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REPORT-- Nasrallah: Clear Vision of Imam Khamenei Gives Us Correct Reading of Events, “Israel” and US to Vanish

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Nour Rida

During the Convention on Imam Khamenei's Intellectual Struggle and Renovation on Monday, Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah explained the importance highlighting the leadership and competence of Imam Khamenei, leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Via video-link, Hizbullah leader appeared to inaugurate the intellectual convention, which for the first time is held outside the Islamic Republic of Iran to discuss the intellectual and scientific dimensions of the Leader Imam Khamenei (May Allah protect Him).

Sayyed Nasrallah first discussed the chance of getting acquainted to the character of Imam Khamenei which holds within its folds high morals and teachings. "My personal and direct acquaintance to His Eminence Imam Khamenei dates back to the year 1986, where through different meetings, I had the chance to know a lot about his ideas, opinions, principles, methods of thinking, intellect, way of analyzing events and his school of leadership and decision making, not to mention his amazing morals and good manners," Sayyed Nasrallah said.

His Eminence explained that the Imam Khamenei tackles the different issues and presents his vision in a constructive way, hence with university students and professors he is up to their standards and capable of debating and following up. Same is the case when Imam Khamenei talks to farmers and peasants or to movie producers, intellectuals and philosophers, explaining "After seeing many of the testimonies on the Imam Khamenei, we can say that we have a great Imam in leadership, piety, jurisdiction, and ijtihad, we are before a leader who enjoys a profound, strong and comprehensive vision."

Sayyed Nasrallah said that when a leader in Iran deals with the events in our region with such clarity and precision, this is a special trait. "We find ourselves in front a great and exceptional personality who is aggrieved by his nation and even in Iran. Even in the political dimension of his personality, because he's encircled by enemies, our responsibility is to introduce the nation on this great Imam. This is the very important and sensitive mission of this conference," His Eminence said.

Hizbullah leader then moved on to talk about the evidences of this great personality's insight and vision. Sayyed Nasrallah referred back to the 1991 Madrid conference. During this period, Sayyed Nasrallah said that international equations had changed and huge alterations took place in the world and the region, this while the US administration declared its persistence to finalize the settlement. At that point, Sayyed said, many believed there has been a consensus that the Americans will impose a settlement at the time Imam Khamenei had another opinion which said that this conference (Madrid) will not reach a conclusion and that the settlement will not happen, also that the US cannot impose such a settlement. Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that after two decades; we in fact saw nothing but failure and frustration as a result of the ongoing so-called negotiations.

Moving on to the year 1996, Sayyed Nasrllah said that the world talked about a Syrian-"Israeli" settlement, and the idea started to prevail over the region that a settlement will take place based on the "Israeli" decision based on the 4 July borders. People said then that a few more details are to be discussed to reach the settlement, and there were those who said that we should not bother ourselves, as there is no need to present sacrifices and blood, Sayyed Nasrallah added. But then, Imam Khamenei came to say that he believes this settlement will not happen, and suggested that we continue to resist until achieving victory, Hizbullah leader said, further adding that Imam Khamenei also "told us not to give any attention to such suggestions or suppositions". Then came the answer, when two weeks later Yitzhac Rabin was giving his speech in Tel Aviv when he was shot dead by extremists.

Also in 1996, Sayyed Nasrallah said, there was the Sharm Al Sheikh meeting which aimed at defending "Israel", where the resistance movements were encircled, be it Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, or Hizbullah, and then came the Grapes of Wrath (the 1996 Lebanon war) which was a victory.

Also, Hizbullah SG said that when Hamas and the Islamic Jihad were harshly hit to an extent that some were worried that the Palestinian resistance factions were no longer capable of executing operations, the resistance movements at that time particularly executed self-sacrifice operations in Al Quds and Tel Aviv which rocked the "Israeli" entity.

Sayyed Nasrallah said that Imam Khamenei "always talked about the principle of Resistance victories he always said this was his belief."

"By the end of 1999, presidential elections were due in "Israel" between Netanyahu and Barak; that was when the latter decided he would retrieve from Lebanon in July. People in Lebanon and Syria thought that we are to arrive to this day but the withdrawal will not happen," Hizbullah leader recalled. But His Eminence said that on this level too, the Resistance in Lebanon believed in what Imam Khamenei said; as Imam Khamenei explained that "your victory in Lebanon has become so close, more than you expect, which was contrary to the analysis and expectations and even information given at the time." Sayyed Nasrallah explained that because of the Imam Khamenei's comprehensive vision, the resistance was not surprised to see this victory (the 2000 Liberation).

As for the July war, Sayyed Nasrallah said it was an international war on the level of decision, and Arab on the level of support, while it was "Israeli" on the level of execution. But all in all, this war aimed at crushing the resistance in Lebanon. Also in the July war, the victory was more like a miracle because the resistance in such a small country with the entire world conspiring against it had been subject to a vicious war yet survived. At the time, Sayyed Nasrallah explaining additional evidence said that Imam Khamenei sent a verbal message to the Resistance in Lebanon, reiterating that victory is coming for sure, and that was in the very first days of the war. Imam Khamenei told Sayyed Hassan that by the end of the war, Hizbullah will achieve victory by which it will become a power that no other power can stand in its face.

Moreover, Sayyed Nasrallah recalled the 11 September incidents, and that how many thought that the US has entered an age of hegemony and control over the world and maybe stay in our region for 100 or 200 years. At the time, Sayyed Nasrallah was in Iran and in a meeting with Imam Khamenei, the Imam told him that the exact opposite is to happen. "Do not worry, the US has reached the peak and now is the beginning of its collapse. When they come to Afghanistan and Iraq they are only descending to the pit," Imam Khamenei said, reiterating that we all should act on the basis that this is only the beginning of the US collapse as it will fail to protect its interests despite using all the different means, be it the regimes of the region, armies, fleets or other, noting that this is a sign of hope.

Sayyed Nasrallah then discussed the last but not least evidence, that of Palestine. He said that Imam Khamenei believes that "Israel" is to vanish and that he sees this will happen anytime soon. He also believes the settlement is to no avail and that through the resistance movements and the will of the people, there is great hope to return to the land. He said that Imam Khamenei assures the Palestinian people are those of hope, and that we already see the accomplishments of the resistance as we did during the Gaza war and the July war, noting that owing to the courage and insight of such a great leader, we have a correct reading to the events to happen.

At the end of the speech, Sayyed Nasrallah reiterated that we stand today with all respect and appreciation to this great leader Imam Khamenei, as well as respect to the Palestinians who gathered at the Golan Heights to confront the "Israeli" enemy on the anniversary of the Naksa, amid the uncovering of the so-called democracy and freedom rights defender, the United States' intentions to confiscate the Arab revolutions which will also be to no avail. Sayyed Nasrallah finally reiterated that this is the bright insight and clear vision of the Imam Khamenei who followed the path of Imam Khomenei, may Allah bless their souls.