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Sayyed Nasrallah Delivers Speech on Resistance and Liberation Day

Sayyed Nasrallah Delivers Speech on Resistance and Liberation Day
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Local Editor

Hizbullah Secretary General, His Eminence delivers a speech on "Resistance and Liberation Day" in Mashghara on May 25th, 2013

I take refuge in Allah from the cursed Devil,

In the Name of the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate,
Praises be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds,

Peace and prayers be upon our master, Prophet Muhammad; his chaste, benevolent Household; on his chosen, upright companions, and on all prophets and heralds,

Brothers and sisters, Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon all of you,
I thank you all for coming. Welcome here; this is your eid. It is the eid when you celebrate your victory, resistance, and freedom from the occupation. First, I'd like to offer my congratulations for the blessed birth of our great master, "The Prince of the Believers" Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb (Peace be upon him).

As well, I congratulate you for this important, national eid: "Resistance and Liberation Day."

At these very moments, we recall the sacrifices made by all martyrs, their families, the wounded and captured, the freed captives, our steadfast and sacrificing citizens, army soldiers, and resistance fighters- whether Lebanese, Palestinians, or Syrians. I especially address the grand leaders: Sayyed Abbass al-Moussawi, who led the resistance martyrs; Sheikh Ragheb Harb, who guided the resistance martyrs with his teachings; and Haj Imad Moghnieh, who led the fighters in the battlefield. Had it not been for all of these sacrificing martyrs, we wouldn't have been here now, celebrating this victory and this eid.

I particularly greet the dear citizens of West Beqaa, with whom we have chosen to hold our celebration this year. Enjoying their hospitality, we recall the great martyrs, the dear fighters, and the loyal, proud, patient, and steadfast people of West Beqaa. By celebrating here, we wish to pay tribute to the very sacrificing people of this region, who have had a major role in maintaining the Resistance at all times and achieving victory.

In His Holy Qur'an, Allah the Exalted in Might says, {We did assign Moses as messenger to reveal our signs to his people; Take your community out of darknesses to the light and remind them of Allah's days; In that there are signs to every remarkably patient, constantly thankful one.}
The 25th of May 2000 is truly one of Allah's days. That day, Allah's mercy, blessings, and providence were revealed to our patient, resistant people. That day, as well, the divine power conquered the Zionists after they had occupied our land and oppressed our people. So, our victory day was one of Allah's days, and their unforgettable defeat was one of Allah's days.

Therefore, we must never forget "Resistance and Liberation Day," and every generation must get to know it.

Yes, brothers and sisters, we must rejoice upon this day and tell our children, grandchildren, and even grandchildren's children about it. This day symbolizes a pretty historic experience, when very great sacrifices were made, much pain was endured, big hopes were kept, and morals were learned. This day will always represent the way to a prosperous, honorable future.

So, we must not forget this day- one of Allah's days. We must remember other days of our near past as well: the day when the Palestinian resistance and the sacrificing Palestinian people forced "Israel" out of the Gaza Strip in September 2005; and the day when the Iraqi resistance and the sacrificing Iraqi people forced the US out of Iraq in December 2011. These great days must be nationally celebrated. They don't only belong to the Lebanese, Gazan Palestinians, or Iraqis; they must be celebrated by the entire Ummah, which the US-Zionist scheme threatens.

 We can never forget that our territories were under military occupation. Every year, we need to remember those very sad days: "The 1948 Nakba Day" [Literally: "The Catastrophe Day"] and "The 1967 Naksa Day" [Literally: "The Calamity Day"]. So, these days must be remembered as part of our current history. After all, "The 1948 Nakba Day" was catastrophic for all regional Muslim, Christian, and Arab communities, rather than just for the Palestinians. It is wrong to consider it is somebody else's problem!

Until this very day, which is 65 years after "The Nakba Day," our regional communities still suffer the dangerous repercussions. That's why we need to recall the painful "Nakba" events so that we can learn lessons; we must let victories make us stronger. I remark that certain parties want us to forget all of those days; they want us to have no memory, history, or cause.

Brothers and sisters, this year, we celebrate eid as the Lebanese and the regional peoples face threatening challenges. However, there are two major dangers that I wish to tell of as to how we can confront them:

By bringing about "The Nakba Day," "Israel" has posed threatening schemes ever since then. So, this is the first danger; whereas the second is represented by our neighboring Syria's developments. More Takfiri currents are out there in the battlefield, just near our villages, cities, and houses.

