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In Our Souls Forever You Live

In Our Souls Forever You Live
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Bilal Moussawi - Baalbek

Ahmad, the infant, had not yet celebrated his first birthday on the day the Leader of the Islamic Resistance, Sayyed Abbas Moussawi martyred. Ever since young Ahmad's birth, he had always embraced his father's beams, laughs, and joyful spirit.

Alas, as the sun set on the 16th of February, 1992, Ahmad's father bitterly shed tears of grave grief, a sight Ahmad had not ever seen, which utterly meant that something severe had happened to him and to all followers and lovers in Lebanon and the Islamic world.

Sayyed Abbas Moussawi, Hizbullah's Secretary General, honorably fell alongside his wife and child from a wicked "Israeli" raid on his convoy.
The loyal tears of the dear father nurtured the infant's soul, which matured into love, tender, and yearning for acquainting Sayyed Abbas's sacred spirit.

Today, after 21 years, Ahmad, a young man, stands proudly across the great martyr's Shrine, reminiscing the tears yearly shed on his sacrifice and purity.
Yet Ahmad is not the only one who deeply cherished His Eminence Sayyed Abbas, for many youths sit under the shade of his Holy Shrine, read the Quran, and pursuit knowledge, education, and the true meaning of martyrdom and sacrifice.
Here, on the Shrine of Sayyed Abbas Moussawi, followers came from every corner of Lebanon and the world to be blessed from the sanctity of his presence and take a lungful of that grand man's essence.

A Shrine that reels the hearts of followers on that extraordinary mountain paving its way to the mighty heavens.
A Shrine of a man, who never knew the meaning of humiliation but in the presence of his God; a Dignity of a Leader, who never knew submission but in prayer; a sublimity that never shed tears of servility but in words of prayer calls in the early dawn.

Years had passed with the despair of days, which absolutely diminished with his presence, rising day after day in the souls of his loyal followers, entering their hearts like a breeze.

O Great Sayyed, your memory is not that of sorrow, for the joy of your supporters is not complete but by your blessing; your life-long friend "Fayyad" wished your blessing, taking his bride, dressed in white, on their wedding day to your Grand Shrine to utter: "You are always with us; you are the never-setting sun of our joy."

21 years, yet you still run through the veins of the people who adored your life's principles filled with Jihad, resistance, confronting oppressors, and supporting the oppressed in the world.

21 years, yet your voice still echoes in mosques to read Quran and hearten followers for resolve, for you are the Leader who pioneered Jihad in the valleys of the South and West Bekaa, to defend the nation, land, dignity, honor, and integrity.

21 years, yet your voice still rings in every speech, calling for maintaining and supporting the Islamic resistance. It still echoes to support the main cause and the Palestinian resistance to the liberation of al-Quds from the filth of occupation.
21 years, yet you still inspire true values of leadership:

You are the modest pure leader who humbles himself for the poor and needy;
And you are a titan who reaches out to the oppressed. And you are the Great with your leadership, courage, strength, faith, wisdom, and you are the majestic with your humanity, patience, nobility, modesty, and decorum.

With the blood of your martyrdom, the nation celebrates victorious glories.

Source: al-Ahed News