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The following are the Islamic-Resistance operations that took place during the month of April in 2000...

Islamic Resistance Performs 165 Operations in April 2000

This April, the Islamic Resistance performed 165 operations against the "Israeli" occupation forces and Lahd agents, and "the Lebanese Brigades for Resisting the "Israeli" Occupation" performed 24. Both resistance movements as well performed two common operations. The total was then 191 operations.
5 "Israeli" soldiers and 12 Lahd militiamen were wounded, and 7 Lahd militiamen were killed, the enemy acknowledged. Yet, the enemy claimed "6" soldiers were wounded as a vehicle "turned upside down".

On the other hand, 5 Islamic-Resistance fighters were martyred.
Resistance Artillery Bombards Sites by Borders, April 9, 2000

Since the enemy breached "the April Agreement" and assailed civilians in Arab Salim Town, on April 9, 2000, groups of "the Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit" shelled the "Israeli" sites of Birket Reesheh, ad-Dawaweer, and Bawebet Rmeich along the Lebanese borders with occupied Palestine. The sites suffered serious losses.

Though a Zionist source acknowledged Katyusha rockets had been launched, the source claimed, "None was wounded or killed. The rockets were dropped near "Margeliot Settlement" by the borders, also near "Israeli" sites in the occupied Lebanese region.

Also on April 13, 2000, the Resistance retaliated after the enemy assailed Majdal Selm Town. The Resistance launched a set of Katyusha rockets against al-Abbad Site at the Lebanese borders with occupied Palestine. The fighters' concentrated rocket caused the site serious losses.

Again on April 15, 2000, the Islamic Resistance retaliated after the occupation forces assailed civilians. The Resistance artillerists struck the "Israeli" sites along the Lebanese borders with occupied Palestine.
Security sources said that 12 rockets, launched in two sets, hit Birket Reesheh Site, 1 km away from the borders. The occupation forces acknowledged the sites were shelled.

On April 18, 2000, the Islamic Resistance had to strike again; this time the enemy assailed the towns of Majdal Zoun and Libbaya. The Resistance bombarded the "Israeli" sites along the Lebanese borders with occupied Palestine. The Resistance artillerists launched sets of Katyusha rockets against Birket Reesha Site. Though serious casualties were made, the enemy claimed there were "no casualties".

Operation al-Abbad, April 19, 2000

On April 19, 2000, the Islamic-Resistance fighters again overcame all developed measures of the enemy and implanted a heavy explosive by the wire fence enclosed by the "Israeli" sites of al-Abbad and al-Manara.
As a Zionist patrol including a motorcade and a squad was en route to al-Abbad Site, the fighters blasted it, causing losses to the patrollers.
Three "Israeli" soldiers were wounded, acknowledged the enemy.

Operation at-Taybeh, April 19, 2000

On April 19, 2000, an Islamic-Resistance group lay in ambush in the outskirts of occupied at-Taybeh Town. As an "Israeli" force reached the ambush spot, the fighters opened a barrage of their light and heavy machineguns. The clashes caused serious casualties to the "Israeli" force.

Meanwhile, a group of "the Islamic-Resistance Fire Backup Unit" shelled the "Israeli" at-Taybeh Site, preventing it from engaging in the battle. Half an hour later, clashes went on all over again in the outskirts of at-Taybeh Town.
"The Fire Backup Unit" as well shelled the enemy sites of at-Taybeh and as-Salaa, preventing them from engaging in the battle.
Later, "Israeli" military helicopters landed down in the operation zone to evacuate the casualties.

At noon, the fighters again attacked at-Taybeh Site (twice). The attack brought about serious losses to the site, but the enemy claimed "there were no casualties."

Operation Aramta, April 28, 2000

Again, the resistance razed an enemy site in spite of all safety measures applied by the "Israeli" enemy and Lahd agents. Though the Zionists and Lahd militiamen tried hard to prevent the resistance from making new accomplishments, the resistance fighters broke into the Lahd Aramta Site, killed or wounded all militiamen inside, and razed it.

Here below are the details:

On April 28, 2000, exactly at 6:00 a.m., common groups of the Islamic Resistance and the Lebanese Brigades broke into Aramta Site of the "10th Battalion" of the Lahd Militia's "East Brigade".

The fighters perfectly took over the site, killing the members of the special brigade inside, which had been formed as "direct reinforcement" for "the 10th Battalion".
Now groups of the "Islamic-Resistance Enginery" implanted heavy explosive bombs. Then, the groups withdrew from the site and bombed the explosives, razing the site.

In the meantime, other Islamic-Resistance groups attacked the Zionist-Lahd sites of Bir Kallab, al-Mothalath Hill, Shiyar Aadour, Kassaret el-Oroush, Birket Djej, Shreiqa, Abu Qamha, ad-Dallafa, al-Aychieh, Braachit, as-Suweidaa, Radar, Blat, al-Jamoussa, Rchaf, Haddatha, Hamayed, Marj Houla, at-Taybeh, Jabal el-Jama'a, ad-Dabsheh, al-Qal'a, Ain Qania, and al-Ahmadieh, in addition to the Lahd ar-Rihan Barracks and the Zionist ar- Rihan Barracks:

Sources said the fighters launched over 180 mortar shells and Katyusha rockets. The Islamic Resistance then displayed a video tape on the operation, refuting the claims of the occupation forces: "Aramta Site was the target of a "suicide" operation depending on a loaded vehicle."
The "Israeli" command formed an investigation committee to figure out the way the operation was conducted.

The Lahd Militia acknowledged the death of 5 militiamen, 3 of who died during the attack and 2 others were smashed by the collapsing site: Rafik Saeed Abu Hamad, Issam Qassem el-Aysami, Bassam Zweihed (from Hasbaya), Ziyad Reidan (from Ain Aata), Issam Abu Shahla (from al-Aakeebeh). Seven others were wounded, among who were: Joseph el-Khouri, Esmat Saabik, and Nasser Abu Shahla.
An "Israeli" soldier at ar-Rihan Site was wounded, the enemy acknowledged. In consequence with the operation, the occupation forces isolated ar-Rihan Town from its surroundings; a bulldozer built a soil rampart and cement barriers, blocking the route to town.

A Lahd force as well disconnected the electricity cables supplying that region with power. Thus, the town had no water or electricity.
On April 5, 2000, agent Joseph el-Khouri, who was earlier wounded in the attack against Aramta Site, died. So the deceased militiamen were now 6.

Five Islamic-Resistance Fighters Martyred in April 2000

-Haidar Qassem at-Taweel and Faadi Muhammad Ghazal: martyred on April 20, 2000 while confronting occupation force in the surroundings of at-Taybeh Site.
-Muhammad Hani Akhdar: martyred on April 21, 2000 while counterattacking Zionist warplanes

-Haseento Rizk: martyred on April 26, 2000 after being wounded while counterattacking Zionist warplanes on the hills of West Beqaa

-Fouad Abbass Shehab: martyred on April 28, 2000 while confronting occupation forces in al-Ahmadieh and Ain Qania in West Beqaa