To confront the first danger, let's see what is going on in south Lebanon- unfortunately, now we have to see what is going on in north Lebanon as well- so we realize "Israel" is still judaizing al-Quds (Jerusalem) and Palestine, confiscating the rest of the 1948 lands, building more settlements in the West bank, capturing more prisoners, etc... Strangely enough, "Israel" is doing that without even having to worry about any criticism from the international community.

Likewise, since "The 2006 July War" [also known as "The Second Lebanon War"], "Israel" has, on a daily basis, been training, devising and reconsidering plots, joining its arms in military drills, and conducting war-like maneuvers, especially along its interior frontline.

Just one year after "The 2006 July War," "Israel" conducted the so-called "Turning Point 1" maneuvers along its interior frontline. It was time for the so-called "Turning Point 2" the following year, and so on until "Turning Point 6." So, you can see that the entire interior frontline is involved in a full-scale maneuver. That means the prime minister, military, police, and civil defense forces examine alarm sirens, communication means, ambulances, hospitals, streets, and the capacity to provide shelter for any dislodged or migrant "Israelis." They've been conducting thorough maneuvers for six years! This year's maneuver will begin tomorrow- Sunday. Perhaps many Lebanese do not know this is going to take place.

However, this time it is not "Turning Point 7," but "Solid Frontline 1!"
I'd like to point out that I'm telling you this for a reason. Okay, so they've debated their weaknesses and what was missing, and they dealt with that in those years. Now, the enemy says it has a solid internal frontline and all of its frontlines are ready for all kinds of war!

It makes me feel sorrier to say that our enemy is doing well as to maintaining its interests and schemes. They have a special ministry, "The Interior Frontline Ministry." And, what does the interior frontline minister do? Should anything happen, It's his job to be in charge of the whole interior frontline. So, our enemy knows how to manage its affairs.

In contrast, when the 2010 Ethiopian airliner crashed into the sea, everything got out of control in Lebanon! Can anyone tell me whether any official was assigned to look into that tragedy?! Was anyone assigned to run any rescue teams?! Whereas control in Lebanon is lost, or enemy has an interior frontline minister!
Anyway, everyday "Israel" threatens to begin a war against Lebanon, thronging its forces and tanks along our southern borders. For several months, there have been troops, and I repeat- for several months! And they're very ready. They're issuing threats and assailing Syria, too.

Well, let's speak about the section on Lebanon. Since 2006, "Israel" has been making preparations, arming its troops, maneuvering, planning, and treating gaps in administration, control, and even the most little details related to the combat field and the interior frontline. I have a question: What have we, the Lebanese and the Lebanese state, prepared?! All officials should have gotten prepared to confront any "Israeli" aggression against us, but have they?! What have the Lebanese people themselves done?! Are they demanding that their state and government institutions be responsible enough to do something?! Isn't there enough chaos already?!

Frankly speaking, it's not the time for compliments because the situation is critical. We can't just run away or hide. It is time to stand up straight and confront all threats responsibly enough. This is what the current stage requires.
So, if we address the issue frankly, we come to this question: What has the Lebanese state done?!

Let's see. All of us want a strong army that can act responsibly and defend the country. But, have the troops been reinforced? Has the army been armed and prepared well enough to deter the enemy from assailing Lebanon? Has the army been made powerful enough in the eyes of our enemy?! No answer.
Let's particularly examine the period following 2005. I will not address the previous period since many keep commenting on the Syrian custody. Okay, since 2005, we have recognized our state as sovereign, free, and independent. Great! But, what reinforcements has the state made to the army in 8 years?! We all know what the situation is like.
Well, sometimes we get no answer or some kind of excuse: The army has a problem getting enough funding; no one is providing aides to the army; the US has vetoed against any Arab army if this army intends to fight "Israel."
Note that Russia intends to sell Syria air defense missiles, which Syria will not use to assail any country, but to defend its territories. So, the US and Europe interfere to prevent Syria from getting those S-300 missiles; this shakes the "balance" they're trying to keep!

In contrast, the US sells certain Arab states developed arms that cost milliards of dollars. Why? Well, it's because the US and Europe can absolutely guarantee that not a single shot will be fired against "Israel!"

