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Nasrallah Slams March 14 Forces: What is left of the ministerial statement?

Nasrallah Slams  March 14 Forces: What is left of the ministerial statement?
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Source: Daily Star, 23-01-2006

BEIRUT: "What is left of the ministerial statement?" asked Hizbullah`s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, criticizing the parliamentary majority for failing to stand by their word. Speaking Sunday during a graduation ceremony of students at the Shahed Educational Complex on Airport Road, in Beirut`s southern suburbs, Nasrallah criticized statements made recently by officials regarding the resistance and its weapons.

In the presence of MP Salim Aoun and a delegation representing the Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun in the front row, Hizbullah`s chief said: "While the ministerial statement considers "Israel" as the enemy, some parties say that "Israel" is no longer the enemy. So what is left of this statement?"

The Hizbullah leader slammed the March 14 Forces for asking the resistance to provide evidence of the Lebanese identity of the occupied Shibaa Farms "again ignoring the ministerial statement, which recognizes these territories as Lebanese and calls for their liberation."

Nasrallah voiced his support for the Free Patriotic Movement which is not participating in the government implying that dialogue can`t take place without this party`s participation.
"How can there be national dialogue when an entire movement is not represented in the government?" he asked.

Nasrallah criticized the calls made to the Shiite ministers to end their boycott of the government based on the ministerial statement.
He said: "There are other solutions; I said earlier, let this government resign and have it replaced by a national unity government." He added that the majority refused his suggestions.

"They don`t want to form a new national government, because they assume that it will create the government where the third of its members can veto any majority vote and prevent the majority from passing any national decision."
Nasrallah added that there are some parties that "want to impose their decisions on all of Lebanon and don`t want partners." He said: "We can`t be followers and can`t be employees for anyone. We express the ideas and convictions of a broad faction of the people."

Concerning what was mentioned about the resistance in the ministerial statement, Nasrallah said: "The ministerial statement is clear about the resistance`s mission and that it is there to confront the `"Israeli" threats` and attacks - but it was added as an afterthought."

He criticized some partners in the government who had refused to mention ""Israeli" threats" in the texts but had later included the term. He said: "Ninety percent of the arguments focused on not including `"Israeli" threats` but it was added in the ministerial statement."

Nasrallah reiterated: "the resistance is not a military organization." He defined the resistance, specifically addressing all those who "black-list the resistance as a (so-called) terrorist organization," saying it is a "civilized movement that belongs to the culture, history and hopes of this country and this nation."

Nasrallah said that if Lebanese want to build the country, "everybody should cooperate." He added "whoever dreams of removing Hizbullah from any position they hold, we have the willpower, strength and determination to disappoint their dreams."
He added: "When the resistance feels that anyone is seriously working according to foreign dictations, we will tell them clearly to wake up from their dreams and conspiracies."

Nasrallah added that any conspiracy being planned for any party in Lebanon "is a conspiracy against all Lebanon."