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Sheikh Qaouk on Hezbollah’s Drones: The Message Came At the Right Time, Place, and Pace

Sheikh Qaouk on Hezbollah’s Drones: The Message Came At the Right Time, Place, and Pace
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Translated By Staff

Member of Hezbollah’s Central Council Sheikh Nabil Qaouk asserted that Lebanon has become the most resilient regional player when to comes to confronting  “Israel”. He attributes this reliance to four decades of sacrifices, and achievements by the resistance.

Sheikh Qaouk describes today’s resistance as a strategic treasure and Lebanon’s shield and glory. He says the movement carries out its duty in the interest of the Lebanese people and preserves their dignity and wealth.

Sheikh Qaouk made the remarks during an annual Taklif ceremony under his patronage in the town of Khiam, which was organized as a celebration for young girls reaching Taklif age (nine-year-olds). 

Sheikh Qaouk used the opportunity to touch on another important subject – the recent launch of Hezbollah drones to an offshore gas field in Israeli-occupied waters. He said the message sent by the drones came at the right time and place.

According to Sheikh Qaouk, the move was effective and a purely national message. The objectives were not linked to the Iranian nuclear negotiations or American visits.

Sheikh Qaouk pointed out that the drones unveil new equations and calculations for “Israel”. The aftermath of the launch will look very different that the times before. The level of the anger by the enemy and the tools employed against the resistance’s drones are evidence of the correctness of the resistance’s position.

Sheikh Qaouk concluded by saying that the stances the officials make should strengthen Lebanon’s negotiating position and cut off interference and dictates from foreign embassies in Beirut because when Lebanon’s wealth is threatened by the enemy, it is not permissible to submit to any ambassador whoever they are.