So, they're really afraid that the patriotic Lebanese Army might fight like the Resistance fights in case they are commanded to do so and are given political cover and the right chances. After all, the Lebanese Army soldiers are like the Resistance fighters; they're the men of our Lebanese nation and patriotic culture.
Now, let's see what the Lebanese state has done since 1948 to the Lebanese interior frontline. What has it done to protect its citizens?! Look, "Israel" is afraid of missiles, not air forces. Actually, it's hard for any air forces to strike "Israel."
On the other hand, "Israel" has the strongest air forces in the Middle East and can reach anywhere in the Lebanese interior frontline.

So, who's in charge of the Lebanese interior frontline?! Who?! Is there any minister, administrator general, or officer in charge?! Let's even forget about this! What about preparations made as to hospitals, ambulances, and national defense?! Is there even an alarm siren or any radar that can detect any aircraft violating our airspace?! They're making no preparations at all, and they're not even developing the infrastructure!

Whereas "Israel" checks its shelters whenever it conducts interior frontline maneuvers, we, in Lebanon, have no shelters to check. Whereas "Israel" checks safe chambers, we have none to check. Why? It's just because there are none! There is no responsible state! Thanks be to Allah the Almighty, anyway.
Is it required that the Resistance deal with this, too?! Now, this is an important question that the state will have to answer!

I say there are exceptions. Some infrastructure in South Lebanon has been developed, and it was not the state that decided that. To be really fair, I say the developments were made by personal efforts, ongoing hard work and requests made by His Excellency Mr. Nabih Berri, who made use of the state and power game followed in Lebanon.
Otherwise, can the great and glorious Lebanese state tell what else has been made?!

Fellow citizens, at all times, trust must be gained, so the Lebanese government can't force people to trust it. It has to show good conduct and actions to make people trust it with their lives, honor, money, children, generations, future, dignity, and esteem. This can't be done in the blink of an eye, but rather, it needs practice.

Let's compare "Israel's" interior frontline with Lebanon's. Along the borders with Lebanon, Syria, the Golan, and Jordan, "Israel" has built settlements in vacant lands, where it has brought Jews from Ethiopia, Romania, Argentina, and other places around the world. "Israel" has brought them, provided them with shelter, salaries, support, lands, offers, job opportunities, training, and arms. "Israel" has done this because a military role has been assigned to those settlements along the borders. After all, those settlements are part of any defensive plan "Israel" makes.

In contrast, our frontline towns, including Bint Jbeil, Marjeeyoun, Hasbaya, Rashaya, and all others along the seashore and the borderline have been there for hundreds of years. We've established none recently. All the government is required to do is to help the residents and landowners of these towns get settled there. The government is not supposed to offer salaries, but just to provide job opportunities to them so that they continue to live in their lands.

So, if anyone is wondering why the frontline towns along the borders barely have residents, the answer will be, "There is no responsible government."
You must have heard the news a few days ago when there was talk regarding resistance in the Golan. The ["Israeli"] settlers in Golan began to demand getting armed all over again, and the "Israeli" government began to discuss that, too.
On the other hand, the Lebanese government and many political forces see that the arms which the residents of the towns along the borders have are illegal, and they believe the residents must be unarmed.

Do you know what the real problem is? There are two completely different mentalities. In the first place, there's a strategic problem, which is that the Lebanese State has never considered "Israel" an enemy or threat. Officials, ever since this state was established, have never bothered thinking of how to confront "Israel's" threat or what to do to defend the Lebanese and their dignity in the case of any "Israeli" aggression! So, it is not a matter of administration; it's a major problem.

Well, part of the Lebanese have done something to confront any future "Israeli" aggression, and that part is represented by the resistance- not only Hizbullah's. You know, I always say that our victory has been the fruit of the efforts and sacrifices of all fighters, parties, factions, and whoever made any sacrifices since His Eminence the abducted Imam Moussa Sadr (May Allah bring him and his two companions back safely) first launched the Lebanese Resistance.

It's been thirty years since then. We now have better personal experience and more forces in hand, and this is the force that made us defeat "Israel" and make it withdraw from Beirut. All the different resistance factions have contributed to this- whether from Mount Lebanon, Saida, Sur (Tyr), West Beqaa, Rashaya, and the areas from the borderline joining in later on. They have confronted "Israel" in July 2006, and until today, they're still training hard and getting very well prepared. Yes, that's the way it is today.

