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Millions Trek to Observe Imam Hussein [AS]’s Arbaeen in Iraq’s Holy City of Karbala [Photos]

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By Staff

The world's greatest feast of love is observed annually in the second half of the Hijri month of Safar, especially on the Arbaeen, which falls on the 20th day, marking 40 days since the 10th of Muharram, the day when Imam Hussein bin Ali [AS], his household, friends, and companions were martyred in the desert of Karbala.

Millions of people of all religions and nations take part in this journey of love. They walk from the city of Najaf, where the holy shrine of Imam Ali [AS] is located, some 74 kilometers, all the way to reach Karbala and visit the shrines of Imam Hussein and his brother Abul Fadhl al-Abbas [AS].

The battle of Karbala is the most tragic event in the history of the Islamic world. Imam Hussein [AS] sacrificed his life and all his belongings in this battle to stand against oppression and injustice. 

Now, after nearly 1400 years, not only Muslims but all pure-hearted people still appreciate and mark what Imam Hussein [AS] did in Karbala.