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Sayyed Nasrallah: We Have “Israeli” Targets, We Can Turn Their Lives into Living Hell

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Nour Rida

On the Occasion of the International-Quds Day, the Secretary General of Hizbullah His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech in which he tackled various international, regional, and internal topics on top of which is al-Quds.

Al-Quds Central Cause

Addressing thousands of people who participated in the festival, Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted "we meet again in a noble anniversary that the late Imam Khomeini had declared as an int'l day for al-Quds in the last Friday of the Holy month of Ramadan. With the nobility and the sacristy of this month and day, the Imam wanted to remind us that we must be directed to the core Islamic case i.e. al-Quds."

His Eminence stated that "Away from politics and differences, Imam Khomeini wanted to remind the nation that al-Quds is a matter of religious faith and responsibility."
"Along the past year, a lot of challenges, developments, and crises governed the Islamic and regional countries. Thus, this day is a must to confirm the constants as the nation was busy with its own problems," His Eminence explained.

On Hizbullah's position, the Secretary General of Hizbullah said "We, in Hizbullah reiterate on this day that Palestine, al-Quds, and the whole struggle with "Israel" top our religious duties."
"This cause is way above any other considerations for us," His Eminence said.

"The serious incident that shaped the region along the past sixty years is the "Israeli" occupation of Palestine and the wars waged against the Arab countries," he clarified, and noted that "we can't imagine the future of al-Quds away from "Israel's" future but rather the Zionist entity's existence."

Palestinians Suffer, Arabs Busy with Own Problems

His Eminence pointed out to the ongoing "Israeli" threat of ongoing settlement construction and land confiscation in al-Quds, noting that 84% of al-Quds Arab inhabitants, Muslims and Christians, live below poverty level while the people of the Arab world are busy with their own problems.
Sayyed Nasrallah highlighted that each year, "Israel" holds conferences to discuss their strategic environment, including the national threats which are assessed and studied in their parliamentary and governmental institutes and sent to the "Israeli" Knesset where plans and programs are set; at the time such approach is sadly missing in the Arab world.

Yet, according to Sayyed Nasrallah, the "Israelis" are now concerned about several developments in their surroundings they consider as threats, such as the revolutions sweeping across the Arab world, including the fall of Egyptian President Husni Mubarak, the US army withdrawal from Iraq, the fall of the Arab regimes, the events in Bahrain, Iran's increasing and developing capabilities on the different levels.

This makes the "Israelis" worried that a regional axis might be set up for the benefit of Palestine, which would threaten their strategic environment.
Yet, "Israel" tries to take advantage of the regional events especially following the unrest in Syria, Sayyed Nasrallah noted. He added that "the developments in Syria have been a source of hope for the "Israelis" especially after relations between Turkey [which could have been a major support for Palestine] and Syria hit rock-bottom and has tense ties with Iraq and Iran, by that their anxiety decreased. Not only that but also "Israel" is hinting a promising future with the Syrian opposition and is publically expressing their joy at the course of events in Syria."

Iranian Reply to "Israel" Will be Decisive

More on the regional developments, Sayyed Nasrallah underscored that during the past few months, there has been a sudden and unprecedented "Israeli" rhetoric towards Iran. He stated that the despite that fact that Iran's nuclear program is strictly for peaceful purposes, "Israel" lied and employed this issue. Sayyed Nasrallah said that "Israel's" main issue is that Iran is a strong Islamic state and is on the path of prosperity and scientific development, not to mention that Iran has declared its commitment to the cause of Palestine and al-Quds despite the most difficult circumstances. Not only that, but also Iran has stood by the resistance movements in the region, in fact it is "Israel's" number one enemy.

