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Drones and Jets: The «Brazenness» Belongs to «Israel»

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Brenda Heard

"Iran brazenly violated "Israel's" sovereignty," stated Netanyahu on 10 February. "They dispatched an Iranian drone from Syrian territory into "Israel"."

"Israeli" fighter jet

In response to this alleged reconnaissance drone, which the "Israeli" military characterized as a "serious Iranian attack on "Israeli" territory," "Israel" promptly bombed twelve Syrian and Iranian targets in Syria.

A vagueness persists about the alleged drone. Iran stated the claim was "baseless" and "ridiculous." The US called the drone "provocative." "Israel" noted that it waited for the drone to enter its territory and "chose where to bring it down," just ninety seconds later. Some sources indicate it was over Beit Shean, some say over the Golan. While the drone caused no damage, "Israeli" airstrikes killed six people.

At the Munich Security Conference a week later, Netanyahu underscored his indignation: "[Iran's] brazenness reached new heights, literally new heights. It sent a drone into "Israeli" territory, violating "Israel's" sovereignty, threatening our security. We destroyed that drone and the control center that operated it from Syria."

He then portrayed "Israel" as the innocent victim under threat, characterizing the alleged drone as an "act of aggression."

Talk about brazen.

Let us recall that in August 2014 it was "Israel's" drone that was shot down in Iranian territory. While "Israeli" media reported that the "device looks like a kind of UAV used by the Israeli military," all sources agree with Reuters' observation: ""Israel" has always declined comment on such accusations." ­Did the Netanyahu-labelled "tyrants of Tehran" respond as "Israel" has just done? Did Iran retaliate by sending fighter jets into "Israel"? Absolutely not. Instead, Iran did what it was meant to do as a cooperative member of the international community. It verbally condemned the affront; it reported it to the IAEA (INFCIRC/867) and to the UN Security Council (S/2014/641). The IAEA merely circulated the complaint to member states, and the world ignored the brazenness of "Israel".

Let us recall that in August 2011 it was a US drone that was shot down in Iranian territory. Somehow this was not "provocative," but was rather, as then-current and former officials said, "part of an increasingly aggressive intelligence collection program aimed at Iran," encouraged by "public debate in "Israel"." This 2011 drone is even flaunted in current "Israeli" media, noting the US "initially denied the incident but eventually acknowledged the loss." A bit brazen, wouldn't you say?

Let us recall "Israel's" unconscionable use of air power, including drones, over Occupied Palestine. Seen as "near continual surveillance and intermittent death raining down from the sky," its decades-long aerial persecution of the Palestinians epitomizes brazenness.

Lastly, let us recall Lebanon. Since the 1960s, "Israel" has routinely occupied Lebanese skies. This flagrant defiance of international law is a matter of record. Lebanon has issued numerous formal complaints with the UN-to no avail. Lebanese skies are violated virtually daily by a combination of helicopters, reconnaissance aircraft, and two, four or eight "Israeli" warplanes. They fly through all regions of Lebanon, including over UNIFIL territory, over Beirut, and over the Ba‘abda Presidential Palace. The "Israeli" overflights might just spy, or they might create sonic booms, or they might fire flares, or they might fly round-the-clock shifts so that there are always one or two "Israeli" aircraft in the skies of Lebanon. Or they might fly through Lebanese airspace to bomb Syria.

A recent UN Security Council Report states:

""Israel" continued to violate Lebanese airspace on a daily basis, in violation of resolution 1701 (2006) and Lebanese sovereignty. From 1 July to 30 October [2017], UNIFIL recorded 758 air violations, totaling 3,188 overflight hours, an increase of 80 per cent compared with the same period in 2016."

This was, of course, despite the Security Council's previously reiterated call for "Israel" to cease immediately its overflights of Lebanese airspace." But, then again, that call has been reiterated by the UN for decades. Extraordinary brazenness.

It has been argued that "Israel" should not be bound by Resolution 1701 because Hezbollah has remained armed. Such an argument is simply making excuses for "Israel's" belligerent conduct. It should be noted that: UN Resolutions do not subscribe to the all-or-none approach; they specify obligations to each party separately.

"Israeli" overflights in Lebanese airspace are in direct violation of the 1949 Armistice, which forbids "Israel" to "enter into or pass through the air space" of Lebanon, clarifying specifically "for any purpose whatsoever."

Prior to the formation of the Hezbollah Resistance there were already 28 Security Council Resolutions condemning "Israel's" aggressions against Lebanon. Since at least 1972-a decade before Hezbollah-UNSC Resolution 316 called on "Israel" specifically "to desist forthwith from any violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Lebanon."

Resolution 1701 states that prohibitions on weaponry "shall not apply to arms, related material, training or assistance authorized by the Government of Lebanon or by UNIFIL." This authorization is indeed expressed, as is custom, in the 2016 Ministerial Statement of the Government, which emphasizes the right of Lebanese citizens to resist the "Israeli" occupation and to respond to its aggression. As President Aoun, a former Army General, explained: "Hezbollah's arms do not contradict with the State and are an essential component of the means to defend Lebanon."

With 552 violations of Lebanese airspace in 2016, "Israel" has exhibited extreme brazenness. With 805 violations in the ten months of 2017 that have been officially reported, "Israel" has surely forfeited the right to stand in judgement. Fifty years of consistent air violations in Lebanon and Palestine. And Netanyahu calls Iran "brazen" for ninety seconds?