... However, in Yemen, there is a total sea, land, and air siege, and the capacities of the state are originally humble. It was not allowed to be a strong state, and its people suffer from hardships and crises relating to livelihood. Still for almost three years, this people has been fighting several armies at a time, and "Israel" is partaking in this battle. "Israel" is participating in aerial bombardment of Yemen. We have certain information. It is our own information; no one provided us with it: the "Israeli" air force used to gather and provide information in the past, but now it is partaking in bombing targets in Yemen under the title of the Arab alliance, but this is not announced. Well, this people did not collapse; they did not grow weak; they did not flee. It was possible that what they planned for would take place. They were plotting that when the Arabs, most of the Arabs or most of the Arab states, conspire against the Yemeni people, this people would find themselves oppressed even by the Arab and Islamic peoples. However, allow me to be very transparent today. Perhaps from Palestine, if a voice is heard from there, it is a shy and occasional one that defends the Yemenis and the Yemeni people as they confront the Saudi-US aggression. However, I tell you that their goals failed. There is no need to talk much. Now it happened that you are here in the complex but I am watching television. I hope that at night you watch the popular demonstration and rally in Sana'a. I will not say millions gathered; I will say hundreds of thousands gathered. Should millions rally in Iran on Friday, this is Iran, it is a secure, strong, stable state; however, in Yemen, Sana'a, hundreds of thousands of men, women, young, and old gathered under the sun. At any moment they may be subject to aerial shelling and massacres would be perpetrated against them while they are fasting. For whose sake are they bearing all of that? It is for the sake of Palestine and for the sake of al-Quds. So there is no need to talk anymore about Yemen. It is enough that you watch this procession. Then you can judge for yourselves. This manifests the frustration of the central Saudi-"Israeli" goal in the region. See what happened with those who want to move the Yemeni people away from Palestine. Despite all the oppression, conspiracies, cholera, hunger, diseases, siege, and loneliness, this great Yemeni people today said: we will not abandon Palestine and al-Quds. This was their message today. This is a manifestation of the failure of the Saud Dynasty. This is a terrible failure for those who launched this war for the sake of America and "Israel". As I said about Iraq, the resistance today has a strong, true, popular, political, national, Islamic, military, and jihadi power. It is a true, tried, and tough resistance in Yemen. It is part of this axis. We are proud of them being part of this axis. We are proud of them belonging to us and of us belonging to them. This is the truth.

Sixth: the perseverance and steadfastness of the resistance movements in Lebanon and Palestine. People did not flee or retreat. The resistance did not give up its arms. It did not detonate its missiles and throw them in the sea or throw them in the dunghill or bargain over them. The resistance did not change its terminologies, challenges, and stances despite all what we talked about a while ago: threats, intimidations, and accusations of terrorism, arrests, assassinations, imprisonment, siege, draining financial sources, sanctions laws, terrorist lists...This is also important. However, what is important is to highlight the true achievement of the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine during all of these years. This resistance is working to remain ready on the psychological, moral, financial, military, and security levels. The very "Israelis" themselves in Herzliya, who view (certain) states as ‘moderate Sunni Arab' states - here it is the responsibility of the Sunnite officials more than us to respond to this word; however, at the same time, when Liebermann - this fanatic extremist "Israeli" official - talks to the effect of why "Israel" did not reach settlements in the region so far, he gives several reasons. I will read one line and a half in which he gives one of the reasons. Now listen very well because these words cost blood. This is an achievement, and this is a victory. This is a confession by the enemy. In this speech in the Herzliya Conference, he said that I believe that one of our problems is that since 1967, we did not achieve victory in any battle. This is Liebermann speaking. In fact, the true battle and the last time we gained victory was in the Six-Day-war. No one doubted who won and who lost. In 1967, no one had doubt that "Israel" won and the Arabs lost. The lack of victories leads to a lack of trust from the other side.

Well, today, they acknowledge that they haven't made victories. That's why since 1973, it was required that Egypt be put aside, and now it is required that Syria be destroyed and the resistance movements be weakened because "Israel" needs a victory. To reach a settlement, "Israel" needs a victory. Indeed, now there are some who are coveting greedily to power who want to offer a political victory to "Israel" without fighting and for free. We will return to this later.

There is another point that is recorded to the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine. I hope what I say is taken into consideration because in Lebanon, people usually follow the news. From time to time, "Israeli" officials make declarations. Some want to return Lebanon 20 years to the back, and others want to return it 50 and 200 years backwards. Some foreign officials and embassies intimidate Lebanese officials by saying there is a war, and they talk about a hot summer and the like.

