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Sayyed Nasrallah Says Talks Between Lebanese Parties Underway on 24-12-2005

Sayyed Nasrallah Says Talks Between Lebanese Parties Underway on 24-12-2005
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source: Kods Time, 24-12-2005.

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said that deliberations between the different Lebanese parties to solve the governmental crisis are underway and that the atmosphere is positive.
In an interview with Al-Manar Channel Sayyed Nasrallah stressed there is no decision yet about the return of Hizbullah and Amal ministers to attend the cabinet sessions but noted that a decision will be reached soon.
When asked about the international court to try those accused in the assassination of former premier Rafik Hariri his eminence said that the tribunal should be just, not politicized, and stressed that all those found guilty in the murder should be punished. Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that the Israelis are the only ones benefiting from this citing Israeli analysis of the situation.
Part of the interview
I can say that the atmosphere is positive. Yes I can say that, but until this minute.
I cannot say that we have taken a decision.
They are going-on so far today (yesterday) before the program and as we speak our representatives are engaged in talks-The progress is positive so is the atmosphere.
So I think -and this needs the cooperation of all parties, their readiness and their positivism-we can reach a positive outcome... (....)
The discussions are due in full.
They are about to end maybe tonight, tomorrow, or after tomorrow, I don`t think the issue will exceed this time limit.
So we have these couple of days. After all, it`s not our hobby to cause a governmental crisis, or that we find it amusing to suspend our participation.
We are also concerned to see that our country is at ease, as well as the government and ourselves.
Mr. Walid rejects resolution 1559. Till now he did not change his mind concerning this issue, if he rejects resolution 1559, then he rejects other resolutions?!
There is no link between them, each resolution is separate. Maybe there are two connected but the rest mainly those related to the assassination of former premier Rafik Hariri are not related to resolution 1559.
Attempts to instigate Hizbullah against Amal movement and vice versa or to intimidate Hizbullah by saying that Amal will change course Or to tell Amal that Hizbullah will lead you to the unknown, I say these attempts will fail.
I assure all sides that this will fail (....)
We see General Michel Aoun as a serious and genuine candidate for presidency. He`s a serious candidate and Represents a wide portion of people, he has a big party and if we want to be realistic we should deal with this candidacy seriously.
... Saad Hariri is playing a good role and I think that in this situation like when there is no breakthrough He plays a significant role.
We don`t have specific suspicions. We have questions about this international tribunal, its reference etc. because we too, need guarantees that this court will rule justly and that it will not politically compromise the blood of martyr Rafik Hariri For instance one of our suspicions is that when you tell me that the UN assigns this court, sets its rules, formulate it, appoint the judges this means that the Americans are doing it basically But what I`m looking for is a just court. A court that punishes the perpetrators and no one else, this is what we want.
Does this mean that we are concerned or negligent?
We say that it shows our concern because sometimes through rumors, chaos and disruption the innocent might be convicted and the guilty might be acquitted, we don`t want this to happen. And I said that this position is fixed and is not a barter trade whatever were the practices of our allies and friends in the government and outside this is not for trade. This stance is in accordance with our ideological disciplinary and national background.
So what kind of a tribunal we want?
We want three specifications:
• First to be just, so that we don`t try the innocent and leave the perpetrators
• Second, it should not be politicized.
• Third, it should not pave the way for an international tutelage on Lebanon.
In other words, the court should not be misused to impose conditions or commitments on Lebanon.
About the international probe team, let`s be realistic. After the martyrdom of Rafik Hariri, an international probe team was formed but did the killing stop or it increased?
So the perpetrators don`t care whether there is an international probe team or not.
So this team alone or by itself cannot stop the killing in Lebanon.
Many statements and researches written by senior Israeli analysts including military security and political figures say: In Lebanon, we should end the resistance, disarm it and disarm the Palestinian refugees because these are a threat. The only way to reach this and to implement resolution 1559 is to find a huge impasse in the relationship between Lebanon and Syria and to deepen it, until it reaches enmity.
This Israeli analysis has been written for a year now. The Israeli sees that each time he kills, excuse let me be more precise each time one is killed in Lebanon, the Lebanese get more hostile towards Syria, and then Syria is more pressured, the measures against it and against its friends in Lebanon mounts.
So this encourages him to continue.