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Sisi Announces Third Term Bid as Egyptians Rally on Streets of Cairo

Sisi Announces Third Term Bid as Egyptians Rally on Streets of Cairo
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By Staff, Agencies

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced Monday his candidacy for a third term in office, ahead of December elections.

"As I have responded to the people's call before, I heed the call now and announce my intention to run and complete the dream in a new presidential term," Sisi, 68, told a crowd in Egypt's new capital -- the crowning jewel of a megaproject in the desert east of Cairo.

Scheduled for December 10-12, the upcoming elections are expected to be the most closely contested during Sisi's decade-long presidency.

In 2014, a year after toppling President Mohamed Morsi, Sisi secured a commanding 96 percent of the vote. In the subsequent election four years later, he clinched a 97-percent victory, even running against a former supporter as more prominent candidates were sidelined or detained.

This time around, growing dissatisfaction with an enduring economic crisis has emboldened potential challengers from an opposition that has been profoundly weakened by Sisi's relentless crackdown on dissent.

Some party leaders claim to have already secured the necessary 20 nominations from parliament, while others, like former parliamentarian Ahmed al-Tantawi, are actively courting public support on the campaign trail.

Without parliamentary backing, the 44-year-old must collect 25,000 nominations from Egyptians across at least 15 governorates by October 14 to be eligible.

Sisi, 68, has not officially declared his candidacy for a potential third term, which would be his last according to a constitutional amendment he enacted in 2019. This amendment also extended presidential terms from four to six years.