I will read these two texts. Indeed, we do not trust the "Israelis". That does not mean that we feel reassured. However, allow me to depict to you the disposition of this conference. What are the "Israelis" talking about? The first text is for the "Israeli" war minister and the second is for the "Israeli" chief of staff. Well, these are the two officials which are most concerned with war in addition to Netanyahu. That is to reassure a little bit some of the Lebanese who are a bit afraid. Liebermann said: They are asking me what will happen in Gaza. Are we again before a war?

What will happen with Hizbullah? What will happen with Syria? Here again I am telling you what I always tell you...This is Liebermann who is talking. This is Liebermann who threatens and menaces: We do not have any intention to take the initiative to stage any military operation, whether in summer or fall, whether in the north (meaning with us) or in the south (meaning with our brethren in Gaza). Our goal is to prevent a war, and we can prevent the outbreak of a war by creating a true honest deterrence as suggested. Through deterrence, you can prevent a war.
This is Liebermann who is talking. It is the enemy war minister. Indeed, he talked about several things with much transparency in a private speech. Why doesn't he want a war with Gaza and with Lebanon? It's because this war is very costly.

Brothers and sisters! Here we must understand the value of this achievement in Gaza and the value of this achievement in Lebanon: the achievement of the resistance and the golden formula: the army-people-resistance, and the national harmony achievement, even if in general. However, it is the resistance which owns this power to make a war with "Israel" very costly for "Israel". What did he say a while ago? He wants a victory, and he knows that he will not achieve victory in a war on Gaza and he will not achieve victory in a war on Lebanon. The enemy may demolish, kill, desecrate...No one argues over the savageness of the enemy and its ability; however, it cannot achieve victory because there is a will, there are resistance fighters, there are heroes, there is a supportive environment, there are people, there are families of martyrs, there are political leaderships, there are scholars, there are forces, and there are many other things.

So the victory is still making victories around the clock. This very status - the status of deterrence with the enemy - makes the enemy know that the enemy does not have any gap from which it can launch a war to gain victory over Lebanon or to launch a war and gain victory in Gaza. This is what deters the enemy. This is the evidence of the power of the resistance in Lebanon and the power of the resistance in Gaza, and is the main consideration the enemy gives to the resistance in any battle.

The chief of staff also says that "Israel" can destroy, desecrate, kill...However, at the end he says: ‘despite the status quo we depicted, and our wish to make the Hizbullah organization retreat away from the south of the Litani as is required in Resolution 1701, our interest is that this repose continues for long years to come'. It is not the foreign minister or a diplomat who is talking. It is the chief of staff who threatens and frightens. What is he saying? He is saying that our interest is in staying calm. We want repose for long years as long as through deterrence we can achieve peace.

Why are they saying so? Why does "Israel" take the resistance into consideration?
Seventh: the Peoples of the nation. Despite all the wounds, look today at the people of Bahrain who are demonstrating while fire is being opened upon them. O' Palestinian people! Again I address our Palestinian brethren. Your brethren in Bahrain are demonstrating for your sake and for your cause and your sanctities and rights. The Khalifa regime opens fire on their heads and chests and arrests them, tortures them, imprisons them, and hits them. Still, the faithful Bahraini people too hit the street today to say that Palestine to us is a religion, a doctrine, fraternity, people, and nation.

The same applies to Nigeria. Their Sheikh and leader is in prison due to a Saudi conspiracy. Thousands of them were killed and thousands were arrested. Still today hundreds of thousands or tens of thousands hit the street in several cities for the sake of Palestine and for the sake of al-Quds. The same applies to Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Mauritania, and western capitals (London and other cities)... What does that mean? That means that the nation - despite being targeted, preoccupied, torn, and incited on sectarian, factional, racial, and regional levels, al-Quds and Palestine are still present and their presence will become more forcefully present.

I wanted to continue with this picture in this way to say: No. The central target of the second axis which is called wiping out the Palestinian cause and expelling Palestine and the Palestinian cause from the formula was not achieved. They failed in fact. Even more, the resistance is still forcefully and powerfully present. This is what we want to reach at the end. I wanted to talk about Lebanon for a while, but it is clear that we will take a little bit more time on this issue.

All in all, today on al-Quds Day, from all of these events which we witnessed in the battle field and in the popular rallies, festivals, and celebrations, we must draw the following conclusions and specify the following responsibilities:

First: the Palestinian people and all those who believe in this cause in the Arab and Islamic world must not feel despair, despite all the difficulties which we talked about in the first part, because the despair of the Palestinian people would achieve the goals of the enemy. Do not feel despair; do not get bored, and do not get tired. Be patient and steadfast and carry on forward. There are many hopes, many achievements, and many open horizons. Consequently, it is not allowed that we get desperate. We must not abandon the cause, get tired, and give up. We must adhere to the right which is ours.