Sayyed Nasrallah, praising the Islamic Republic and reminding of its role recalled "Under the harshest circumstances, Iran never altered its stance, and despite the harsh sanctions imposed on Iran back then, Imam Khomeini stood and declared that "Israel" is a cancerous cell that should be wiped out.
Addressing the Arabs and Muslims, Sayyed Nasrallah wondered "Shouldn't it mean anything when Iran becomes "Israel's" main enemy in the region?" further adding "All who oppose Iran must realize that they are supporting the Zionist entity."
As the "Israelis" have always taken their decisions on a "cost-benefit" basis, they are hesitant about striking Iran because they know it would cost them at least tens of thousands of deaths, according to the Hizbullah leader, who noted that the "Israeli" consensus on striking Iran is a big lie "The "Israeli" PM Benjamin Netanyahu and War Minister Ehud Barak are lying to their people, since if Iran had been weak or cowardly they would have already attacked it."
Reiterating that what makes "Israel" falter and think twice before targeting Iran is its strength, Sayyed Nasrallah believed "Iran would reply decisively to any "Israeli" attack, by that "Israel" would give Iran the chance of the destructive war against the Zionist entity Iran has been dreaming of since 32 years."
"We exist in a world that only respects the strong, hence any Arab country that wants to remain safe from any "Israeli' attack should be strong!" His Eminence explained, adding "The "Israelis" will not hesitate to launch wars against Arab state because it won't cost them so much. Yet, "Israel" is very wary of striking Iran and this is very important."

We Can Turn "Israelis'" Lives Into Living Hell

Moving on to Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah stated ""Israel" has said a lot about Lebanon and has used an acute rhetoric, as it had spoken about destroying not only Hizbullah but also Lebanon."

The Hizbullah leader said that "Israel" enjoys a terrorist and destructive mind which we do not deny as it did succeed in destroying great portions of Lebanon several times in the past. "Hizbullah with its capabilities cannot destroy "Israel", but we can turn the lives of millions of Zionists in Palestine into a living hell," His Eminence noted assuring "A war with Lebanon will be very costly. There are targets in Palestine that can be hit with very few rockets. These rockets can turn the lives of "Israelis" into hell."
His Eminence assured that rockets are set and ready for launching during any coming war, "We will not hesitate in using these rockets to hit any of the targets, the "Israelis" should know very well that the cost of any coming war is very costly, and cannot be measured to that of the 2006 war."
According to Sayyed Nasrallah, up to our day in 2012, the ghost of the 2006 July war still haunts the "Israelis", as two stupid "Israeli" Generals, Olmert and Peretz were behind the senseless 2006 attack on Lebanon. "The 2006 war still dominates over the mind of the "Israeli' army until today," Sayyed Nasrallah iterated, wondering is such was the effect of the July war on "Israel" what would be the effect of a war with ran?
Sayyed Nasrallah further stressed "We own the courage and strength to defend our country, especially when our country is assaulted; we wait for permission from none."

On the Organization of the Islamic Conference [OIC ] Summit held a few days ago, Hizbullah SG said "The summit was a good step forward and we praise the establishment of a center for dialogue among Islamic sects. Yet this is futile if Saudi Arabia does not halt the funding of television channels that create incitement against other Islamic sects."
Sayyed Nasrallah then addressed the case of Sayyed Moussa Sadr who had disappeared in Libya, "With the nearing of his disappearance anniversary, and exceptionally this year after the toppling of the Gaddafi regime, we wonder if the Libyan officials are serious in their quest on the fate of Imam Sadr and his companions."

Media Played Tragic Role in Abductees Issue

On another note, Sayyed Nasrallah discussed the 11 pilgrims abduction, also the counter-abduction conducted by Hassan Mokdad, claimed to belong to Hizbullah, His Eminence assured "It is untrue that Mokdad is a Hizbullah member; what happened in the past two days is out of Hizbullah and Amal Movement's control."

Sayyed Nasrallah said that ever since the failure of the pilgrims' release, Hizbullah preserved silence over this issue for the sake of the captives fearing the exploitation of its statements.
His Eminence said the abduction is a real humane calamity that fell on the heads of the captives' families as well as the Lebanese, noting that "the Lebanese media played a tragic role in covering this issue, approaching it as a media coup."

Media source, seeking exclusive scoops disseminated news on Wednesday that the 11 abductees were killed in strikes on the Syrian city of Azaz.
"The situation is spiraling out of control due to the media and political chaos," Sayyed Nasrallah stressed, "Still, the least we can do is treat the case with some respect and humanity."
"We do not know who kidnapped them. We remained silent hoping that the government will exert sufficient efforts to ensure their release," Sayyed Nasrallah concluded.



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Free one day!

Al-Quds will be free one day, sooner or later. What is known as Israel, will become Palestine once again. The walls will come down, the settler homes will be demolished and old cities and markets will be rebuilt. Trust is placed in God, in Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, and in the revered Hezbollah, the Resistance. As long as there is Hezbollah, Lebanon is safe from any threat against any country, no matter the size. \"The Commander stands for the virtues of wisdom, sincerely, benevolence, courage and strictness.\"