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Shamkhani: The Liberation of Deir Ezzor Dealt the Final Blow to the Remnants of Daesh in Syria

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Ali Shamkhani, who serves as a representative of the Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei in Iran's Supreme National Security Council stated that "the liberation of the city of Deir Ezzor was part of a series of operations, dealing the final blow to the remnants of the Daesh terrorist Takfiri organization in Syria."

Ali Shamkhani

In an exclusive interview with Al Vefagh [al Wefaq], the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council in Iran highlighted the strategic impact of these successful operations, especially with respect to Deir Ezzor's strategic value in terms of its geography and economy.

Shamkhani explained that these elements strengthened the resistance axis, which is the real frontline in fight against terrorism.

"Apart from gradually purging the Syria-Iraq border, the crackdown on the terrorist groups will intensify," he said.

In response to a question regarding the message sent by the liberation of key cities like Mosul and Tal Afar by the Iraqi army and its Popular Mobilization Units (Hash Al-Shaabi), Shamkhani stated that "these gains proved that Iraq does not need foreign forces to move forward with its security and defense strategies, and this country is capable of overcoming threats through its national forces."

"The Iraqi people were able to triumph over the Takfiri terrorists through unity, through answering the call of the [religious] authority, and mobilizing the army and the popular forces. Today, after the liberation of Mosul and the overthrow of the superstitious caliphate in this city, Iraq has come closer to purging all of its lands and a final victory which will be achieved soon," Shamkhani added.

The representative of Imam Khamenei spoke about the need to continue fighting Daesh in the spheres of security, culture and ideology, and work constantly to root out the doctrine, which makes up the likes of Daesh - supported by countries in the region.

Shamkhani also touched on the issue of the Kurdish independence referendum and the positions of Kurdish leaders in Iraq.

"At the time Iraq approaches the final stage of liberating its territory from Takfiri terrorist, these steps which lack legality will certainly have consequences on the security of the region, Iraq and the region of Kurdistan," the Iranian official warned.
He noted that "the problem for the Iraqis will not disappear by the division based on national and sectarian tendencies, and these steps may also involve new dilemmas in light of weakening geopolitics and internal harmony. It will be exploited by forces from outside the region and will be controlled economically and politically."
* Were it not for Hezbollah's ability, Lebanon, today, would be hosting Daesh terrorists from around the world

In response to a question about the transfer of Daesh militants and their families to the Syrian Badia region, Shamkhani explained that "Hezbollah's decision to allow the transfer of a number of besieged Daesh elements from an operational axis in Syrian territory to another axis in the same country is an operational tactic and does not change the strategy of the battle against the terrorists".

"The Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria support Hezbollah's actions in purifying Lebanon of Daesh terrorist elements. Were it not for Hezbollah's ability, Lebanon, today, would be hosting Daesh terrorists from around the world." Shamkhani added. "Lebanon's government, army and people today owe Hezbollah for the sacrifices it made."

Shamkhani said that "this agreement in the Qalamoun area at the Syrian-Lebanese border has previously been used in the area of Aleppo, where the transfer of armed elements to Idlib was allowed following the removal of heavy weapons from them. This subject does not change the will to fight terrorists," noting that "we are serious and committed to the war against terrorists. We are also determined to prevent the occurrence of inhumane crimes against the families, women and children of terrorists. This is the difference between the battle of the resistance front against Daesh and the "American" coalition, which has claimed many civilian lives in its indiscriminate raids."

Questioning the credibility and seriousness of some states claiming to be battling terrorism, Shamkhani asked, "these countries, headed by the so-called US-led coalition, what effective job have they done so far in fighting the terrorists or liberating the areas occupied by Daesh and other Takfiri groups?"

The US-led coalition is running Daesh instead of fighting it

Shamkhani went on to say that "we have received numerous documented reports stating that the US-led coalition is running Daesh instead of fighting it, and that it did not do anything in cases where it could have suppressed this organization, instead it helped it escape from the battlefield."

"Today, America is pretending to fight Daesh and refrains from working according to Hezbollah's agreement to move the terrorists' families in Syria to cover up the support that it provided Daesh during these years," the senior security official in the Islamic Republic said.

"Today, the axis of resistance, which includes Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah, is working with sincerity, honesty, a firm will, and a clear performance and record of combating and eradicating terrorism. It has inflicted significant defeats on the terrorist groups and pushed them to the brink of collapse. It has saved the world from the threat of the spread of Takfiri extremists."

Source: Al-Ahed News


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