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“Israel” Confines 14 Detainees under Brutal Conditions in Al-Naqab Prison

“Israel” Confines 14 Detainees under Brutal Conditions in Al-Naqab Prison
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Translated by Staff

The Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs said that the al-Naqab Prison administration is now confining 14 detainees in section number six under brutal conditions for more than a month now.

The commission also said that the detainees are isolated in section number six that had been set on fire by some detainees a month ago, in retaliation for the torture practiced by the occupation on detainees in all the prisons, in the aftermath of Operation Tunnel of Freedom in which six detainees broke free from Gilboa prison.

Furthermore, the commission pointed out that the detainees are isolated without light, and the prison’s administration gives them mattresses at 12 a.m. and takes them back at 6 a.m., without any blankets.

“They sometimes move the detainees, who are always handcuffed, to the external cells from 6 a.m. till 12 a.m.”, it added.

It also stressed that the administration didn’t offer the detainees any clothes other than what they were wearing, and that it doesn’t let them out for medical examination, despite some of them suffering from skin conditions, joint pain, backache and kidney pain.