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Boris Johnson «Saddened» that UK Weapons Were Used to Massacre Yemeni Civilians

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The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has tweeted that he is "saddened" to hear of the deaths of Yemeni civilians in a recent bombing.

Borris Johnson and the Saudi massacre in Yemen

What Johnson failed to say in his tweet is that it's very likely that the bombs used in the Saudi attack were manufactured in Britain.

An airstrike from the Saudi-led coalition waging war on Yemen hit a wedding party in the north of the country on 22 April, causing the martyrdom of 20 people, mostly women and children. The bride was amongst the martyred.

In the first two years of the bombing of Yemen, Britain sold £4.6bn of arms to Saudi Arabia. According to Campaign Against Arms Trade, British Typhoon and Tornado aircraft have been ‘central to the attacks'. Just a few weeks ago, Britain agreed to sell 48 more Typhoons to Saudi Arabia.

In September 2016, a joint report from the House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills and International Development Committees concluded that:

"Given that the UK has a long history of defense exports to Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners, and considering the evidence we have heard, it seems inevitable that any violations of international humanitarian and human rights law by the coalition have involved arms supplied from the UK".

Given all the evidence, Boris Johnson's ‘sadness' for the people of Yemen looks more than a little like crocodile tears. A lot of people weren't fooled, though.

Social media has been flooded with displease. Various Twitter users slammed Johnson.

One tweet read: "The Saudi-led coalition, using weapons sold to them by the UK, have already killed over 10,000 civilians in Yemen.. So please don't pretend to be 'sad' now."

"Hey I wonder if they'll be able to find out where the bombs were manufactured and supplied from?" another Twitter user asked.

Others wrote: "Maybe instead of your callous, governmental hearts ‘going out' to the victims, you should stop the flow of arms going out to the people who killed them, from our country?" urging the UK government to stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia.

The fact is that by selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, as well as cultivating cozy relationships with Saudi rulers, the British government is facilitating horrific attacks like the wedding bombing.

And now for Boris Johnson to pretend to be "saddened" when his government has blood all over its hands, is the ultimate hypocrisy.

Source: Evolve Politics, Edited by website team