What is that that the Lebanese own today? It's the fruit of the resistance factions' efforts, which "Israel" fears today. However, many Lebanese teams are doing their best to get rid of this fruit! I tell them that they will never be able to unarm us because our lethal arms have made us defeat "Israel," and we have the Lebanese people on our side. So, they can't unarm us or confiscate our arms under any resolution!

That's why, brothers and sisters, all that's being said about unarming the resistance can never defend our country against the enemy. Anyway, I do intend to discuss this now as I need to move to the second topic.
Keeping our arms will help keep the enemy away; whereas, if we ever agree to hand the resistance fighters and arms to the government, then it means we've lost everything. It means there will be no more arms or force to keep the enemy away.

Why? It's because our government can't even protect the funeral of a Saida martyr, stop the very painful and bloody conflict in the city of Tripoli, or eventually reach an agreement regarding a new electoral law. Our government is a sectarian and biased one.

Can you imagine such a government making a decision strong enough to scare away the enemy and prevent it from attacking Lebanon?! It can't! After "the 2006 July War," we called on the government to establish a strong state capable of defense, and I was on top of those making the call. I said that I and my fellow Hizbullah members would return to our mosques, schools, and farms and continue to fight under the state's command. But, what was our condition? We wanted a strong, brave state capable of defending Lebanon.

Anyway, again, I call on all Lebanese State officials to- yes, all of them- and the people, too, to beware of the real danger. No one must think that there's nothing to worry about or that "Israel" is peaceful and quiet!
No! No! "Israel" is constantly vigilant, getting ready, maneuvering, and staying up- to-date with all the regional developments. We can't possibly tell what this enemy might do soon.

Fellow listeners, Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb (Peace be upon him), whose birthday we're marking today, says, "Whereas someone sleeps, someone else lurks." That's why if anyone wishes to sleep long, then it doesn't at all mean the enemy won't be ready enough to strike anytime!

Certainly, our Islamic Resistance will go on with its work, and no one should think that any press campaigns, pressures, or suspicions made might affect us at all! Even telling us we're now part of "the [EU] terrorism blacklist" doesn't change anything. We've been long accused of being a terrorist organization, but it doesn't matter.

Not only have we been in the battlefield for thirty years, but also press and politicians have declared a very harsh psychological war against us. Nonetheless, this war has never been able to shake our great determination. That's why I say to our fellow citizens, who trust the Resistance, that we will continue to defend you, and you shall always be victorious and proud, God willing.
Having mentioned our need for a strong, responsible state that can defend its people, we say that it's better to have one that's not strong or capable of defending us than to have none.

At the end of the day, the very rational, legitimate, and ethical request we can make is to have a state and avoid chaos. Today, it's time for the parliamentary election, although the Lebanese people and parliamentary blocs have been unsuccessful with reaching a new electoral law. For a year, the campaign against us has existed, but today, it ends and the right will be obvious to everyone. For a year, that campaign has been held against the "March 8 Alliance" and Hizbullah, in particular. But, subhanallah [Exalted in Perfection Allah is], we've had the greater "lucky part" of the campaign. They said that Hizbullah wanted the country to eventually end up in chaos, that Hizbullah did not want a parliament or any elections or government formation, that Hizbullah sought chaos all through the government establishments because they had different plans.

Yesterday, on Friday, it turned out to be all fake and useless talk. Why? It's because we had been waiting for a new electoral law, but we could not get it. There was the 1960 law, which the Lebanese detest and reject, and thought that they had completely forgotten about it only to find that it was there all over again!
But, we have made up our mind to run for the elections before the "March 14 Alliance" to tell them that we refuse any chaos, even when it meant we had to accept the 1960 law.

Hereupon, today, we have three choices: People can hold the elections according to the 1960 law; extend the current government's time, which we accept but need to discuss the period of time allowed; or some kind of miracle happens and we agree to have a new law, but I don't know if this can ever happen. For sure, we want no chaos at all.

I have another remark. Again, we call for keeping the Lebanese community away from any clashes or struggles. As long as we have conflicting stances regarding Syria, then let's fight each there- not here. Do you want more honesty than that?! Why do we have to fight each other in Lebanon when we view our duties very differently?! Fine, let it be, but let's keep Lebanon away from combat, struggle, and bloody confrontations.

