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A Martyrdom Story of an ’’Angel’’: Martyr Salah Ghandour

A Martyrdom Story of an ’’Angel’’: Martyr Salah Ghandour
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By Fatima Shaito

One ardent vernal day, his untroubled spirit shrilled cries of joy to cross over to the rays of light, his visage beamed for the florid freedom, and his virtuous body keened to bravely depart this life and repose in the soil of the South. 
He was notorious for being a stouthearted man, having the features of a fierce knight amid a battle in chorus with those of an innocent angel cascading with the rainfall on an inspirational day.

The smile of this combating "Malak" (Arabic for angel) crowned his being with passion, granted the nation a pioneer man, and refused to fade away. This smile proclaimed him victorious after his martyrdom. 

The smile of this Angel, martyr Salah Ghandour, wobbled the serenity of "Israel", engraved hope in the hearts and minds of the free and lovers, as it never withered from the face of his wife while she told the story of his, in pride, diligence and nostalgia:

I first met martyr Salah in the early 90's. At that time, his quietness was the most noticeable. The main reason that prompted me to choose him as a soul mate, Salah being a resistance fighter (Mujahid) with the resistance forces, and my dream came true, for I have always wanted to be as Sayyida Zeinab (pbuh). God heard my prayers when I met "Malak".

Martyr Salah's rational thought didn't wipe away his sense of humor; he loved making jokes and considerate tricks with his friends. He never hid his clinginess to the Resistance in terms of faith and ideology, as he stressed on the impossibility of abandoning this course of life and kept secret all the tasks given to him.

Despite his preoccupation with his jihadist duties, martyr Salah never disregarded one religious prayer or fasting; he loved reading the Koran and Komayl supplication (Dua'a), he constantly pleaded to Imam Hussein (p). He was a frequent commuter to the mosque as well.

The martyrdom of Mujahid Ghassan Alweyyieh at the beginning of 1987, left a deep impact on him, he was a friend and a brother at the same time. Perhaps the news of Ghassan's martyrdom motivated him to leave Beirut and join the Operations Department in the south, not to mention his craving to transfer to the upper world, his affection to the Prophet's cahste household, Ahlu el Bayt (pbut), and his insistence to practice his right in defending his homeland. He also had the competences of planning and monitoring that were required to execute operations.

I used to bring martyr Salah his gear and "lunch box" before he leaves to start his monitoring tasks of the borders. He used to inform me with the duration of his absence which created a state of contentment inside of me, especially because we live in an area far-off the center of the village ... Before he crossed the borders to execute his martyrdom operation, something inside of me told me he is going to die soon, and questions began to spin in my head during his absence: How would I receive the news of his martyrdom? Am I going to patient? How will we mourn him? ... I didn't hesitate to ask him, when I had the chance to see him again, "are you planning for something?" He answered after a while due to my insistence, "I volunteered for the implementation of a martyrdom operation, and I ask you to pray for its success."

In the meantime, martyr Salah was expecting to get a visa allowance to go to Mecca for Hajj, and thank God, he got it. But, it was meant for him to implement the martyrdom operation rather than going to Mecca, so he insisted at that time to capture family photographs. Before the execution he met with the Secretary General of Hizbullah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, to have his permission to do so.

The next day, he parted from his parents, pretending that he is going to Hajj instead of heading to execute the operation against the "Israelis" to keep it secret and not fail. He told me personally to take care of our three children, Mohammed, Fatima, and Zaynab, and that I may not see him again, and asked for my prayers.

This happened Sunday on the twenty-third of April in 1995, it was scheduled for martry Salah to carry out his martyrdom operation on Monday. They feared that some civilians might get wounded so his operation was postponed for Tuesday. 

On the afternoon of the same day, I received the news that a martyrdom operation of the Islamic Resistance was a complete success, I was possessed with a strong feeling that the "Malak" is among the martyrs, I prayed to God Almighty, and waited for the definite news... Beating the door of the house, his fellows came to pass on the news of "Malak's" death on the land of the south ... I was smiling in pain, and a sense of sorrow flooded me with glory and indescribable pride, God gave me patience, and I felt tranquil and patient just like Martyr Salah advised me to be.

On the twenty fifth of April 1995, this martyrdom operation horrified the enemy, and gave high spirits for the masses of the resistance, for it killed and injured enemy soldiers. Martyr Salah has crossed the borders with his booby-trapped car and ran through two convoys at the entrance to the town of Bent Jbeil , and that was an additional achievement in the history of resistance.

The route of the martyr "Malak" and his car bomb from Tiri until the entrance of the center "17" in Bent Jbeil, was full of success and divine mercy. One of the Zionist officers intercepted his way; however, his prestige and overwhelming confidence made the officer think he was one of the Zionist soldiers.... He would have liked the bomb package to be larger, and his tremendous desire to execute the operation drew a smile on his face until the last minute before pushing the blast button. The last thing he said to his fellows, "I'm leaving, in God I trust." Then he broke into the convoys screaming " God the almighty and the only."

Martyr Salah passed away, but we can feel his presence among us. His daughter Fatima resembles his calmness, Zeinab resembles his shyness, and our son Mohammad follows his resistant course, a course that we will never give up on, for it is our duty to defend and protect this course that our children should follow. The weapons of the resistance, are sacred to us, and we reject any attempt to take them away, and they shall always be in our hands until the liberation of al-Quds (Jerusalem).

The meeting with the Martyr's wife ended, but the story of the martyr didn't, for his blood has painted the road of glory and made the victory in May and July in 2006 possible! 


His call before Martyrdom

"I ask God to meet the master of all Martyrs Abi Abdullah al-Hussein (Pbuh), this great Imam who taught all the free people how to take revenge on their oppressors. Hopefully, after I finish my words, I will meet God with my head high and in pride, taking vengeance for my religion and all the martyrs. In few moments, I will take vengeance for all the oppressed and vulnerable people of Southern Lebanon and occupied Palestine; I will take vengeance for all those suffering in our occupied villages. Inshalla, I 'm one of the Islamic resistance combatants, the resistance that is not intimidated by the enemy's air forces, tanks or any other weaponry or by the support of all malicious countries given to this enemy.



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