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Hizbullah Denounces ’Israeli’ Aggression against Palestinian Media: Aims at Blinding Zionist Oppression, Terrorism

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Hizbullah Media Relations issued the following statement:

Hizbullah Flag

Hizbullah Media Relations denounced the "Israeli" aggression against the Palestinian media, the last of which was storming the Falasteen Al-Yom TV channel's headquarters in the al-Bireh city, the West Bank, and detaining its director Farouk Alian, as well as storming the headquarters of Trans Media production company for technical services.

The Media Relations condemned such aggressions that aim at blinding the Zionist oppression and terrorism on the occupied Palestinian territories, and silencing the voice of resistance represented by the Palestinian media that proved, via sound, image and blood, its eligibility to belong to the people of resistance that daily stresses adhering to the land, rights and dignity of Palestine, as well as the free and honorable future.

Hizbullah Media Relations also criticized the measure taken by the European "Eutelsat" Satellite as it cut the broadcasting of the Palestinian al-Aqsa Channel on its satellite, in an attempt to silence the voices and hinder the action of exposing the Zionist behavior against the Palestinian people - an act that is considered to siding with falsehood against righteousness, and the oppressor against the oppressed.

As Hizbullah Media Relations expressed full and absolute support to the resistance media and its sacredness, it considered that such oppressing measure against the Palestinian media, which came in parallel with the ardent campaign of some Arab regimes against several resistance media outlets in our region, will not succeed in preventing such actions from exposing the "Israeli" crimes against the Palestinian people and the peoples of the region.

It will neither succeed in cleaning the image of this occupation, which every single person knows how brutal it is in dealing with those peoples over its history that is full of massacres and atrocities against civilians.

Source: Hizbullah Media Relations, Translated by websie team