We are committed to this, and every day our actions prove we are so. The incidents occurring in Saida a couple of days ago were too offensive; however, we did not get involved because we didn't want to cause any further trouble. We care about Saida and its citizens. And, whatever is going on in Tripoli must stop right now.
Stop this useless, bloody conflict in Tripoli, and let its good people live in peace. Whoever wants to fight side-by-side with the Syrian opposition or the Syrian regime can go do that in Syria!

Whether in Bab at-Tabbana, Baal Mohsen, or the rest of Tripoli's neighborhoods, the ongoing combat only brings about a terrible heartache. That's why we are here again to call on our fellow Tripoli citizens to stop fighting each other. If this goes on any further, then it's only going to result in more pain and suffering. I believe that we must all give credit to the state's security and military bodies- particularly the Lebanese Army- which is the one and only guarantee for our civil peace and communion. We must resort to the Lebanese Army to face any kind of local conflict.

Let's move on to the second issue now. Undoubtedly, it's quite critical as it introduces us to a completely new stage.

What's going on in Syria, brothers and sisters, is really going to affect Lebanon's present and future. So, let's not play unaware, coward, or irresponsible. After all, the Lebanese borders are side-by-side with the Syrian borders. God willing, we have the courage to say what we say and do what we do. That's why we need to speak frankly at this critical historic moment.

Let me remind you very quickly that since the incidents began, we've had a clear political stance. We said that the Syrian public had the right to demand reforms, and we said that the Syrian regime had several strengths, especially when it came to resistance and steadfastness against the enemy. As well, we said that the regime had weak points, and reform was requested. The way to reform, we added, was through political dialogue, and that no one from the regime nor the opposition had the right to aim their guns at each other.

Since the very beginning, we've known how significant Syria is to Lebanon, the region, the "Israeli"-Arab conflict, resistance movements, and the Palestinian cause. And, though our party's capabilities are humble, we have very good relations in the region. I, along with the Hizbullah brothers, have worked with Mr. President Bashar al-Assad and opposition officials as well so as to reach political dialogue and a settlement since the beginning.

I bear witness that President al-Assad agreed, but the opposition disagreed since the beginning. To anyone who's asking about legitimacy and jurisprudence, the current Syrian leadership has constantly declared its readiness to hold dialogue, reach a political settlement, and make the regime undergo significant changes. In contrast, the opposition has constantly refused dialogue, anticipating the fall of the regime within a few months. Being supported by the US, France, Britain, Italy, Germany, Europe, Turkey, oil-producing Arab states, and many others, the opposition thought it could win the war in a few months.

But, the opposition was wrong. Anyway, the incidents developed quickly in two years, and it was obvious that all the countries I've just mentioned had been forming an alliance led by the US. At the end of the day, it is the US that leads all; Britain, France, Italy, Germany, and the Arab states only work for the US.
We all know as well that this alliance is also supported by "Israel"; the US regional scheme is perfectly "Israeli," and it's nothing else. The US scheme for the region is the very same "Israeli" scheme. The US has brought in "al-Qaeda" and the other Takfiri organizations from all over the world, paid them money, and offered them all the assistance they needed.

No one can convince us that those tens of thousands of Takfiris and extremists not tolerating anyone else and joining combat in Syria have arrived stealthily there. Instead, they were given visas and assisted. Doors were opened for them, and they came to Syria. Then, it was a global war against Syria- a press, political, diplomatic, economic, and financial war. Money and arms were provided, and tens of thousands of combatants were brought in from all over the world. Whereas those tens of thousands of combatants did not seem "troublesome" to the "friends of Syria" meeting in Amman a couple of days ago, the intervention of a little Hizbullah group in Lebanon was considered "foreign intervention!"

Well, all through the earlier period, we hadn't intervened- not until months ago, to be honest. We kept working with all the teams, warning that Syria would be ruined, and we said dialogue was the only solution. We made use of all our relations with Islamist and national forces, and with countries. But, everyone turned a blind eye at us! The other alliance insisted on fighting the battle until the very end! They did not want any dialogue. The only thing they wanted was to overthrow the regime, no matter the cost!