Second: there is something that everyone must come to know, the friend and the foe alike. The friend needs to be assured because psychological warfare is being waged around the clock on our environment and people. Anyway, the resistance masses in the Arab and Islamic world and, the enemy too who is conspiring against us, must know the limit of each side's capacities and magnitude.

Everyone must know that the resistance axis is very strong and that it will not fail or collapse or deteriorate. It could stand its responsibilities and regain the initiative in more than one field, town, and field.

Today, the resistance axis will not quit the field, and it will not quit the field at any time. The resistance axis feels that there are new, true additions which were added to it and which were not part of it years ago - six or seven or ten years ago.

We were just Iran, Syria, the resistance in Lebanon, and the resistance in Palestine. The rest of the peoples show solidarity with us.

However today, there are two new great, qualitative additions to the resistance axis. There are two true, strong, genuine, influential, and effective additions in the region and the fate of the region: the new developments in Iraq and in Yemen. This was not present in the past.

Today, everyone must know that the resistance axis is strong. Everyone must know that in case the "Israeli" enemy wages a war on Syria or on Lebanon, it is not known whether the battle will remain Lebanese-"Israeli" or Syrian-"Israeli".

I do not mean that there are states which may interfere directly. However, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of fighters and mujahedeen from all around the Arab and Islamic world may be partners in such a battle - from Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Who says that should the enemy decide to stage an aggression or wage a war, that the war would be similar to that of 2006 or the like? No, today the resistance axis acts as if its various sides have one fate.

Third: everyone must know that the situation in the region will not remain as such. Some of the schemes of the enemies failed, and the rest will fail too. They failed in achieving their major political goals, whether on the military, media, or political levels, and that those who remained steadfast and fought with blood, martyrs, and sacrifices in all of these fields will continue struggling to change the situation in the region.

Fourth: the faces, states, and regimes are totally disclosed now. Here I want to say what is written behind me: "The honor of al-Quds does not accept that it be liberated except by the hands of the believers." This was said by His Eminence, the Leader Imam Sayyed Mousa al-Sadr (May Allah restore him and both his friends safe and sound) in the 70s in a very huge conference in UNESCO as far as I remember, which was attended by Palestinian leaderships and national parties and others. He made an address saying: just to let you know - O' Abu Ammar - the honor of al-Quds does not accept that it be liberated except by the hands of the believers. Perhaps if anyone of us says this today, it would be of no value. Perhaps in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Syria, or in Yemen someone would deliver a speech to this effect. However, when Sayyed Mousa al-Sadr said that in UNESCO, he was in absolute estrangement.

Anyway, today many faces became exposed. Some people say masks are off; I like to say faces are exposed. The game of hypocrisy is over - whether above the table or under the table - with "Israel". This is intended. See, some consider that what is taking place today between "Israel" and some Arab states as an evidence of defeat; however, I say this is an indicator of welfare and victory. When the hypocrites emerge from your lines that means you are approaching victory. When the wicked are discriminated from the good in a battle with a great goal, that means we are approaching victory. The honor of al-Quds refuses to be liberated by the hands of the wicked, hypocritical, treacherous, and wicked collaborators. Al-Quds is to be liberated by the hands of the believers in Allah, the divine revelations, the prophets, the sanctities, in their peoples, in the rights of their peoples, and the sacrificing, loyal, faithful believers. This is what we are approaching now. What is taking place is not a bad indicator; it is a good indicator.

The game is over. The game of hypocrisy above the table and under the table is over. Let things move as they are. Brothers and sisters! O' Palestinian people! Do not feel sorrow or grief! Do not regret! On the contrary, this categorization is a very good indicator. It moves the battle to a new and advanced stage which is nearer to victory.

Fifth: no matter what the developments are, America, "Israel", and the regimes which collaborate with them must know very well that the Palestinian people and the peoples of our nation will not acknowledge "Israel" and will not accept "Israel" and will not normalize (relations) with "Israel". See the Egyptian people. See the Jordanian people! The rulers may normalize; some political, cultural, and media elites may normalize due to their feebleness and weakness. However, the peoples will never normalize with "Israel".

No matter what takes place - civil, racial, and sectarian wars, factional ordeals, estrangement, dangers - normalization will never take place. This is a real fact. I am not exaggerating, and I am not giving hopes. Facts assert that; and consequently, "Israel" will remain strange to this region, imposed on this region, an occupation state, and a terrorist state. Time will come when this terrorism and occupation will be uprooted from the land of Palestine. They are confronting fate; however, this is the fate of this nation and this region.

