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Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi: Divine Love

Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi: Divine Love
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Nour Rida

Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi: Divine Love

"I wish we lived with them forever, I wish we never left to Beirut back then. Since the time our mother passed away, he was our father, and she was our mother. His time was very tight but he still found time to open his house for people, for the needy as well."

With these words, Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi's sister started narrating inerasable details of her reminiscence, a few days before the anniversary of his martyrdom.

I felt warm at her humble house. Simple but neat furniture, a huge picture for Sayyed Abbas in the living room, other smaller ones on the chimney, the tables, and all sorts of books written about him and his honorable spouse among many other books on shelves.

Despite all the responsibilities and woes he carried, former Hizbullah Secretary General, martyr Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi did not once skip his duties not only as a leader to the people, but as a father and a husband, even in light of the toughest circumstances.

His sister Hanaa al-Moussawi, told us countless stories about his manners, serving the people, sacrificing his time, effort, health, and every penny to bring comfort to others.

Among the stories Hanaa recounted, was how the lover and beloved are one, inseparable despite all the hardships.

Sayyed Abbas al-Moussawi: Divine Love

"Sayyed Abbas belonged to the school of divine love, of selflessness. He gave love just for the sake of self-giving; divine love in its highest forms. His honorable spouse, Om Yasser, was just like him. They were one soul; they even departed to the heavens together.

He always made sure she was comfortable and healthy, she always made sure she did all what she can to make him that way too.

I remember well, that Om Yasser would not eat without Sayyed Abbas, even though he had loads of work and would not come back home at a known time. We would ask her to come eat with us, she would reply: you eat my sweethearts, I will eat later when Sayyed comes.

When she knew he was coming early home, Om Yasser would make sure the family sat together for lunch. It was important for her to bring us together for a meal when possible.

Om Yasser was very caring. she knew he loved family gatherings, and despite his tight time she would do her best to coordinate times to make him happy.
I remember once, Om Yasser got sick, Sayyed Abbas was very troubled. He was worried about her. He would leave everything and sit next to her, until he made sure she felt better. Otherwise, he would ask one of us to stay around.

Their love was divine. Om Yasser knew who he is, she knew him well. She always repeated words about her love to Sayyed Abbas.

She would always pray that her soul would not part his, and her prayer was answered when she joined him in his ascending to the heavens on the day he was martyred.

Om Yasser was a mother a student and a teacher. Sometimes class time would begin, but she has not finished cooking lunch yet. Sayyed Abbas would tell her to stop everything and attend her classes. He would smile and finish cooking the food himself.

In another incident, she was sweeping the kitchen floor, and it was class time already, he gently asked her to leave for class and he finished off the sweeping."

These were the manners of a leader who barely slept or rested, as he invested all his life in the service of the people and just causes. This was Sayyed Abbas, a great leader to the nation, and a great husband and father who poured all his love and care, in practice and in preach.

Today, Sayyed Abbas and his spouse are more alive in their legacy and Martyrdom than they ever were.

Source: Al-Ahed news


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God bless their pure souls and abode Aala Illiyeen. Ameen