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Unusual Security Measures in Dahyieh: Hezbollah’s Eye is on the Enemy’s Plans

Unusual Security Measures in Dahyieh: Hezbollah’s Eye is on the Enemy’s Plans
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Latifa Al-Husseiny

Numerous reports that surfaced in recent weeks about foreign elements appearing in Beirut’s southern suburbs [Dahiyeh] have attracted the attention of observers.

The foreigners were swiftly identified, stopped and interrogated by the security services.   

There is plenty of speculation about what those foreign elements were preparing in the area. But a watchful eye has remained vigilant.

Informed security sources revealed to Al-Ahed news the background of what is happening.

“Recently, Dahiyeh witnessed strict and unusual measures by the security forces, including the army and internal security services, in addition to Hezbollah members near the latter’s headquarters.”

The security sources explained to Al-Ahed that the reason for this is “fear of ‘Israeli’ hostile action in the heart of Dahiyeh.”

According to the sources, the measures “include suppressing the hold-ups, arresting shooters and raiding their homes, in addition to arresting gangs that disturb social security. These tasks are undertaken by the security forces and military intelligence.”

The security sources said Hezbollah increased security around its centers following concerns about a number of violations that occurred recently, especially after the entry of UNIFIL vehicles and Dutch elements into Dahiyeh.

Both UNIFIL and the Dutch tried to justify the incidents by claiming they were mistakes. But Hezbollah isn’t convinced and is tightening surveillance around its centers. The security sources also note that the measures are strictly precautionary.

The information received by Al-Ahed reveals that Lebanese military intelligence is spearheading the investigations into the Dutch personnel, UNIFIL, and others working for European embassies.

The sources said the investigation has not concluded and getting a clear picture will likely take more time.