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Iranian Top Commander: NATO Scrambled 240 Fighter Jets to Shield ‘Israel’ against Tehran’s Missiles

Iranian Top Commander: NATO Scrambled 240 Fighter Jets to Shield ‘Israel’ against Tehran’s Missiles
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By Staff, Agencies

The commander of Iran’s Khatam al-Anbiya Central Headquarters, Major General Gholam-Ali Rashid, has disclosed new details about Iran's retaliatory strikes against “Israeli”-occupied territories last month.

Rashid revealed that 240 fighter jets from the US-led NATO military alliance were scrambled to shield the “Israeli” entity.

Rashid said Iran’s Operation Truthful Promise overcame the self-proclaimed and illusory deterrence of the Zionist entity, which believed its deterrence was guaranteed by relying on the United States and NATO.

Underlining that Iran’s retaliatory strikes exposed “Israel’s” vulnerability, the commander said the United States, backed by NATO’s major powers of the United Kingdom and France as well as some regional countries, created several layers of defense against the offensive power of Iran's missiles and drones to protect “Israel”.

“However, Iran's powerful missiles passed through the missile defense shields and crushed the two ‘Israeli’ military centers of Navatim and Shalakhim,” he said.

Stressing that the “Israeli” entity did not dare to show the world pictures of the two targeted military bases, Rashid said, “Had the Americans, British, French and CENTCOM not rushed to the aid of “Israel”, 80% of Iran's projectiles would have pounded the Zionist entity’s military bases.”

“The offensive operation was conducted by a unit of the IRG’s Aerospace Division and this single unit used only 20% of its offensive power,” Rashid said.

“On the contrary, the US, NATO, CENTCOM and the Zionist entity, with 240 fighter jets and numerous anti-missile systems stationed on American warships in the Mediterranean and