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Sayyed Nasrallah on the Tenth Night of Ashura: Leave the Resistance Alone, To Preserve It with Our Blood

Sayyed Nasrallah on the Tenth Night of Ashura: Leave the Resistance Alone, To Preserve It with Our Blood
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Zeinab Essa

On the tenth night of Ashura, the Secretary General of Hizbullah His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah vowed to remain faithful to Imam Hussein's (P.B.U.H) path.

"The Lebanese resistance which remained faithful to its ideals resolutely for 28 years is the purest and the noblest phenomenon within the Islamic world, because its roots emerge from Imam Hussein's (P.B.U.H) Karbala."

Stressing that "no plot and enemy has ever managed to weaken the will and demands of resistance men," His Eminence pointed out that "Hizbullah does not seek anything in return for Jihad and resistance."

"We are after reward merely from God; we do not seek governmental roles, and if we have picked up arms and resorted to resistance it is because God has ordered us to do so," Sayyed Nasrallah confirmed.
"We do not care about this rule or about taking over the government."

Promising that the "resistance men and people won't depart from their sacred land so that the occupiers would control it," the Secretary General of Hizbullah asserted that "God has ordered us not to remain silent when they seek to humiliate us and to allow the enemy to set foot in our land."

"We do not possess arms in order to control the country, or to secure a position in the government. We attach no importance to governance, or to rule the country," his Eminence stressed.
Explaining that "each member of Hizbullah dream of joining Martyr Sayyed Abbas Mousawi, Martyr Sheikh Ragheb Harb, and Martyr Hajj Imad Mogniyeh," Sayyed Nasrallah called the conspirators against resistance not to plot against resistance arms."

"Do not conspire against the resistance and its weapons. All we ask for is to leave us and this resistance alone," he called.

"Some people say that they do not need us to defend them as they do not consider "Israel" as an enemy so that it would pose any threat against them; but those who consider "Israel" as an enemy must defend the resistance's arms," His Eminence added.

He also said that "all those who consider "Israel" a danger should buy weapons for the Resistance."

Clarifying that the resistance aims to defend people, country, the prestige and nobility of everyone," Sayyed Nasrallah assured that "the only thing Hizbullah wants in return is that they would leave us alone and stop interfering in our work."
"They hoped to exert their hegemony over the resistance, but plotting against it bore no fruit for them," His Eminence stressed advising all those "conspiring against the resistance not to do so because we are keen to preserve it with our blood."
"Along 33 Day of 2006 war, we sought assistance from anyone so that they would be urged to rush to us; our only wish was defending our country and its land, oil, water and resorts," he said.

"We are after the prevalence of peace in our country, justice, and reforms; even if these objectives would be secured by the others, and we would cooperate with anyone who would volunteer to secure them," Sayyed Nasrallah asserted.
Hoping that "our national and Islamic unity would be preserved, because if people were united, Lebanon and the Islamic nation would gain strength," the Secretary General of Hizbullah concluded that "is the reason why we have resorted to resistance."

Source: Hizbullah Media Relations,Translated and Edited by