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Self-Sacrifice Martyr: Ibrahim Jamil Daher

Self-Sacrifice Martyr: Ibrahim Jamil Daher
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Self-Sacrifice Martyr: Ibrahim Jamil Daher

Who is he?

Haj Jamil woke up on the 24th of January 1971 in Kuwait where he lived with his family, to see his new born son Ibrahim. The day he was born was a good omen on the family. Father Jamil got a new job, and the family's financial conditions improved.

Marty Ibrahim was very calm; he rarely spoke and always accompanied his mother wherever she went. He was a very handsome boy. Martyr Ibrahim finished his school years in Kuwait, where he graduated from high school successfully.
Ibrahim's teachers were very impressed with his intelligence and striving. In 1987, Ibrahim was determined to return back to his beloved country.

Leaving childhood memories behind, he headed to his old home in Kfar Romman village in South Lebanon, and enrolled in the Lebanese university to finish his educational journey in hope of building a bright future. Unluckily, he dropped out because of life hardships.

Martyr Ibrahim went to the mosque everyday for prayers. During his early years, his mother played an important role in guiding him to the right path, that of God. He steadily read the Quran, and supplications called Duas; he enjoyed high spirits and had good manners. Ibrahim was also known for being tolerant, helpful, and he a big heart who taught himself and others to forget and forgive. The martyr loved sports, he was a sprinter, and he ran for very long distances and was fit too.

In battlefield...

Martyr Ibrahim started his Jihad and resistance when he joined a group of mujahideen in strict secrecy. The day had come when Ibrahim's journey was to begin. Along with some Mujahideen he went to install an explosive at the Jarmak U-turn, adjacent to the Tohra Mount in the South.

Right before arriving to that spot, the martyr and his friends found out they were caught in ambush. In a few seconds, the "Israeli" soldiers opened their fire at the mujahdeen and the battle started. Martyr Ibrahim saw it most appropriate to serve a cover to the mujahideen as they retreat. For half an hour, Ibrahim fought the "Israelis" until he ran out of munitions. Then, he decided to play dead until the Zionist soldiers approached his body when he exploded a bomb killing and injuring all of them. Ibrahim was martyred on a Qadr blessed night during the Holy month of Ramadan, also on the 21st of August 1992.

"Think not of those who are slain in God's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord"

All work as one in their labor to meet God the Exalted