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Raisi: The Aggressor ’Israel’ Punished, Taught A lesson

Raisi:  The Aggressor ’Israel’ Punished, Taught A lesson
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By Staff

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi cautioned the Zionist entity to avoid any new act of adventurism, otherwise it will receive another blow much harder than the lawful retaliatory strike that Iran launched against the “Israeli” military targets early Sunday.

The Iranian president released a message on Sunday in the wake of the massive missile and drone operation the IRG carried out against the “Israeli” entity in the early hours of Sunday in response to the Zionist fatal airstrike on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus on April 1.

“Last night, your brave and courageous children in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, with the cooperation and coordination of all the defense and political sectors of the country, set a new page in the history of Iran's authority and taught a lesson to the Zionist enemy.”

Raisi further added: “The punishment of the aggressor, which was the sincere promise of the powerful and wise leader of the Islamic Revolution, has come true. The proud armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have targeted military targets belonging to the occupying Zionist regime in the occupied territories of Palestine in their combined operations.”

Iranian President highlighted the powerful impact of last night's mission, conveying a resolute message of authority and deterrence to the Islamic community, while instilling fear and humiliation among the adversaries of humanity.

He further noted that during the last six months and especially the last ten days, Iran emphasized the dangers of the United Nations Security Council's inaction regarding violations by the Zionist entity. But despite efforts, the Security Council's response has been impeded by the influence of the United States and other backers of the Zionist entity.

“Iran's wise and authoritative move to protect its integrity, sovereignty, and national interests has served as a significant measure to hold the aggressor accountable and promote stability in the region,” Raisi said, adding that the Islamic Republic has not spared any efforts to restore and maintain peace and stability.

He added that Iran in the first step launched a series of drone and missile operations, specifically targeting “Israeli” military bases that posed a threat to security and stability.

Iran's president emphasized the nation's strength in safeguarding regional security and protecting the interests of neighboring countries, highlighting their unwavering dedication to advancing their neighborhood policy.

“Iran issues a strong caution against any actions that oppose its interests, warning of a more powerful and remorseful retaliation. The nation's armed forces closely monitor regional events and pledge a robust reaction to any provocative conduct from the Zionist entity or its allies,” Raisi warned.

The Iranian president called on supporters of the occupying entity to acknowledge the calculated action carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran and to abstain from endorsing “Israel”, which has played a role in intensifying its violations of regulations and disregard for global standards.