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Egypt Considering Downgrading Diplomatic Relations With “Israel”

Egypt Considering Downgrading Diplomatic Relations With “Israel”
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By Staff, Agencies

Egypt is considering downgrading its diplomatic relations with the apartheid “Israeli” entity, including potentially recalling its ambassador from Tel Aviv, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday, citing Egyptian sources.

This consideration follows Egypt's announcement that it would join an application filed by South Africa in the International Court of Justice [ICJ] in The Hague and its decision not to cooperate with the entity in reopening the Rafah border crossing, which has been seized by the “Israeli” Occupation Forces [IOF].

Sources told the newspaper that the “Israeli” entity informed Cairo just hours before initiating a limited operation to take control of the passage between Egypt and the besieged Gaza Strip. However, this notification came after months of negotiations between the parties regarding the planned attack on Rafah.

The report said that the entity had assured Cairo that the Rafah crossing would not be affected and that Palestinians would be notified weeks in advance to evacuate the area.

The report added that while Egypt is contemplating the return of its ambassador, there is no intention to sever relations with the apartheid entity.

An “Israeli” source told the Wall Street Journal that Egypt still desires to facilitate aid to Palestinians and achieve a cease-fire.

Following Egypt's decision to join the case at The Hague, “Israeli” officials accused Egypt of violating previous agreements between both of them, suggesting a duplicitous game is being played. However, officials in Tel Aviv believe Cairo's move will not influence the court's decision.

A senior “Israeli” official said on Sunday that Egypt's notification to The Hague reflects a low point in bilateral relations. "It's not just Egypt's notification to The Hague that worries us, but it's part of a problematic whole that has repercussions for state relations," he explained.

Another senior “Israeli” official commented, "This is unprecedented in our relations with Egypt. It's a harsh step. Egypt continues to press politically and shows us it has neither the patience nor the ability to move forward. It's very sad and worrying."