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Flood of the Free for Al-Quds

Flood of the Free for Al-Quds
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By Marwa Osman

Lebanon – Al-Quds day is a global day that is not limited to Al-Quds [Jerusalem] alone, but it is a day of confrontation of the oppressed against the arrogant, a day of confronting the nations struggling under the oppression of western and Zionist powers.

It is the day on which the oppressed must prepare to confront the arrogant and break their power. It is the day that distinguishes between the believers and the hypocrites, where each act as they should on this day.

It comes as no surprise that the International Committee for the Revival of the Quds International Day launched the slogan of the occasion for the year 2024 CE - 1445 AH: "The Flood of The Free."

The repetition of the word "The Flood of The Free" is indicative of the continuation of the Al Aqsa Flood and its persistence until victory. The coupling of the flood with the free signifies that whoever is not victorious for the flood of Al-Aqsa resides outside the realm of freedom.

It will be a day that reminds the world of the glorious inverted red triangle which symbolizes the triangle of vigor, which has been prevalent since October 7. This inverted triangle which will never be erased from our collective memory as it documented the destruction of "Israeli" entity military vehicles from point-blank range.

On the International Day of Al-Quds, the humanitarian and international dimensions of the Palestinian issue become clear in a journey from the Nakba of Palestine in 1948 to the current genocidal war which has so far claimed the lives of 37,000 Palestinian civilians, half of whom are children.

It is true that the 1948 Nakba would not have happened without the success of the Zionist movement supported by Western colonialism in seizing Palestine. However, today, six months into the Genocide by "Israel" on Gaza and the west bank, it seems that the liberation of Palestine is approaching more than ever before.

It will no doubt remain this way as long as the Palestinian cause has become a global cause and as long as resistance continues in Palestine, and on the path of Palestine to include the encircling allies of Palestine in the axis of resistance countries, reaching the free people of the world on all continents.

International Quds Day this year in specific will be a day of putting an end to the hypocrites, as for the hypocrites who maintain secret relationships with the empire and its clients and pretend to fight "Israel", they will reveal their true colors on this day, as they are the ones preventing people from simply taking part in the pro-Palestine events of this day.

On the Day of Al-Quds, it is our duty to warn those hypocrites that if they do not stop this interference, hegemony and genocide enabling attitude, we will stand up to them in every field. They have been given many chances and treated kindly in the hope that they would halt their treacherous practices, but they still refuse to back down, even after they saw first-hand what the Zionist entity and its criminal backers are willing to murder unborn children in their mothers’ wombs just for intimidation.

We will now say our final word and make it clear to each and every one of them that the previous hegemony cannot return, and that there is no longer a place for America or its lapdogs here again. The US will not be allowed to rule in our region again, nor will any western or eastern power.

Al-Quds Day will be the day where we, the natives of the levant in particular and west Asia in general, will issue our final warning to all the genocide enablers and those living in a spiral of silence unwilling to take a stand with the righteous, to stop their criminal behavior once and for all and to lift their hands off of the oppressed.

"Israel", the enemy of humanity and mankind, fabricates troubles and seditions every day, and it must know that the time when its lords did as they pleased has ended. They will be pushed to choose the isolation that suits them and stop their genocidal ambitions in Palestine.

Al-Quds Day is the day of Islam, on which this religion must thrive, and we indeed shall revive it, by the will of Allah sw. It is the day on which we must warn the major powers that Islam is no longer under their control, nor under the control of their vile clients. With over a billion Muslim believers who have been granted divine support and endorsement; Whom should they fear then?! Therefore, they must acquaint the West with their material and moral capabilities.

We are here, and with our small number, we have risen against the enemies and defeated vile major powers.

Beware of the oppressed, they are no longer weak. They bite back hard unabated by colonial oppressors. They are waiting at every corner, armed with their red triangles, turning our infinite hope for full liberation into an incredible reality.