I as well have to say that that there were rational suggestions and settlements, which the Syrian leadership secretly accepted, but which states of the region refused because they couldn't bear to see the regime standing; even if Syria would be ruined, it was important for them to get rid of the regime. Then, we came to the following state in the past few months: There were changes in Syria. Groups of the opposition were on their own, demonstrating logic and certain prospects, and demanding their rights, and they were ready for dialogue. And, we do respect their right.

Other groups, however, brothers and sisters, only served the CIA (Central Investigation Agency), the Pentagon, and other intelligence agencies. The decision was not in the hands of the foreign opposition; it can't even keep control over the regions that the armed groups have seized from the Syrian regime! So now, the opposition wants to debate the situation in Geneva! Can the opposition control these armed groups?!

The West, the Arabs, intelligence agencies, you, and I know the following truth: Takfiris are the major force influencing the armed groups that are engaging in combat in Syria. So, the foreign opposition does not at all influence those armed groups. Anyway, I have mentioned earlier that those groups had been brought to Syria as "combat puppets." Then, they themselves would pay the price for any settlement that will take place in Syria afterwards.

Anyhow, even the Western states look confused regarding the Syrian armed groups' quick change. What can the Western states tell their peoples and the public opinion after having armed such groups?

Obviously, the Takfiri current is dominant among the Syrian opposition, and it is being funded and armed by a number of Arab and regional states. Now, these Arab states want to get rid of the Syrian regime and of the armed groups as well. After all, those states are facilitating the armed groups' movement to Syria. but, the states must have missed that one day, the armed groups will return to them; they have acquired combat experience, unbridled urge to slaughter, and readiness for all kinds of confrontation! I shall discuss this after I finish addressing some points.

Okay, so this is what's going on today. Brothers and sisters, the listeners in the Arab and Muslim worlds, it is no longer a matter of people rebelling against their regime or a matter of reformations. The Syrian president has been ready to make reforms, so why did the opposition refuse dialogue?! You can see something else is required.

I'm going to explain our opinion on Syria's developments. We believe that the dominance of the armed groups over Syrian districts- particularly the ones neighboring Lebanon- do threaten Lebanon. They are dangerous not only to Hizbullah and the Shia, but also to all Lebanese people and resistance forces, and to communion. I am not unfairly accusing the armed groups of this; I have the proof. If these groups dominate the districts by the Lebanese borders, then they're going to endanger the lives of Muslim and Christian Lebanese.

And, when I say Muslims, I mean Sunnis, Druze, Shia, and Alawite. Sunnis, however, will be the first ones to be endangered. Do you know what the proof is? The groups engaging in combat in Syria today make a wing for the organization known as the "Muslim State of Iraq." Ask the fellow Iraqi Sunnis how many of their scholars and how many Muslim Sunni leaders with different convictions than those of that organization have been killed. Ask them how many mosques in al-Anbar, Fallujah, al-Mawsel, Naynawa, and elsewhere have been bombed besides Shia mosques and Husainiyahs, and Christian churches. Ask them as well how many sheikhs of clans have been killed...

The "Muslim State of Iraq" now brags it has conducted 4,000 or 5,000 suicide operations in Iraq, most of which have targeted Iraqis of all religions, doctrines, and races.

Do you remember the elections held in Pakistan about a week ago?
Do you know what the problem with the Takfiri mentality is? It regards others as "disbelievers" for the silliest reasons. So, it's not only a matter of different creeds or doctrines; it's actually political. Those Takfiris believe that whoever takes part in the parliamentary elections is a "disbeliever" who should be killed and disgraced, and whose money should be seized! Therefore, anyone taking part in the parliamentary elections- a Sunni, a Shiite, a Muslim, or a Christian- is publicly announced as someone that should be killed. They're announcing their fatwas in public. They've always been killing voters in all Iraqi districts!

Back to Pakistan, how many people were killed there about a week ago?! The majority of those were killed during election campaigns and voting; they were Muslim Sunni people or scholars that Pakistan's "Taliban" killed because it considered whoever took part in the elections to be a disbeliever!

Depending on the statistics I have in hand, I can say that the Takfiris themselves have killed many more Sunnis than the rest of Muslims, Christians, and followers of other religions in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Somalia. Just imagine how many the Takfiris have killed in these four countries!

