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Nasrallah sticks to wait-and-see position on 03-09-2005

Nasrallah sticks to wait-and-see position on 03-09-2005
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source: Daily Star, 3-9-2005.

summary: BEIRUT: Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said the UN investigation and recent arrests in the probe into the murder of former premier Rafik Hariri had created "unnatural tension" in Lebanon.
Nasrallah again declined to comment on the arrests of the four security chiefs, insisting that Hizbullah would "wait for the final results" of the investigation.‏
Speaking to thousands of Muslims at Sayyed al-Shuhada compound in the Southern suburbs of Beirut who had gathered to mourn the deaths of the 1,000 people killed in Iraq earlier this week Nasrallah said: "The results have to be based on hard evidence and not speculations. More importantly, no party has the right to exploit the investigations politically now."‏
Nasrallah`s comments ended speculation that Hizbullah was on the verge of joining the chorus of politicians calling for the ousting of president Lahoud. Instead Nasrallah reiterated his party`s original position on the international probe and did not mention Lahoud.‏
He said: "We agreed to the probe only not to be misunderstood and as a compliment to the Hariris` feelings."‏
The Hizbullah leader concentrated on rumors being circulated about the resistance group`s involvement in Rafik Hariri`s murder and blamed the media for exaggerating the issue. The UN probe has confirmed that Hizbullah was not involved in the murder.‏
Nasrallah said: "For the last month, there has been talk about a sectarian conflict rising between the Lebanese Shiites and Sunnis. But goodwill and initiatives from Hariri circles and the religious leaders who rushed to condemn such incitement assured to prevent such strife at all cost."‏
He added that similar divisions were being created in Iraq by foreign interference and remnants of Saddam Hussein`s Baath Party.‏
He said: "The continued mass murders taking place in the name of fighting the occupiers seek to incite the Shiites to retaliate against their Muslim brethren of the Sunni sect."‏
He said generals from the U.S. Army were "leading criminal groups directly"‏
He added: "The U.S. is trying to apply the Iraqi model to the Lebanese situations. The international probe should not give the sectarian dark forces the chance to incite national strife."‏
He added: "We are certain the Lebanese people and their political representatives are aware of such attempts and will do everything in their power to fail them."‏