Sixth: the organizations conspiring against the resistance axis must know that it will not gain victory in this battle. Let them do whatever they want. You may employ your deceit and cunning efforts. Still you cannot win in this battle. Were them to win and end this battle decisively, that would have taken place three years ago or six years ago. However, this is over now. Moving forward based on all what you are doing means more bloodshed, more martyrs, and more destruction; however, you can't achieve these mean, ignoble goals you seek to achieve.

Likewise, with the same transparency I promised you, I want to tell you in the current political, regional, Arabic, and Islamic scene, the spearhead in confronting the resistance and conspiring against it on the media, cultural, security, political, and military levels, which works around the clock, the one which offers things to Israel freely without anything in return, and opens the gates in the Arab and Islamic world to "Israel" for relations, economic normalization, and coordination, is the Saudi regime. Why should we hide behind our finger?

Today, with the regional and advanced position Saudi Arabia holds in the Arab and Islamic world, after all sides grew weak, were torn apart, disbanded, and hungered, and with the position it owns, the wealth it owns, the power it owns, it is doing all of this in the name of the two honorable Shrines, and in the name of religion. Isn't this the truth?

I am not giving a speech on the level of Lebanon but rather on the level of the Arab and Islamic world. The nation, the scholars, the parties, the forces, and the people must know this truth and acknowledge this truth. They must know that this regime is convicted in this nation. We must not clap for them, butter them up, and tell them "great" because it is going to sell Palestine and the entire region to Trump, and not only give him 450 billion dollars. It will sell the entire region and everything to Trump and to the Americans. What is even more sorrowful is that this regime said it wants to establish an intellectual center to fight terrorism?! I suggest to you that there is no need to pay money and establish research centers. I have a couple of words to say. Change the educational curriculum in Saudi Arabia that teaches Wahhabism and stop exporting Wahhabism to the world, and then the world would be quite perfect. Any other decision is deception. All the security, political, and economic agreements are useless. The origin is this intellect. Today while fighting in Iraq and Syria, you face hundreds of suicide bombers. Isn't this sorrowful? You find hundreds of suicide bombers. Are they fighting for money? No. Are they fighting for worldly motives? No. It is not bad to say this truth. They are perpetrating suicide operations because someone convinced them and persuaded them to believe that if you blow up yourself near a Muslim, near a Christian, in the market, in a mosque, in a church, in a market, in a village, or on a military or a civil target, you will have Iftar (break your fast) or lunch with the Prophet, and your reward is Heaven. He will be surprised when he knows that he is an absolute loser. So talking about security, military, alliances, and war on terrorism is useless if this intellect is not addressed first. Where did this intellect come from? It came from Saudi Arabia, from the Wahhabi schools, and from the committee of senior scholars. Consequently, the war on terrorism must start from here and any other thing is mere loss of time and efforts. It is unfortunate that it is exporting the Wahhabi intellect and funding terrorism, and now it wants to hold its friends and neighbors accountable for supporting and funding terrorism. This is a real scandal. That means there is no shyness and bashfulness. Nothing is hidden. They are not ashamed of anything at all.

Anyway, today on al-Quds Day, I call upon the Islamic nation and all the Islamic peoples to call on the Saudi regime to stop the war on Yemen and to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. It is not Iran that is interfering in your affairs. The Islamic peoples must call on the Saudi regime to stop exporting the Wahhabi intellect to the world and not to open the doors before "Israel" to interfere in the Arab world after it failed to do that for decades. This demand is a must and not something favorable. This is one of the most important obligations, and it is part of the battle. Today, it is our responsibility on al-Quds Day as Hizbullah and as the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, along with all of our brothers, sisters, people, brethren, families of martyrs, and wounded, to renew our faith in al-Quds, in the Palestinian cause, in our commitment on the track of the resistance, in our adherence to the axis of resistance, and in this battle which means the fate of Palestine and the fate of the nation. In this perspective, we are offering sacrifices everyday - martyrs, wounded, and at times captives. We offer sacrifices because we believe that in this battle we are protecting Lebanon in the face of "Israel" and in face of the Takfiri groups, and because in this battle we are guarding our region and our sanctities, and because in this battle we are pushing back from our country and region what is worse and more horrid. See the example of Daesh which blew up yesterday one of the main and greatest mosques in Mosul. What is worse is that they take the people of Mosul as a shield, but when one of them manages to leave, he is shot in the back. Never in history had we witnessed such savageness as represented by Daesh today, which was released upon our peoples by America and Saudi Arabia.

We will carry along on this battle. We will be where we must be. Here I am telling you that based on all the facts and information, we will move along offering blood, martyrs, and sacrifices, while remaining steadfast until reaching the final, absolute, promised victory God willing. May you be in peace on this occasion every year. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

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