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Akka Op: A Severe Blow to the “Israeli” Army

Akka Op: A Severe Blow to the “Israeli” Army
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By Latifa Al-Housseini

For the first time since December 2023, sirens sounded in Akka [Acre] in northern Palestine. It was a combined attack by the Islamic Resistance on the headquarters of the Golani Brigade and Unit 621 [otherwise known as "Sayeret Egoz"] in the "Shraga" barracks in Akka. The qualitative operation is of an unusual nature, as acknowledged by “Israel’s” media. Why?

The strike, as the Resistance leadership explained in its statement, comes in response to the assassination of one of its fighters. For that reason, the decision was made to inflict pain on the enemy by resorting to surprise tactics that they are not accustomed to during their war that has been going on for more than six months.

In terms of implementation, the resistance resorted to a dual method of attack, using two types of drones, diversionary and assault, to ensure that targets are accurately hit and destroyed.

In terms of the target and its characteristics, the enemy’s media acknowledges the harshness of the strike due to the heavy losses. The resistance drones reached deep into the outskirts of Haifa and the coast of Palestine for the first time since the start of the military confrontation in October and bombed two “Israeli” military bases in Safed and Akka. This is an expansion of the scope of the support war 200 days after it began.

The scale of panic among the settlers that accompanied the operation when the sirens were sounded and the drones passed through the airspace of Akka also show the impact of the complex attack, especially with 200,000 settlers hiding in shelters during the operation. Meanwhile, the Iron Dome missiles malfunctioned and fell into the sea instead of intercepting the targets, which means that the operation was completed successfully and without complications.

In conclusion, the resistance’s drones flew over "Nahariya", Akka, Safed, and Haifa, completed the objective, delivering their knockout blow.