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Hezbollah Op in Arab Al-Aramshe: When ’Israel’ Can’t Keep It Low, Then It Is Unswallowable!

Hezbollah Op in Arab Al-Aramshe: When ’Israel’ Can’t Keep It Low, Then It Is Unswallowable!
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By Zeinab Abdallah

Beirut – It has been more than seven months since the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon has been scoring significant achievements against the ‘Israeli’ occupiers, but the latest hit in the occupied Palestinian border village of Arab Al-Aramshe has taken much due attention as it astonished the enemy and pained it a lot…

As admitted by the ‘Israeli’ entity, at least eighteen Zionists were wounded, half of which were in critical conditions, when an explosive drone fired from Lebanon struck a ‘community center’ in Arab Al-Aramshe in the Northern Galilee on Wednesday. All wounded soldiers were taken to the Galilee Medical Center in ‘Nahariya.’

65 minutes after the operation, Hezbollah announced via its official Military Media Telegram channel that “In support of our defiant Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and as part of backing its daring and honorable resistance, and in response to the “Israeli” attacks on safe villages the most recent of which were the attacks on the villages of Ain Baal and Chehabiyeh, the Islamic Resistance fighters launched on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at 13:15 a joint operation using guided missiles and offensive drones on the headquarters of the newly established military reconnaissance company in Arab Al-Aramshe referred to as the “community center,” resulting in direct hits and casualties among its members.”

The “Israeli” media dwelled on the development, confessing the failure of the entity’s intelligence.

“Israeli” Channel 14 described the operation as a very dangerous incident that took place using a precise drone, adding that Hezbollah made it as it knew the destination where it was sending the drone that left many injuries. Hezbollah directly targeted the building where a large ‘Israeli’ army force was hiding.

Moving to “Israeli” Channel 12, it referred to the results of Hezbollah’s operation as difficult, stressing that there are two key factors that must be taken into account in light of such development. The first is that Hezbollah learns from previous incidents, and through the progress of the fight in the North, it is adding and testing new tools in the battle. This is clear through using heavy missiles, such as Burkan, which weighs tens of kilograms of explosive materials, against ‘Israeli’ military bases. The second is referred to as ‘fire undauntedness’, which means using several types of weapons against the same point at the same time to overcome as much as possible of its ‘defense’ and score precise hits. Sadly, Hezbollah succeeded in Arab Al-Aramshe, the channel lamented. 

“Israeli” Channel 13 cited an army assessment that Hezbollah is challenging the observation and interception systems in the North through sending drones. This is actually very possible, especially that the resistance group has targeted for several months the ‘Israeli’ radars, cameras, and espionage equipment in every targetable point along the occupied borders.
Regarding the operation, "Israeli" Walla! military correspondents provided the following commentary: “What happened in Arab Al-Aramshe is an organized ambush by Hezbollah fighters. They knew very well whom they were targeting, and they launched anti-tank missiles and an unmanned suicide drone.”

According to KAN’s military analyst Roi Sharon, Hezbollah proved through this operation that its organization is operating successfully in the border area.

Questioning the intelligence establishment, the “Israeli” media wondered how would Hezbollah learn that army soldiers are stationed in a civilian building in the center of Arab Al-Aramshe? Other media outlets said Hezbollah drones hit their target without any warning and the “army” has no answer about the source from which the drones were sent. “No sirens sounded. It is the second consecutive day when sirens are not activated yet the drones hit their targets accurately.”

Over the past six months, Hezbollah sent several unmanned drones that breached the “defense system” in the North and left many injuries. Although they are simple, it is difficult to discover Hezbollah’s drones, Channel 12 explained. Moreover, programming the unmanned drones that targeted Arab Al-Aramshe requires technical capabilities and skilled operators. Hezbollah learned this too.

“Israeli” military journalist Ron Ben Yishai considered that although “Israel” has a technological superiority and is taking steps to detect incoming drones before they reach the border, their means are being studied by Hezbollah, which is improving its learning curve. Hezbollah is using ‘dead’ areas that are not covered by radars or visual discovering means to reach their targets, Ben Yishai added.

In a flashback to history, Arab Al-Aramshe was a village inhabited by Bedouin Arabs from Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria. It was named after the tribe of “Arab Al-Aramshe”. It neighbors Lebanon’s Dhayra village and has a historical background predating 1916 when the two villages were separated under Sykes–Picot Agreement. This means that the entire existence of the place is older than the proclaimed ‘Israeli’ occupation entity.

In 2000, when Hezbollah liberated the occupied part of Lebanon from the “Israeli” occupation, the Zionist forces razed the houses and even the graves of people in Arab Al-Aramshe before fleeing in an attempt to hide some facts about the origin of this village. People left the ruins as a witness on the "Israeli" crimes and historical evidence.

Perhaps one day the “Israelis” dared to attack even the dead in their graves in Arab Al-Aramshe, but what is certain is that Hezbollah heroes dare more to make not only Arab Al-Aramshe, not only the "Galilee", but every grain of the occupied soil of Lebanon and Palestine a grave for the ‘Israeli’ occupiers.

Someone dear advised me some months ago to visit the place and look at Arab Al-Aramshe from afar when the dust of the battle settles. I will definitely do but now with much hope that I’ll be looking at the historical village from a very close distance… Long live the Resistance, my country’s source of pride!