O Lebanese people and other peoples, I humbly wish to offer you brotherly advice. Don't turn a blind eye to this reality. Now, Tunisia and Libya are plagued by those Takfiris. The states that have provided the grounds for the Takfiris are suffering, too. And now, Lebanon realizes the plague is coming.
This is what danger is: a mentality that you can never communicate with through dialogue. They know nothing as "being flexible," "setting priorities," or "finding common things." They don't want to know anything; they simply tell you that you are "disbelievers" who should be disgraced and killed, and whose money should be seized!

So, what kind of future will Syria have when such mentality and groups exist?! What kind of future will Lebanon, Palestine, and the peoples of the region have?! Can someone please tell me?! Trust me, it's not about sects or doctrines; it's a real danger!

By the way, we are not addressing the concerns of Shiites and Sunnis only, but of all the Muslims and Christians, too; all are threatened by the Takfiri movement making its way into the region, especially as it is supported by the US. At the end of the day, this is the last thing the US can do to ruin the region and dominate it all over again now that the peoples have launched willful uprisings.

I don't mean to scare anyone, but this is the truth. Do you remember that at the beginning of Syria's crisis, the Takfiris declared that the regime would fall soon and that Lebanon was going to be next? And, that was reported by the press. But, until then, we hadn't even made a political stance. So, they were literally asking the US and "Israel" to support them in return for getting back at the Resistance that triumphed in 2000, and that foiled the "New Middle East" scheme in 2006.
Also, in the beginning, they kidnapped the Lebanese group in Azaz and began assailing the Lebanese residents of Rural al-Qseir so as to dislodge them. It was all part of the Takfiri plan.

Coming up with a conclusion on this point, I have three things to say. First, in case the Takfiri movement seizes control, then Lebanon, Syria, and the entire region will see their worst days ever.

Second, Syria is longer a place for a public revolution against a political regime; it is a place for forced implementation of a political US-West-regional puppet regimes-led scheme. And, we all know that the US scheme for the region is entirely "Israeli."

Third, obviously Syria has been the cherisher of the Resistance, so the Resistance can't stand still while that cherisher is being ruined! Acting otherwise would mean we're absolutely dumb because it's only someone dumb who does nothing in time of conspiracy, death, and besiegement! In contrast, a sane, responsible one acts very responsibly.

Brothers and sisters, if Syria falls in the hands of the US, "Israel," Takfiris, and US puppet regimes calling themselves "states", then the Resistance will be besieged, and "Israel" will invade Lebanon to impose its conditions and achieve its greedy schemes again. In that case, an "Israeli" era will mask Lebanon!

If Syria falls, then Palestine, the Palestinian resistance, Gaza, the West bank, and the Holy al-Quds (Jerusalem) will be lost! If Syria falls into the hands of the US, "Israel," and the Takfiris, then the peoples of our region will experience one extremely harsh era! That's what we see coming in that case.

There are two sides in the struggle; the first is the US-West-regional Arab side, relying on the Takfiri movement's performance in combat fields. After all, those Takfiris behead people and cut their chests, dig up graves, and ruin the past that has existed for 1400 years! [Sayyed Nasrallah addresses the ugly doing of digging up the grave of the blessed companion of Messenger Muhammed (Peace be upon him and his Household), Hijr Bin Oday (Pbuh), in Syria]. For long, followers of different religions have lived there, and so have mosques, churches, shrines, and tombs. That kind of cultural variety has survived as most of the governments ruling were Sunni. But now, they've begun to ruin the past, present, and future, refusing any political solution and insisting on further combat!

On the other side is a state or a regime with a clear stance on the Palestinian cause, resistance movements, and the Zionist scheme. At the same time, that regime is constantly ready for dialogue, political solution, and reforms.
If certain groups choose to be on the wrong side, then let them be. Hizbullah, however, can never choose to be on the side of the US, "Israel," or ones digging up people's graves and cutting their chests or beheading them!

Let those groups be where they want to be, but Hizbullah will never be part of a side that is trying to ruin all the achievements, waste all the sacrifices, and enslave us all over again for the sake of the US and "Israel." We won't allow another "New Middle East" as we've offered thousands of martyrs to foil all plots before!

Hizbullah shall only be on the right side. Let every group choose where it wants to be. If they think they can do nothing to change the situation and if they wish to step aside, then let them do that. In 1982, many thought that they could not change the situation, whereas the Lebanese resistance did change the local situation as well as the regional situation.
Through the stance we're making today, we see that we are defending Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria.

