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IRG’s Commander: ‘Israel’s’ Political Lifetime Nearing an End

IRG’s Commander: ‘Israel’s’ Political Lifetime Nearing an End
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By Staff, Agencies

The Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards [IRG], Hossein Salami, stressed that “The mission of IRG’s Al-Quds Force is to block the enemy's penetration in Islamic lands.”

He further referred to the destructive effect of the hegemonic powers in the region.

Speaking at the memorial ceremony of the martyrs of the Zionist entity’s attack on the Iranian consulate [IRG] Salami stated that the “Global arrogance, led by the US, sees no limit in dominating the Islamic world.”

Arrogant powers seek complete control over the Islamic world, Salami said, adding, “Arrogance wants to dominate Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other Islamic countries and wants to take Islam from them and take their wealth as a hostage.”

Muslims will not tolerate “oppression” by the enemies, he said, adding that the “Ongoing Gaza genocide exposes true face of Western civilization."

Salami noted that US portrays itself as supporter of human rights but in fact seeking dominance.

IRG chief commander also added that “‘Israel’s’ political lifetime nearing an end.”