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Nasrallah throws weight behind electoral Mount Unity list on 09-06-2005

Nasrallah throws weight behind electoral Mount Unity list on 09-06-2005
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source: Daily Star, 9-6-2005

summary: BEIRUT: Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah strongly endorsed the electoral Mount Unity list and called on his supporters not to delete any candidates from the list.‏‏‏‏
Nasrallah said: "After careful and thorough consideration we have decided to support the Baabda-Aley list while calling on all to leave the past behind us, open a new page in Lebanese politics and settle all differences and disputes between all the parties with no exception."‏‏‏‏
Nasrallah was speaking during an election campaign attended by members of the Mount Unity list, which includes supporters of the Phalange Party and Samir Geagea`s LF.‏‏‏‏
In a surprise announcement, drawing large applause from his audience, Nasrallah adopted a famous phrase used by his adversary, late President-elect Bashir Gemayel during the "Israeli" invasion: Lebanon`s "10,452 square kilometers."‏‏‏‏
Nasrallah said: "Let us revive Gemayel`s slogan in defending Lebanon`s sovereignty over its entire territory of 10,452 square kilometers."‏‏‏‏
However, Nasrallah reiterated that the area of Lebanon includes occupied Shibaa Farms up to the highest peak of its mountain as well as the seven-villages originally Lebanese but annexed to Palestine before ""Israel"" was founded in 1948.‏‏‏‏
The Hizbullah leader justified his party`s new approach to reconciling differences with "old enemies" by saying he had received assurances from all concerned parties that they will "stand by the resistance under any circumstances and that any existing disagreements will be settled through dialogue."‏‏‏‏
Nasrallah said: "We stand here today in unity with the Mountain list to call on all Lebanese parties to unite and reconcile their disputes and differences through dialogue and forgive each other while preserving every party`s dignity and self esteem."‏‏‏‏
Nasrallah`s comments go a long way to smoothing over any tensions ahead of Sunday`s pivotal parliamentary vote in the Mount Lebanon region, where the "opposition list" is facing General Michel Aoun`s list in a make or break battle.‏‏‏‏
He added that, in supporting this list, Hizbullah would respect the opposing list`s right to fight a democratic race. "We must do away with all antagonisms while addressing each other."‏‏‏‏
Hizbullah is committed to contact with all Lebanese without exceptions and to discussing all national issues.‏‏‏‏
In a similar effort at reconciliation, Saad Hariri visited with House Speaker Nabih Berri for the first time since the assassination of his father former Premier Rafik Hariri.‏‏‏‏
Nasrallah made it clear that the Lebanese have no other choice but to unite and solve their disputes alone, saying:‏‏‏‏
"The Lebanese people and leadership have to prove to the world that they can run democratic elections, talk to one another and find solutions to their problems without any outside interference."‏‏‏‏
He added the U.S. will only ever see Hizbullah as a terrorist organization even if it were to win all 128 seats in Parliament.‏‏‏‏
"The Americans did not like what they hear about our success in the South; they do not believe the people have actually thrown their full support behind Hizbullah and its choice to resist the "Israeli" aggression."‏‏‏‏
Nasrallah said the Americans are promoting the UN Security Council Resolution 1559 in the hope that the new Parliament will endorse it and work toward its implementation.‏‏‏‏
He added: "The Lebanese Parliament will never serve "Israeli" ends, under any circumstances; through unity we can defeat all "Israeli" plots and agendas."‏‏‏‏