Normally, our stance has exposed us to large political-media campaigns, and it will continue doing so. Even when we did not intervene and said nothing about it, the politically-controlled media sought to make us followers of that scheme. In the past couple of years, they've tried to prevent us from making a rightful stance and turn us to a bunch of idiots, just repeating what they hear and going with the flow!

Today, we realize that the large campaign that began a long time ago will continue. At the end of the day, media campaigns have never been made still, and they never will be. So, whether we intervene with Syria or step aside, it will not change the multi-million-dollar old decision that has been made. News against us will still be faked, and articles and books will still be written to criticize us.

As to being part of the organizations added to the "terror blacklist"- well, that's not new. In fact, some Lebanese and non-Lebanese "wish to be remembered" by a president of a regional state or some known Arab official! So, the president of the most powerful country in the world arrives to "Israel" and keeps mentioning Hizbullah! Well, this makes us happy- not sad! If Europe sees we can change the situation, then that's great enough to make us proud!

I can tell one thing for sure: That "terror blacklist" is useless!
Likewise, accusing us of sectarianism is nonsense. We have a history that tells so.
Brothers and sisters, we've fought in Lebanon, Palestine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and elsewhere. Well, it might be a little surprising to speak about this very clearly; our best fighters have gone to camps, and we offered martyrs in defense of Bosnia's Sunni Muslims. There are no Shia Muslims there.

The same applies to Palestine as it is a matter of creed. We've endured much harm, and we're still doing so. No one can call us "sectarian". Likewise, our stances on Iraq and all other developments have been clear. Therefore, no one can discourage or weaken us nor our martyrs' families.

Nonsense has been said in the past couple of days, so I'd like to say something. Go meet the martyrs' families and hear what those good and honorable people have to say. They even said it before we did. What I'm saying now is something that hasn't been mentioned by the media or even during Hizbullah's closed meetings.

Since we can't hold closed meetings for all, we hold ones for the dear Hizbullah members. But, their fathers, mothers, wives, and daughters say the same that we're saying now. Those honorable people said it a year and a half before us.
In every house that our brothers visited, the same great talk that we had been familiar with throughout the previous encounters was repeated. Very unfortunately, today, there is a media channel that insists that a father of two martyrs in Beqaa has had a heart attack and died. But, the man is alive! He even asked the brothers visiting him to inform me that he was ready to make himself, the rest of his children, and all his money part of our battle!

As such are our martyrs' families. Fine, something else has been mentioned concerning us forcing youth into combat. We never have to force anyone! In thirty years, no one has been compelled to go to the frontline; all have deliberately chosen that.

Today, we are being selective in choosing the fighters to send to combat fields due to our fighters' great enthusiasm and bases. We're thinking things carefully, so many of them are not being allowed to join combat. We, nevertheless, are ready not only to declare jihad, but also to send tens of thousands of fighters to those frontlines if those terrible oppressors make us do so!

For long, we haven't been allowing an only son to join combat unless his parents allow him. Sometimes, when I receive a letter from an only son with his parents' signature and consent on it, the dear Hizbullah members say he must have "cheated." Then, his parents just come asking us to let their only son join in combat. Yet, I have asked the brothers not to allow that even if parents approve of it.

Well, I have letters from fathers and mothers always insisting on making us allow their only sons to join combat.

The oppressors do not understand what kind of Resistance this is or what kind of supporters, culture, and community they are. For thirty years, they've been unable to understand it, and they will never! They always misunderstand the reality and make the wrong calculations, so they get the wrong results. At the end of the day, wrong calculations lead to the wrong results.

Hereupon, brothers and sisters, a completely new stage has now begun. It has clearly come to the surface in the last few weeks. It is a stage of fortifying the Resistance and Lebanon, and it's everybody's responsibility.

Anyway, I'm not asking anyone to share responsibility with us as we do not wish to rely on anyone. Just like every battle before, we're the triumphant people and men of this battle, God willing.

O our dear, honorable, benevolent, patient, and sacrificing people, you and us will go on, bearing this responsibility and all consequences.

At the end of the "Resistance and Liberation Day," I repeat what I said in the first days of "the 2006 July War": O honorable people, fighters, and heroes, like I've always promised you victory, I promise you victory once again.

May Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon all of you.

Source: Al-Ahed news