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Sayyed Nasrallah: Main Bet on Palestinian Will, Arabs Should Take Firm Stance

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Nour Rida

Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah condemned the monstrous and vast aggression against the people in Gaza, the killing of Hamas leader Ahmed al-Jaabari and innocent civilians. He assured that the main bet is on the will of the people in Gaza and the will of the resistance. Sayyed Nasrallah asserted that the Palestinian confrontation of "Israel" through the shooting of rockets [from Gaza] on Tel Aviv demonstrates the wisdom, courage and strength of the Palestinian resistance.

During a speech he delivered via video-link on the first night of Ashura, commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, his household and companions, Sayyed Nasrallah offered condolences to the Hamas movement and to all the Palestinians for the martyrdom of the civilians.

Denouncing the aggression which so far has killed at least 13 and injured dozens, Sayyed Nasrallah called on the Arab world to take a firm stance in this regard.
He went on to say "All Arabs, Muslims, and the free people of the world must take a genuine and true stance next to the people and resistance in Gaza, as the main bet is the will of the people and the resistance."
"What is happening in Gaza is only part of the bloody chain of aggressions launched by the Zionist enemy against the peoples of the region, particularly the Palestinian people. Therefore, it is one of the stages that need study and implies holding responsibility," Sayyed Nasrallah noted, adding "What happened proves that the enemy does not need a justification to wage war. Whenever the "Israeli" government has a certain interest, be it a political, electoral or security interest, it wages a war."

The Hizbullah Secretary General underscored that as usual, the "Israeli" enemy resorted to deception and backstabbing, stating "A few days prior to the aggression, there were statements that [Israel] is seeking peace, but they killed the Hamas official when calm seemed to prevail."

Hizbullah leader pointed out that the enemy has benefited from previous aggressions, such as the 2006 July aggression on Lebanon and the 2008 Gaza aggression. Yet, Sayyed Nasrallah assured that during the two aggressions, "Israel" failed in achieving its goals.
"Today, the "Israel" enemy announces a group of objectives from their aggression that do not match its ‘real objectives', so that if they lose battle they can say they reached their goals," he believed. Further explaining that the "Israeli" enemy says their real objective is to inflict maximum harm on Palestinian resistance factions, he questioned if "this is a real objective." 

Moreover, Sayyed Nasrallah emphasized "The enemy implicitly acknowledged that the Resistance in Gaza managed to impose a deterrence force."
His Eminence assured that ""Israel" was astounded by the rockets that hit its settlements, and that it also admitted ‘Fajr 5' missiles hit Tel Aviv," which he described as a major development in the "Israeli"-Palestinian conflict.
The Secretary General went on to say that unfortunately, only the blood of martyrs and the oppressed wakes up the Arab peoples. 

"The bloodshed in Gaza today and the innocent people that were killed exposed the real image and intentions of the US and the Western countries. When "Israel" launched its aggression on Palestine, the US said that it supported "Israel's" right to defend itself. The US only works for its interest and not for the [Arab] people's interest and democracy as it claims," Sayyed Nasrallah guaranteed.
The Arab and Muslims countries, according to the Hizbullah leader, must take a firm stance. "We do not want to outbid or embarrass anyone. Earlier, the Arab countries were required to take measures such as cutting ties with "Israel", annul all pacts with it, withdraw envoys from "Israel", and support the people of Gaza with food and weapons," he detailed. 

His Eminence assured that "the Arabs are capable of stopping the aggression against "Israel" by exerting pressure on the US."
"Arabs should exert pressure by decreasing the amount of oil exported, or by increasing the price of oil, hence, the economies of Western countries would be threatened, and pressure would force the US and "Israel" to stop the aggression on Gaza," he elaborated.

Likewise, he assured that a firm and real stance by the Arab and Islamic countries, the Arab league, and the Islamic Cooperation Organization is capable of putting an end to "Israel's" aggression on Gaza through pressuring the US.
"I heard some Arab leaders voicing that the war on Gaza aimed at turning attention away from the events its Syria, so is it possible that "Israel" wages a war just to turn attention away from Syria?" Sayyed Nasrallah questioned, answering "In fact, "Israel" is benefitting from the conflict in Syria and the region. It is benefitting from the change of priorities and balances." 

He iterated "We should do all we can, and keep in contact with our people in Gaza, as this should not only be the battle of Gaza but the battle of us all."
In light of the sensitive timing of Ashura, due to the situation in the region and Lebanon, and calling for coexistence and Islamic Unity, Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted "I want to tell our Sunni brothers that commemorating Ashura is not a provocation against them; the opposite is true. I would like to say the same thing for Shiites, they should not consider this occasion to be against Sunnis."