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Nasrallah: Hizbullah can integrate with government... We will protect government, national unity

Nasrallah: Hizbullah can integrate with government... We will protect government, national unity
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source: The Daily Star, 11-6-2005

summary: BAALBEK, Bekaa: Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Friday the resistance is seeking to cooperate with the government in standing up to the internal and international challenges facing the country.
During a massive campaign rally in Baalbek, Nasrallah said the resistance should integrate into the Lebanese government and institutions and for the first time officially enter the political arena.‏‏‏‏

Tens of thousands of Hizbullah faithful gathered to express their support of their leader ahead of Sunday`s third round of parliamentary elections.‏‏‏‏
Nasrallah praised the resistance "for fighting against the "Israeli" enemy" and liberating the South of Lebanon in 2000.‏‏‏‏

He said: "The resistance could overcome the challenges despite the tension and the internal conflicts that gripped the country in the past years."‏‏‏‏
"The U.S. is seeking to address "Israeli" interests and their own by calling for the disarming of the resistance group and exerting pressures on the country", Nasrallah declared.‏‏‏‏

He added: "The presence of the resistance in Lebanon promotes the country`s security.‏‏‏‏
Today we are engaging in the battle of protecting and preserving the resistance; if we protect the resistance by our vote, the resistance will protect our territories from the ["Israeli"] invasion. We protect the resistance because it defends our country."‏‏‏‏
Nasrallah also said the United States was not "honest" in its calls for the establishment of democracy and freedom in the Arab world, adding that its interference in Lebanon`s domestic affairs threatened the country`s sovereignty and unity.‏‏‏‏

"The Americans don`t seek the implementation of security and stability in Lebanon; they seek the establishment of an organized chaos in order to be able to control the region."‏‏‏‏
"We will fight for the protection of the resistance and national unity by holding dialogues and cooperating with each other in order to avoid falling into the trap of an internal strife," he added.‏‏‏‏

Nasrallah said he had faith in the Lebanese and believed the different Lebanese factions were opposed to the disarming of the resistance and backed its presence in the country.‏‏‏‏
He urged Bekaa citizens to participate in the elections and place their vote for the candidates of Hizbullah in order to "face the challenges and to preserve the resistance."‏‏‏‏