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Rabbi Says “A Matter of Time” for Saudi Arabia-“Israel” Normalization

Rabbi Says “A Matter of Time” for Saudi Arabia-“Israel” Normalization
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By Staff, Agencies

Rabbi Steven Burg, CEO of the al-Quds [Jerusalem] based modern Orthodox Jewish group Aish Global, recently visited Bahrain and Saudi Arabia with Jewish business leaders discuss.

Burg called Saudi Arabia "amazing" and said that he saw a place that was moving forward with the business community wanting to move away from oil and to a better economic situation.

While Riyadh has yet to sign on to the so-called Abraham Accords normalizing relations with the “Israeli” entity, Burg said that the people that he spoke with in Saudi Arabia said that it was "only a matter of time" for it to happen.

“It may take a couple of years. It is a conservative society, and they need to move the country forward. But the bottom line is that Iran is everyone's common issue. They are looking around and saying, ‘“Israel” really is a place where we can get an economic benefit.’”

He said that being openly Jewish and pro-“Israel” in the kingdom was not a problem for the group.

"They are very fascinated by what is happening here [in ‘Israel’] and they are kind of waiting for us to move forward," Burg said during the interview with i24NEWS Middle East Now host Laura Cellier in Yafa [Jaffa] Port.