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Self-Sacrifice Martyr: Assad Berro

Self-Sacrifice Martyr: Assad Berro
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Self-Sacrifice Martyr: Assad Berro

Who is he?

Assad Berro was born on the 26th of February 1965. He grew up in the Ouzei region with his parents in a surrounding of simplicity and honesty. He enjoyed good-manners.
The martyr finished his academic studies in the Charity school in Burj al-Barajneh and graduated. He chose political sciences as major at University. In 1984, he started pursuing his religious studies, and soon he joined the resistance to fight the "Israeli" enemy.

At the age of 12, martyr Berro was concerned of applying good manners, and being good to others. He always commemorated Ashura and Imam Hussein's calamity, and recited the Quran and supplications.
Martyr Berro was kind-hearted, known for his ethics and high spirits. He also did good deeds for the sake of God the Almighty; he was kind to the poor, young and old.

He was pretty much fond of great spiritual leaders like Imam Khomeini (May Allah Sanctify his Secret), and put a lot of effort to learn religion through attending lectures and seminars.
In 1986, the martyr got married to Hana Berro, and was gifted with two children, Fatima and Mustafa.

In Battlefield:

Martyr Assad also worked in a glass store to make a living and to disguise his work as a resistance fighter in presence of the usurper "Israeli" enemy. He took part in several resistance operations. Then, he took permission to execute his own operation, which was postponed three times due to circumstances.

On Tuesday, the 9th of August 1989, a huge "Israeli" convoy approached to the Marjeyoun region. Martyr Assad was waiting for it. He raided the convoy with his small pick-up full of explosives, and the convoy was shredded into pieces.

"Think not of those who are slain in God's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord"

All work as one in their labor to meet God the Exalted.