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Iran Appoints Ali Akbar Sibouyeh as First Ambassador to Egypt Since Three Decades

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Local Editor

Iran has appointed an ambassador to Egypt - for the first time in 30 years, Iranian sources reported on Monday.

According to sources, Iran appointed Ali Akbar Sibouyeh, a senior diplomat with 28 years of experience in the Foreign Service, as the new ambassador to Cairo.
Ali-Akbar Sibouyeh, was formerly translator of the Iranian Foreign Ministry during 1995-2001 and charge d'affaires in Tunisia during 2001-2005.

Iran and Egypt have had no diplomatic ties since the 1979 revolution because of Cairo's peace treaty with "Israel".

Sibouyeh was born in Karbala, and speaks Arabic very well. He holds a PHD in Islamic Sciences and Management from the Zeitouna University in Tunisia. He is son of the Grand scholar Ayatollah Mirza Ahmad Sibouyeh. The new ambassador ran for elections in 2009 for the "Moderation and Development Party" in the Iranian capital Tehran.