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Chief of Yemen’s Higher Revolutionary Council: The World to Observe Today the Scandal of Profanity in Palestine

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Chief of Yemen's Higher Revolutionary Council Mohammad Ali al-Houthi commented on the preparations to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the occupied city of al-Quds on Monday, stressing in a statement that this day will expose those who normalize ties with the Zionist entity and show those who are resisting, and to differentiate between those who find it important to defend this entity from those who find their priority to defend the Palestinian cause.

Mohammad Ali al-Houthi

Al-Houthi's statement addressed all regimes normalizing ties with the Zionists, and participating in the Saudi aggression on Yemen as saying: "Let your decisions, in response, be to close the Zionist entity's embassies in your capitals, as the least right you offer to your Arabism and peoples rejecting the occupation of Palestine.
 Announce economic boycott with the entity, and open borders in front of the Palestinians."

He further addressed the Saudi aggression authorities as saying: "Let your decisions be to ban "Israeli" planes from the airspace of your kingdom, and oblige your allies to close airports in the face of all "Israeli" flights: lay siege to the Zionist entity like the one you are imposing on the Yemeni people upon whom you are waging a war and blockade classified by the world as the worst humanitarian tragedy, let us see your Arab firmness and brave for al-Quds."

As he stressed that on this day, the countries that don't respect the international community will be exposed, he continued to say that "the lie of the UN Security Council resolutions under which they destroyed Yemen will also be revealed, while they are celebrating violation of such resolutions in Palestine."

He further described the day as "the day of biggest scandal for the so-called decisiveness and determination of the Saudi-Emirati-Sudanese-American aggression, and the day of scandal of preserving the Arab embrace, defending and serving sanctities."

Al-Houthi said in the statement that "the world will learn that the battle of Saudi Arabia and its allies in Yemen, Syria, Libya and other places was an introduction for handing the al-Quds and celebrating Trump's decisions that oppose the Security Council's resolutions. The world will witness that Saudi Arabia and its allies didn't move their armies for al-Quds, and that its storm didn't dare to implement the resolutions of international legitimacy."

"The Arab world will recall that the billions of the Saudi-Emirati-Sudanese-Egyptian-Jordanian-Bahraini-Moroccan Arab coalition killed and besieged the Yemeni people, and gifted al-Quds for the oppressing regime, and we will see who will celebrate shamelessly the decision to move the US embassy to crown al-Quds as a capital for the Zionist entity," the statement concluded.

Source: Al-Ahed